Just think how pissed off you’ll be when that’s your money she’s wasting

In another sign that Hillary Clinton is perhaps not the best candidate to serve as leader of the free world, recent campaign finance reports made public Wednesday show that she blew millions of dollars of campaign contributions on party platters, luxury hotels and a revolving door of overpriced consultants.

The New York Times reported Friday that the reports appear “even to her most stalwart supporters and donors to be a road map of her political and management failings.”

More than $100,000 was spent on party platters leading up to the Iowa caucuses, with another $25,000 going toward rooms at the deluxe Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

Her communications director was paid $267,000 in January alone, with results that were somewhat less than spectacular.

A South Carolina firm received $800,000 to “turn out the black vote” in that state’s race.

Remember the South Carolina primary? The black vote turned out alright, voting by a wide margin for Obama.

Other expenses incurred in January include $11,000 for pizza and $1,200 for Dunkin’ Donuts runs—and that was just for Bill.

Under “incidental expenses,” the New York senator listed $40,000 for unflattering pantsuits, $600 for Kleenex, and $17,000 for hookers and blow.

Okay, okay. We made that last part up.


8 Responses

  1. Hookers and Blow

    They can’t criticize her campaign for trying to keep staffers happy. Well, I can see the hookers for Bill. I wonder if cigars fall under the same category of spending as these hookers and Blow. Her staff must be stumping for the Pimp and Drug Pusher voting block.


  2. Obama is leading with his message of hope. Hope is something that has been sorely lacking these last seven plus years.

  3. People like you who blindly follow messages of “hope” and “change” scare the crap out of me Carol. What’s he done again?

  4. He’s turned out not to be Hillary, and we think that’s a definite plus!

  5. Oh great. We finally have a credible african american candidate, and it turns out to be
    Jimmy Carter. That went sooooo well the last time.

  6. Hey, I like President Carter. Obama is an elected United States Senator. There are only 100 of them at a time!

  7. “Jimmy Carter. That went sooooo well…”

    I’m all for a hapless President who creates gridlock. Look at what sad shit happens when Presidents “get things done.”

  8. That’s what these politicians do, spend our money and throw it around. That’s why I’m not voting for any of them. I’m looking to a good 3rd party or voting Ron Paul, even if I have to write it in. I hate our politician’s dirty behavior.

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