Lovelace mulls run against equally distasteful rival

Mark Lovelace confirmed Thursday that he is considering tossing his oversized hat into the ring in a Third District supervisor race that could pit the unpopular Humboldt Watershed Council President for Life against Harbor Commissioner and fellow far-left egomaniac Mike Wilson.

“I think when Supervisor (John) Woolley announced he was stepping down at the end of his term, few district residents imagined someone even more polarizing and repugnant might end up filling that seat,” Lovelace said Saturday morning in an interview with the Humboldt Mirror.

“But John was disliked on an issue-by-issue basis, whereas I plan to elevate arrogant intractability to a comprehensive, even holistic level,” he said.

“For example, my inability to work well with others at the Healthy Humboldt Coalition is directly related to my inability to work well with others on watershed issues, which in turn is related to my inability to work well with others on the important social justice challenges facing our county,” Lovelace explained.

“It’s all connected, so for me it comes down to deciding where I can be the most effective. And maybe that place is in therapy, where I can work out some of my control issues and attempt, finally, to cultivate a few basic interpersonal skills.”

But should he decide to run, Lovelace said, he believes he would have an edge over Wilson.

“I think the advantage I have in this race is that Mike is almost as much of a bone as I am, and that’s a message likely to resonate with Third District voters.”

Candidates have until March 8th to file papers declaring their candidacy.

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28 Responses

  1. This is so painfully true I can’t even bring myself to laugh. Everyone thinks Lovelace is such a great guy until they actually work with him or try anyway. People at Healthy Humboldt say he goes out of his way to be antagonistic and devisive. Just what we need to fill the seat of a guy who at the least is a decent human being.

  2. Ouch! That was brutal. Thank God I don’t know the guy.

  3. Brutal, but funny.

  4. I’ve heard that Lovelace is a pre-Madonna.

  5. Leave Lovelace alone!!!

  6. Annoying Britney fan?? Is that you?

  7. Well put Mirror, well put.

  8. Sorry, well put Humbug.

  9. I am running my campaign on a platform based largely on an expansion of the rail-banking concept. It’s called reality-banking. I propose that we shelve reality and the need for basic transportation infrastructure for multi-use trails, which will solve all of our problems. Later, if reality seems reasonable again, we can restore it inexpensively.

    Also, I think Lovelace could be co-Supervisor with me and fill in whenever I am on tour with my new band project “Billboard-Banking.”

  10. Ah, Mark is just smarter than you guys.

  11. And we think that’s a terrific reason to be an asshole. Go Mark! We’re on your team all the way.

  12. Mark Lovelace is one of my least favorite people but I actually know another politician who may throw his hat in the ring.
    The problem is I think he’s too nice.

  13. LOL – I can’t be sure if people are going to be upset and offended over being pilloried (most likely), or whether they will be standing in line to be (delightfully?) skewered by the Bug (could happen). Kind of a MAD Magazine “You Know You’ve Really Made It When…?”

  14. Love your blog. You just seem to say what most of us think. The list of other potential candidates that would be more polarizing that Mark is pretty short. Maybe you could nominate Ken Miller or “You Go Free”. I heard Charles Douglas or David Cobb (now that he’s a failed presidential candidate) might enter the fray as well 🙂

  15. A few welcomes to the new faces: Lodgepole (we love the name–vaguely naughty), the not-real Mike Wilson, Jennifer, various anonymice and THE UNDISPUTED KING OF HUMBOLDT BLOGDOM the Fredster, in the house. We’re honored to have all of you, and thanks for your comments.

    We’re a little under the weather tonight (note the complete absence of exclamation points), but we want to say hello. Watch for a new post and the dramatic return of excessive punctuation tomorrow. Love, love, love, etc.

  16. I hope you have the flu.

  17. I believe this is the most heartfelt and honest assessment of these two men who are competing for John’s soon to be vacant seat.

    You know, they could start their own Reality Show, the Mark and Mike Show

    Two Bones, one Supervisor’s Seat. Who will win?

    They both should be laughing at this post of yours, very funny!


  18. I hope Mark gets a sense of humor

  19. Hey Mark (ahem, I mean “Loser”)- about your 9:21 post to our beloved Humbug, I have only one response…

    “Bite me!”

  20. I am above the petty and childish nature of this blog.

  21. Hey, “the real Mark Lovelace,” (aka “the real Loser…” petty?, No. childish?, No. Hilarious?, hell yes!

    ps – bite me too.

  22. Funny. Very funny. This is the best blog yet. Parody is sometimes the best way to cut to the chase. But “The Humbug”? Darn, I should have added an avatar earlier. No problem, though, you are THE Humbug, and I am just an ordinary Humbug.

  23. keep it up! laughed out loud when I read this stuff.

  24. What the…? NO!! Say we didn’t. We jacked ‘Humbug’ from one of our new friends? And all this time we thought we were so startlingly original. Identity theft really is on the rise. We’re feeling like a big Dumbug right about now. So sorry. But, um, er, welcome anyway!?

    And Boy, what a pleasure to have you with us. We hope we have not stolen anything from you (lately).

  25. I have been using Humbug as one of my identities (doesn’t every devoted blogster have more than one?) for about a year now, but in respect to you and this wonderful new blog I will retire my nom de plume and leave this one to you so as to avoid confusion.

  26. We’re so thankful!

    And also perhaps a touch peeved that the main WordPress site has been down all morning. Where is our beautiful Humbug avatar? Whisked away into the black hole of the Internets, that’s where.

    We’ve probably amassed something like two hits in the past day–and can we see them? We cannot. How, pray tell, are we to measure our self-worth today?? How to post our most recent inappropriate commentary?? We do not know.

    Loyal readers, it’s up to both of you to keep this ship afloat during this dark time with your generous and insightful comments.

    To your stations!

  27. I tried using the moniker Bumhug, once. You can try that one, if you wish. A little different connotation, though.

  28. Oh, thank you! Telling the truth so cleverly makes for the best kind of humor. I’m still laughing as I write. Please keep it up. I’ll be needing daily doses during this dreaded election year. Your blog is better than therapy!!

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