Ordinance would restrict military recruiting in Arcata, so those less fortunate can die instead

A small group of residents of the largely white and affluent city of Arcata announced Wednesday that they plan to circulate petitions in support of a proposed ordinance that would prohibit military recruiters from speaking to Arcatans under the age of 18.

The ordinance would allow recruiters to focus their efforts in poorer, more ethnically diverse areas of Humboldt County, such as Eureka and Fortuna, where no similar protections exist.

“There’s a long and rich tradition in this country of well-off white kids avoiding military service,” said former Arcata city councilman Dave Meserve, who is spearheading the campaign. “We’re just doing our small part to keep that tradition alive.”

He conceded that the city would likely face a costly legal challenge from the federal government if the ordinance passed, but said, “What the fuck? It’s not my money.”

Meserve needs to collect only 1,500 signatures to place the ordinance on the November ballot. Four hundred people named R. Trent Williams have already signed.


9 Responses

  1. Leave it to a moke like Meserve to push for an ordinance that both abridges free speech and lays bare the elitism that underpins so much of the so-called Progressive agenda. The question now is how many people in Arcata are stupid enough to fall for it?

  2. Hahahahahahha!

  3. Rose & Hum Mirror – BFF!

    (but only if you mention R. Trent)

  4. I’m in favor of a draft, though it’s much more instructive to be a civilian in a war zone.

    I wonder how Real Dem might respond to that.

  5. Sorry, Carson? I don’t understand the question.

  6. What the hell does BFF mean? Can someone translate for me?

  7. Best friends forever!! Yay!

  8. I Do like ya, bug. Haven’t laughed this hard since, well, Nick Bravo’s YouTube’s. (Sorry, Nick! but when you get mad at Harmony…)

  9. Wow! “Affluent”?? I don’t know how long you’ve lived in Arcata (if at all!) but Arcata is NOT and affluent city! You can speak your mind without insulting a whole town.

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