Effing hysterical

A modern classic from Captain Buhne. Thanks, friend!!

Neely groundswell continues

The Bon Bon: Supported by lots of people she doesn't represent.

Fourth District harpy Bonnie Neely’s latest round of campaign filings contains a few interesting items.

Her FPPC form 460s show that recent contributors include:

  • two Coastal Commissioners
  • Pierson Building Supply (shocker!!)
  • Blue Lake Rancheria (another $10 grand from those Fourth District folk)
  • her estranged husband Terry Farmer
  • her brother-in-law Neal Sanders

Add that to the pot of cash she got from the So Cal developer with matters pending before the California Coastal Commission she chairs, and what emerges is the distinct crest of one big effing wave of popularity.

It’s a shame she doesn’t surf.

By one calculation, of the $22,634 Neely raised in this reporting period, a whopping 4 percent came from people living in her district.

Just try feeling that love!

(Oh and by the way, she spent $4,000 of that money on the same Sacramento consultancy firm Patrick Cleary is using to sell us something we wouldn’t otherwise buy, and another $6,000 on that push poll we mentioned earlier. She may be unpopular, but she sure is distasteful!!)

EPD forced to clean up another Gallegos mess

If you think the District Attorney’s race doesn’t matter, consider the following from Saturday’s Times-Standard regarding the Eureka man who was shot and killed Thursday by the Eureka Police Department:

This isn’t the first time [David] Sequoia has been in the public eye for a firearm-related incident. He was acquitted by a Humboldt County jury in October 2008 of a murder charge, stemming from the 2003 shooting death of Rex Shinn. Standing trial under the name of Barger, Sequoia was accused of shooting Shinn twice in the head and once in the neck with a .357 revolver at point blank range on the premises of a Southern Humboldt marijuana growing operation.

The jury acquitted Sequoia of a charge of first-degree murder, but hung on the lesser included offense of second-degree murder. In November 2008, Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Max Cardoza announced that he had decided not to re-try Sequoia on the second-degree murder charge, saying jurors in the case told him that they were concerned about credibility issues with some of the prosecution’s key witnesses, many of whom had felony criminal records and were granted immunity in exchange for their testimony in the case.

According to court records, Sequoia also faced two other attempted murder charges and two allegations of felony assault in relation to a 2004 incident in which an alleged attempt to trade firearms for drugs went awry. One of the attempted murder charges was thrown out due to insufficient evidence in 2006, and it’s unclear what came of the other charges. A call placed to the prosecutor handling the case was not immediately returned by the Times-Standard’s deadline.

Sequoia was charged with one violent felony after another–including murder and attempted murder–and Gallegos gave us an acquittal, a hung jury, a thrown out charge and several more no one can even find while this guy runs through Eureka shooting at people in the middle of the day.

Sources inside the DA’s Office say Gags is filing every case he can get his hands on right now in an attempt to run his numbers up and make it look like he’s been doing something for the past 7 and a half years.

He’s been doing something all right.

Behold: This is it.

She sure does get around!

So to speak.

And no, that’s not a thinly veiled Hobart-Brown-Halloween-party-the-year-she-wore-the-naughty-nun-outfit reference.

Oh fuck it–yes it is. But bygones!

This week found our Bon Bon reportedly attending the 2-day Managing Technology conference at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento.

Nice! Maybe she picked up some pointers on how to out pesky anonymous bloggers. Regardless, anyone want to guess who’s picking up the tab for this junket?

Good thing there’s no budget crunch!

Thanks to our Sacramento correspondent for keeping us informed!!

Gosh. Who do you think commissioned this poll?

"Nuh uh--YOU'RE stupider."

Oh and Bon Bon–a quick thought, if we may: When conducting super-stealthy push polls, it’s generally a good idea to avoid polling members of the opposition’s campaign team.


“Good afternoon, may I please speak with ____________?

My name is _____ with EMC Marketing.  We are conducting a poll in Humboldt County and I would like to take a moment of your time and ask you a few questions. I won’t be selling you anything, but rather conducting an informational interview.

Are you a registered voter?

Will you be voting in the upcoming June primaries?

Do you feel Humboldt County is on the right track or the wrong track?

Do you feel that one of the most important issues in the upcoming elections is the cleanup of our environment?

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “not important” and 10 being “extremely important” to you – can you please tell me how you feel about the following subjects?

  • Jobs
  • Taxes
  • Health care
  • Grow houses
  • Forest lands
  • Crime
  • Roads
  • Schools

For the following people and/or groups, please tell us whether you have an “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” opinion of the following:

  • Blue Lake Rancheria
  • Sierra Club
  • Sheriffs
  • Rob Arkley
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Wes Chesbro
  • Patti Berg
  • Paul Gallegos

In the upcoming Fourth District Supervisor’s race, how do you feel about the following candidates — “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive”?

  • Jeff Leonard
  • Bonnie Neely
  • Virginia Bass

Now we would like to ask you a series of questions. Please tell us which of these two statements best reflects your views:

A.   Supervisor Bonnie Neely has been in office for 24 years, which is too long.  She needs to go.
B.   Supervisor Bonnie Neely works tirelessly for our community.  She cleaned up Old Town Eureka. She protects our environment and built our library.

Which of those statements best reflects your views?

For the following questions, please tell us whether you have “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive” opinion of the following statements:

Bonnie Neely started the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival, which brings in $3 million to our local community and many jobs.

Bonnie Neely believes in smart growth.

Bonnie Neely voted to increase her own salary.

Bonnie Neely has been in office for too long and should retire.

Bonnie Neely is the champion of protecting our environment by stopping the oil drilling off the Humboldt coastline.

Bonnie Neely stopped Wal-Mart.

Bonnie Neely brought forward the children’s health initiative, which gave 4,000 needy children health coverage.

Bonnie Neely is the chair of the California Coastal Commission.

Bonnie Neely switched political parties from Republican to Democrat, so she can’t be trusted if she changes her ideals.

Bonnie Neely will fight developers and demand a full clean up of our environment. She will fight the frivolous lawsuits that are delaying the clean up of our environment.

Now I’m going to change over to questions to Virginia Bass.  Please tell us whether you have “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive” opinion of the following statements:

Virginia Bass’ biggest supporter is Rob Arkley, a right-wing billionaire who is trying to buy the Humboldt County Supervisor race with thousands of dollars of contributions to Virginia.

Virginia Bass is a life-long resident who gives to our local community by being the former president of the Kiwanis, a board member of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and board member of the Humboldt County Conventioneers Visitors Bureau.

Virginia Bass told the North Coast Journal, “I’ve never dealt with an environmental cleanup before.”  She has mismanaged the cleanup of the Balloon Track.

Virginia Bass took a free ride on the Arkley jet, which she never reported, to attend a George W. Bush fundraiser.

Virginia Bass has served the City of Eureka well.

Virginia Bass allowed the City of Eureka spending to get out of control.  She raised our taxes and cut funding to the Eureka Fire Department and Sequoia Zoo.

Virginia Bass is supported by 30 right-wing developers and businessmen who contributed over $300,000 to her campaign so they can influence loose environmental laws, increase forest clear-cutting and build more houses.

Virginia Bass says it’s time for a change.

Virginia Bass is a lifelong resident with deep roots to our community, whose family owned OH’s Townhouse.

If the June primary election was held today — who would you vote for between Jeff Leonard, Bonnie Neely, and Virginia Bass?

If the June primary election was held today — who would you vote for between Bonnie Neely and Virginia Bass?

Thank you for your time.

District Four voters subjected to campaign of terror

Why ask why?

Because she’s not going to answer the fucking question anyway.

How many days to go until this shit is over?

From the interview by Daniel Mintz  with the Bon Bon at her re-election kickoff on the March 3 KMUD local news program at 6 p.m.

Mintz: “And one of the contributions that people are talking a lot about is $10,000 that was given by a southern California developer. People are asking the question ‘well, why would a southern California developer care about the outcome of an election all the way up here in Humboldt County?’ What is your response?”

Neely: “Uh, well, uh, I’ve been not only a county supervisor, but also a state officer. I have held, uh, state office for more than 10 years, uh, county…err…statewide. And, uh, as such, as a member of the Board of Forestry and the California Coastal Commission, I have done a lot of work, which people have observed and I am proud to say that I am getting some support from coastal commissioners and other folks who have…witnessed…who have seen me in, uh, uh, work in terms of, uh, our community and that is why I think I have some support from outside the area.”

Mintz: “And the other thing people are saying is that donor is going to expect something in return. What is your response to that?”

Neely: “The rules regarding, uh, participation and, uh, votes are very strict on the Coastal Commission. They are laws that are very specific about what you can or can’t do if you have received a contribution. And so I will follow all of those laws and I will not participate if I have a conflict of interest.”


Dear Bugs,

Although I am part of the Hagen campaign team, my involvement is
somewhat peripheral. I am not running the day-to-day operations. Not
that I mind being mentioned on your blog, I just don’t want people to
think I’m the go-to guy for the campaign.

Shane Brinton

Damn! This is the closest we’ve come to being right about anything in a long time. But thanks, friend, and good luck sending Gallegos back to his wildly unsuccessful private practice.

See? No conflict. Yay.

After banking $10 grand from So Cal developer Sanford Edward, Coastal Commission Chair Bonnie Neely will undoubtedly take a penetrating look at this new complaint against him.

New beach hours at Dana Point development alarm users

Critics say the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. limit for coastal access at the 121-acre gated community in Orange County chips away at concessions for public use made by the developer.

By Tony Barboza

After a decades-long struggle to win approval for a 121-acre gated community of 118 homes and a resort on a commanding bluff in Dana Point, developers made extraordinary concessions for public access, including four access points and an inclined railway called a “funicular” that shuttles visitors to a secluded beach known as the Strand.

But now that the bluff-top lots, marketed as the “last undeveloped oceanfront property” in Southern California, have started to sell for as much as $12 million, locked metal gates have gone up and signs posting hours have appeared at the top of the stairways: “Coastal Access (Limited to Sidewalk) 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,” the signs read.

Champions of beach access, including the conservationists and surfers who opposed the project for years, have cried foul, saying the barriers bar them admission to one of Orange County’s great beaches and surf spots if they come at the wrong time.

“They made this grand balancing act to justify this project, and now they’re chipping away at the public benefits,” said Chad Nelsen, environmental director of the Surf- rider Foundation.

The California Coastal Commission is investigating the gates and hours of operation to determine whether they violate the development permit or state law, which requires the maximization of hours of use for public beach access and recreation. Late last year the agency wrote to express its concerns to Dana Point, which manages the stairways.

Sanford Edward, president of Headlands Reserve, the developer, declined to discuss the posted hours. “I’m unavailable,” he said before hanging up.

“Mostly it has to do with privacy after-hours,” said Carol Finizza, a spokeswoman for the company, who cited concerns about visitors wandering off the pathway in the darkness of the early morning and evening.

The debut of the long-awaited pathways to the Strand highlights the difficulties in balancing public beach access with the expectation of privacy in a gated community where the wealthy drop millions for a an ocean-wave view.

“It pits private property ownership up against the right to get to that wet sand that is in our Constitution,” said Fran Gibson, board president of Coastwalk California, a nonprofit coastal protection and access group that says the posted hours require permission from the state. “Nowhere on the coast of California can you limit the hours just willy-nilly.”

City officials say the development agreement gives Dana Point the right to set hours, mostly to guarantee public safety.

“You obviously don’t want people walking in the dark along the trail,” said City Manager Douglas Chotkevys.

Chotkevys called the development a scaled-back compromise that provides an unheard-of amount of public amenities, including new trails, open space and a panoramic overlook with lush greenery called Strand Vista Park, where view-blocking hedges and a trailer park used to sit, all while giving the developer a chance for a “substantial” return on its investment.

“You had a private beach with no access, and now you have five ways of getting there,” he said. “It’s a gated community, and you can walk through it.”

The Coastal Commission approved the project in 2004, but only after a decades-long legal, legislative and environmental battle.

At the time, conservationists, including the Sierra Club and Surfrider, decried it as a “catastrophic” loss of a treasured coastal promontory.

With those battles in the past, surfers now marvel at the ease with which they can get to the beach by descending long stairways.

But they are frustrated, Nelsen said, that they are being barred from using them for early morning forays into the waves or sunset surfing, although the closing time will be extended to 7 p.m. in the summer.

For comparison, another staircase just down the coast of Strand Beach, operated by Orange County’s parks agency, is closed from midnight to 5 a.m.

But those long-standing limitations haven’t generated the outcry of those at the pathways through the new development.

Nelsen, for instance, reported that security guards riding golf carts have harassed and tried to ward off surfers as they walk down to the beach.

A spokeswoman for the developer, however, said reports of rousting are false.

With the down economy, populating the oceanfront lots with custom-built homes has been slow-going; only a few houses have been built, and 85 lots have yet to be sold.

Eventually, the largest, most secluded parcel is expected to go for $17 million, which has some conservationists seeing a different reason for the barriers to access: elitism.

“We see this up and down the coast,” said Gibson, the Coastwalk California president.

“That when there’s a gated, private community given to expensive, large homes, there’s this sense of ‘this beach is mine,’ ” Gibson said.

Cleary finds a use for some of that money coming out his ass

How do we know this shit? Fucking Zoltar told us, okay? Give him your treasure. He has much wisdom and all that crap. But check out Cleary's next round of FPPC expenditure forms. You'll wonder why he didn't retain Zoltar instead.

One of the great things about small-town politics is the absence of high-powered, high-priced campaign management firms. Candidates pretty much across the board rely on local talent–up-and-comers or has-beens who typically bring more energy than expertise to the race.

But that’s all part of the fun. Neely had Vogel, and Clendenen used that ass-hat Bill Thorington (or vice versa). Gallegos hired Pete Nichols’ hot ex-wife. Hagen’s got Brinton lined up for the district attorney race. Bass and Owen are rocking that husband-wife thing, and Leonard’s attempt also appears to be a family affair.

So why, then, would Patrick Cleary, the carpetbagging rich guy running for the supervisorial seat to be vacated by Jill Duffy, feel the need to hire a professional political consulting, lobbying and campaign management firm from Sacramento?

A firm that has represented Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi?

And Assemblymembers Noreen Evans and Mark Leno?

Duffy&Capitolo [weird, but no relation] is a political campaign management and media firm. Our creative strategies and powerful advertising win elections and move public opinion. We are proud to work with Democratic candidates, progressive coalitions and public safety organizations. Our services include:

  • Production of direct mail, television and radio advertising
  • Message development, media relations and speechwriting
  • Voter targeting and campaign plan development
  • Endorsement strategy and coalition building
  • Management of fundraising and campaign finance specialists
  • Coordination and analysis of polling, focus groups and opposition research
  • Supervision of field staff and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort

Oh well. So much for that whole grassroots thing.


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