Neely for Congress, Gallegos for Assembly, Clendenen for Mayor McCheese?

Humboldt County politics: McFucked as usual.

Congresswoman Neely? Assemblyman Gallegos? Get ready for your election gossip roundup.

Word around town is that Bonnie Neely is itching to get back into the political game following her  ignominious defeat by Virginia Bass in November. But will she try to go from failed county supervisor to First District U.S. Congresswoman? An endorsement from Mike Thompson, who has announced his intention to run in the redrawn Fifith District, would be crucial.

And when Wes Chesbro term-limits out of the first Assembly district, what fresh young face do you think the Dems will put forward to take his place? We’re hearing it’s none other than District Attorney Paul Gallegos, empty-headed tool and possibly the worst thing ever to happen to the administration of justice in Humboldt County.

The good news is, he can’t possibly be a worse assemblyman than DA, and maybe we could then elect someone to the DA’s Office who wants more out of life than a well shined knob. We can hope for that, anyway.

As for Clif Clendenen, he said he would already be the head of McDonaldland except that in the last vote the Hamburglar stole the election.

Okay, not really.

New Coastal Commission chair fired for being as big a prick as the last one

Keep in mind this is Sara Wan's official portrait, which means it's a picture she wants people to see.

Coastal Commission chairpersons might have to put themselves on some kind of endangered species list.

First, Humboldt County voters remove one–former District Four Supervisor Bonnie Neely.

Now her successor, Sara Wan, loses her political appointment for double-crossing a former aide to John Burton–who just so happened to be the man who appointed her to the commission these last 16 years.


We quote:

Wan’s appointment as chair became controversial in January when former Senate President pro Tem John Burton sent her a profanity-laced letter on State Democratic Party letterhead (he is the current chair) accusing Wan of having “screwed Mary Shallenberger (a former longtime aide of Burton) out of the chair of the commission in order to gain it yourself.

(The “profanity” wasn’t all that interesting by Burton standards. One little bullshit, as in “No need to respond to this because I have no need to hear any of your rationalizing bullshit on this issue.” That barely counts.)

Importantly, Shallenberger had also been one of Wan’s staunchest defenders, a position that could easily have been a full-time job given Wan’s reputation as an obdurate, conniving, power-hungry ass.

Arnold York, publisher of Wan’s hometown daily the Malibu Times, describes Wan as follows:

Wan was never an easy appointment for a politician. She has many fans in the environmental movement, but she has also made many enemies along the way. Anyone who has ever sat at a Coastal meeting and watched Wan, as chair (she has served as chair once before), juggle the speaker slips so causes she favored came up early and the opposition usually put off to the end of the meeting, couldn’t help but come away with a feeling that they had been railroaded. Most politicians try to hide their power, but not Wan. She loves power and loves people knowing that she has power. She delights in rubbing everyone’s nose in her power and wants you to know that she’s doing it, which is one of the reasons Wan is detested by many, as, I certainly would venture, a significant portion of Malibu’s residents does.

Now who does that remind us of?

For those so inclined, see the news bit announcing word of Wan’s removal.

Photo credit: Wan family

Good thing we don’t have tornadoes around here

This particular storm was accompanied by hot air and golf ball-sized bullshit.

Someone told her, right?

One former elected official's Twitter account is in serious need of an update. Probably she's just been busy doing, you know, stuff.

How do you figure?

Am I the only one who wonders what was happening in the moments immediately preceding "Hey I know! Let's Google it!"?

WordPress comes equipped with all sorts of helpful information as part of its blog hosting service. We especially like the list of search terms it provides that show which words and phrases people typed into their computer to land at the Humboldt Mirror. Really? Light testicle spanking?

Patriot games

"Give me liberty, or give me six figures and a fat pension plan. I think we both know which I'd prefer."

The Redwood Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union pulled out all the stops recently when members presented our good friend Bonnie Neely with the annual Patriot Award, the chapter’s highest honor. It was given, according to a blurb in the Times-Standard, “in recognition of her contributions to civil liberties during her 24 years of public service.”

These contributions were so notable that none were mentioned. Maybe stopping just shy of waterboarding her staff is good enough to walk away with this one. Regardless, receiving this prestigious award and identifying just one business or organization she hasn’t screwed over in the past 24 years should be enough to land her a job.

One down, one to go, Bon Bon. Good luck with that.

Times-Standard unveils new front-page job search service for unpopular former bureaucrats

 According to the Times-Standard, deposed supervisor Bonnie Neely is tanned, rested and ready for her next job.

Like Nixon, only with a pulse.

To read the homage, which purports to be a news article, is to come face to face with a combination of desperation and wishful revisionism not often found outside a Craigslist Missed Connection ad.

In Neely’s own words:

Whether I’m in office or not,

FYI: You’re not.

I still have 30 years of experience making government work for people.

FYI: You don’t.

I’m absolutely ecstatic to begin a new chapter in my life

And yet nowhere near as ecstatic as we are.

where I can use that experience to solve problems in the community

Now that would be a new chapter and mark a dramatic departure from your long history of exacerbating existing problems and creating entirely new ones.

without the sometimes harsh public spotlight that comes with elected office.

Oh Bon Bon. You won’t have to go without!


We’ll always be here for you.


Love always, Bonnie Neely

Did we know the Bon Bon was good friends with Neal Latt?

Yes, the overbearing “organic farmer” (*cough*) who spends his life telling everyone how wrong and stupid they are. That Neal Latt.

Maybe you knew it. We did not.

But looky what someone slipped under our door. An old letter the former supervisor wrote in support of the obnoxious asshat’s application to law school.

Not terribly important but kinda funny. It’s like the progs travel in packs or something. You never find one without six more right behind telling everyone how brilliant the first one is.

Such is the case here. Oh well. Maybe Neal can use his “unique qualities necessary to overcome adversity” along with his clout as a  “member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee” (one of six west-side whackadoos who insist cell towers are the devil) to write a reciprocal letter for the Bon Bon. Word is she’s looking for a job.

September 24, 2009
Law School Admission Council
662 Pen Street
P.O. Box 8508
Newtown, PA 18940-8508
RE: Letter of Recommendations for Neal G. Latt
Dear Council:
I am writing in support of Neal Latt’s application for admission to law school.  I have known Neal for over six years and in that time he has shown himself to be an extremely dedicated and committed individual. 
I am very pleased that Neal has chosen to pursue the field of law.  His character and determination in getting the job done is a testament to his overall leadership potential and drive to succeed.  As the owner/operator of Avalon Farms since 1996, Neal has demonstrated his philanthropic spirit by donating over 8,000 lbs. of fresh produce to local charities and non-profits.  He is active in many community organizations such as Food for People and Citizens for Real Economic Growth.  He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to help guide local policy makers in the area of wireless communications.
Neal has the ability and fortitude to meet the challenges of advanced academic study.  He has set himself apart in both his professional and personal life and possesses those unique qualities necessary to overcome adversity.  I believe he is an exceptional individual and would bring a fresh new perspective to any law school.
I am respectfully requesting your favorable consideration of Neal’s application.   Thank you.
Bonnie Neely, 4th District Supervisor
County of Humboldt

Neely to lead Team Humboldt into legit pot growing future?

You gotta taste this OG Kush. It'll knock your bong off!

What is a washed up career politician to do when the sweet nourishing milk from the generous taxpayers’ teats runs dry?

Former Fourth District Supervisor Bonnie Neely, made jobless by voters in November’s election, might have her eye on the lucrative pot industry. Why not? Former Eureka City Councilman Chris Kerrigan made the transition easily to medical marijuana advocate. It must pay something since his less-than-successful consulting business has waned in recent years.

Neely says this to SacBee reporter Peter Hecht in a recent article:

“Doing nothing is not an option,” said county Supervisor Bonnie Neely, who supports the Humboldt growers’ plan in concept but is uncertain how large a scale of growing the county should allow. “This is a major part of our economy. I just don’t think we can let Oakland or anyone else just become the leader.”

Whatever the scale, we’re guessing Neely believes it should be big enough to include and pay her.

The article is an interesting read, but we’re overcome with that strange sense of deja vu and confusion in trying to divine what exactly is our DA’s stance on Prop. 19.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, the only prosecutor in California to publicly endorse Proposition 19, the initiative voters defeated Nov. 2 that would have made recreational pot legal, says it is time that Humboldt legitimizes the trade “that permeates our society.”

Ruh-roh Shaggy! The only prosecutor to endorse it? Really? Are you sure?

Paul, in clear English, told KSLUG newsman John Matthews in the interview before the Nov. 2 election that “I’ve chosen not to endorse it.” But spent several futile minutes trying to explain that he still supports it and may vote for it too.

Maybe Hecht was confused by Paul’s doublespeak that you can support, but not endorse, or endorse something, but not support it, or endorse the support of something. It’s understandable. It’s all so complicated.

It’s also possible that Paul just can’t quit lying and that what he really wants are people in Sacramento to know what a cutting edge and daring politician he thinks he is by endorsing the medical marijuana initiative? (Pssst. Just don’t tell the pot growing voters who supported and voted to put him in office that he actually endorsed it because they may demand a recall. Nah, just kidding.)

Look what I got from Santa. WTF?

After 24 years of public service, this is the best Santa can do?


It’s beginning to look a lot like retirement

With all of the free time on her hands following her recent loss in an unsuccessful bid for a 37th term as Fourth District Supervisor, Neely can finally get back to basics: Sharing a home-cooked meal with friends. Soaking in all of those sweet holiday festivities. Planning world domination.  Yadda yadda yadda…

Oh unemployment, where is thy sting-a-ling-a-ling?

Okay, FYI, for all you literalists out there, we do actually know the 12 days of Christmas don’t start for another 10 or so days. But really. Who wants to see a bunch of Christmas crap after the holiday? Not us. And–we’re guessing–not our good friend dog, for whom we have left a delicate morsel on the sign holding the money pot.

Subtle, yes? Palm trees. To you. From us. With love and such.

We knew she'd land on her feet.

And all the Munchkins did rejoice

She's not only merely gone, she's really most sincerely gone

Today was the last Board of Supervisors meeting for Bonnie Neely, who was kicked to the curb by Fourth District voters after 24 loooooong years in office.

There were water works o’ plenty in the board chamber this morning, some of it sincere, as political types bade farewell to one of the most polaraizing figures in Humboldt County history.

It was also the last meeting for the Fifth District’s Jill Duffy, who stepped aside after two terms.

To her, we say goodbye.

To the other, good God it’s about time.

Afterhours video surfaces from Elections Office security cam


The official and final vote tally is supposed to be released today, according to the top Elections Office honcho Carolyn Crnich.

Picture this

DA Dodo and his grow hos sing to the choir in Neely Country.

Who knows where the Graphics Dept. finds this shit, but it looks to us like it could be a shot from a fundraiser–for Bonnie Neely.

As John Osborn notes on the NCJ Blogthing, Ms. Neely finally managed to round up some campaign cash from inside Humboldt County–particularly the southern part thereof.

While one might expect a District Four race in Eureka to get a big ho-hum from SoHum, this particular District Four race is generating a lot of–shall we say–buzz.

Consider the following list of donors and donations from Neely’s most recent filings:

Trim Scene Solutions
J Burger Enterprises
Matthew Scott
Kristen Nevedal
A Patrick Woods
Congruent Enterprises
Sylvandale Gardens, Inc.
Just Rent It
Acme Rocket Bike
Sandra Collier Clark

Mike Miller
Constant Construction
Molly Hickey Singway
Sage Koenig
Redwood Garden Supply
Myers Flat

We’re sure there’s nothing weird about this. It couldn’t possibly be related to the Bon Bon’s curiously belated interest in the issue of marijuana legalization, could it?

Nah. Probably all of these people are just avid raw milk enthusiasts.

(“Trim Scene Solutions”? In Redway? Really?)

But one insider remains mystified. “I didn’t know she had so many supporters in SoHum,” said he.  “Too bad she doesn’t have as many in the Fourth District.”


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