St. Joe’s CEO injures self in Mexico to avoid treatment at St. Joe’s

St. Joseph Hospital Chief Executive Joe Mark confirmed Monday that he decided to fracture his skull in Mexico, instead of Eureka, because of what he called the “superior quality of health care” available in developing countries.

Mark and his wife, Peggy, both suffered moderate injuries Sunday in a zip-line accident in Puerto Vallarta.

Reached Monday afternoon by phone, Mark told the Humboldt Mirror that he was feeling “as well as could be expected,” in light of the fact that his follow-up care would likely take place at the hospital he runs.

“It’s not for nothing that Peg and I travel so much,” he said. “In years past we’ve gone to Egypt to tour the pyramids and get bitten by poisonous snakes, to Kenya for a devastating safari-Jeep rollover, and even to Chechnya for an emergency appendectomy.”

The Marks were expected to return to the U.S. Monday night, after the bulk of their medical treatment had been completed.

3 Responses

  1. I am almost certain that the Sisters of St. Joseph have a medical clinic or Catholic first aid outpost in Baja where Mark can cut to the front of the line ahead of the numerous locals who suffer from malnutrition brought on by the throngs of tourists who are gobbling up all of the indigenous fish.

  2. Making fun of a man who has done more than anyone for the advancement of health care in our community is NOT funny.

  3. yes it is.

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