Ralph Nader: Are we sure he’s not from here?

Who doesn’t love a “progressive”?

As expected, Ralph Nader, the former consumer safety advocate and one-time political spoiler, announced on Meet the Press this morning that he will mount a fifth failed campaign for president.

Nader is still despised by many mainstream democrats for siphoning off 2.7 percent of the Democratic vote in the 2000 election—just enough to put the genius that is George W at the dialing end of the red phone in time for the most significant international crisis since World War II.

In 2004, Nader ran again, receiving only 0.3 percent of the vote. He has been a candidate in every presidential election since 1992.

We at the Humboldt Mirror welcome lively political discourse, but where we disagree with the so-called Progressive agenda is the point at which its adherents substitute moral absolutism in place of rational policy.

We see it locally all the time.

Consumption is bad, development is wrong, Rob Arkley is evil, cutting trees to build houses is murder and running a profitable business is exploitation of the working classes.

At the same time, the Progs defend and support our illegal drug-based economy, and elevate the lawless and lazy to the status of folk hero.

The only time they rally to defend small business and labor—two buzzers Nader likes to push—is when a larger business wants to move into the neighborhood, or the laborers work for a company owned by someone they dislike.

And when all else fails, they sue somebody, anybody, to enforce their moral views. Nader got his start in the lawsuit business, and homegrown Progressives haven’t fallen far from the tree.

Local enviros were recently forced to choose between approving a deal that would remove dams on the Klamath River to allow the run of endangered salmon or preserving their right to sue everyone involved.

Which did they choose? The lawsuits, of course

The good news is that Nader doesn’t stand a chance. The bad news is that common sense on the national level is making little inroad here.


UPDATE: Check out this hysterically funny video “message from anonymous” to Ralph Nader. Thank you Tara for the link.

57 Responses

  1. Ouch. A little too close to the bone. Your last tagline “we can’t always be funny” says it all.

  2. Just testing my avatar.

  3. Sigh. Sadly, I agree.

  4. Hayduke, sometimes it takes awhile to appear, maybe even a couple of hours.

  5. Hey HUMBUG – Check this out!
    You’re on CNN! Third one down…
    From the Blogs: Controversy, commentary, and debate

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    The Humboldt Mirror
    1 day ago
    Ralph Nader: Are we sure he’s not from here
    Do good, look good. Do bad, look out. Who doesn’t love a “progressive”? Nader is still despised by many mainstream democrats for siphoning off 2.7 percent of the Democratic vote in the 2000 election—just enough to put the genius that is George W at the dialing end of the red phone in time for the most signi…

  6. Anyone who votes for Nader is and idiot. I’m sorry there just isn’t any other way to put it.

    To those “Obama-haters” who say he has no substance, PLEASE READ THIS!!!


  7. I wasn’t surprised. I have to agree with you. It’s unfortunate, but extremes on either side don’t lead to “common sense”. Locally, we’ve seen the vocal minority scream down any compromise and bully the system. AND we’ve seen money also bully the system.
    It would be nice if THE PEOPLE not the loudest or the richest make the decisions for the county.
    But alas, it hasn’t happened yet.

  8. So much for 15 minutes of fame. We maybe squeaked five minutes out of our CNN adventure, then it was off to something new. Anyway, Rose, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  9. But beware, being rich can allow you to be disproportionately “loud” as witness the amazingly misleading ad in the Times-Standard today by good old Humboldt CPR, and the numerous pieces of propaganda in the Eureka Reporter today.

  10. Here’s a really good samizdat video on the subject:

    “Message to Ralph Nader from Anonymous”

    The stuff on the net these days is so much more interesting than what you can find on t.v.

  11. Ok, I’m not very good at posting URLs. Here’s another try. You may need to cut and past twice to get this, since i had to put a hard return in the middle to get the whole thing in the box.


  12. Thanks, Tara, and welcome to the Humboldt Mirror. Hayduke’s point is well made. Turning political debate into moral warfare has long been the bastion of the Republicans, and it’s no more acceptable or productive when they do it.

  13. Damn, I’m glad I’m not a progressive!

  14. “At the same time, the Progs defend and support our illegal drug-based economy, and elevate the lawless and lazy to the status of folk hero.”

    a. Ralph Nader and “progs” would make MORE laws, not less.

    b. Name some lazy people who are folk heros.

  15. b. George W. Bush

  16. Hippies and bums, Theo. So fashionable. So now! We could write hundreds of sad, sweet folk songs about them, but it’s already been done.

  17. hey, name just ONE hundred.

  18. Democrats I knew were keen on blaming me, of all people, for the loss of their crappy candidate in 2000, simply because I voted for Ralph Nader.

    I always blame the assholes who voted for George W. Bush, but hey, that’s just me.

  19. Nader was a bit of alright in 2000. Now he’s just icky and weird.

  20. I blame the election of Bush on the democrats who could give a shit less about the concerns of those most likely to vote for a Naderesque candidate.

  21. They’re not hippies and bums. They’re alternative agriculturalists and the residentially challenged. And they’re the first ones to bitch and whine about the quality of all those social services they don’t pay for. Humbug is right. The local left turns Chris Burgess and Cherie Moore into heroes of their cause. Nice poster-children there. And the bums, don’t get me started. We can’t do enough for them, even though most are able bodied men who choose their lives the same way we choose ours. You think the rest of us enjoy dragging ourselves to work every day whether we feel like it or not? We do it because those are the rules of the game. You want a house, you want to eat food that isn’t past it’s expiration date, you want to take care of a family, that’s what you do. That’s how life is. Those who can’t take care of themselves, well I work a little every day to pay taxes for them. And I’m happy doing it. It’s the rest I’m sick to shit of.

  22. By “Naderesque” do you mean self-serving and egomaniacal? Democrats are concerned about that. Some of us think he might need medication.

    Regardless, welcome Mr. E, PC and Theo.

  23. “By “Naderesque” do you mean self-serving and egomaniacal? Democrats are concerned about that.”

    Could be,but it doesn’t matter as those voting for Nader did and will only be voting for Nader.I know of not one person who ever voted for Nader that would of even considered voting for Gore or Kerry.This crap that he takes votes away is a diversion used by dems as an excuse for not trying to woo those likely to support Nader’s ideals.

  24. Mark’s a Republican! teehee

  25. Great video! I agree with anonymous’ message.

  26. So as soon as Dems start acting like Progs, which they’re not, we can count on Nader’s support, Mr. E? There’s something to aspire to. And one-time Nader voters never vote for anyone else ever again? Then between 2000 and 2004, what happened? Nader saw a 900 percent decline in votes. Did those people flee the country? Stop voting? Kill themselves because their moral crusade allowed Bush to take the White House?

    Your argument explains perfectly the mindset of the Progs. Practicality and compromise be damned. It’s a religion with you guys. We can pledge support for your cause, or we can all go to hell.

  27. PC, right on comrade. There’s something fundamentally wrong when people who don’t work, and don’t pay taxes have the right to vote to make people who do work and do pay taxes work more and pay more to support those who do neither.

  28. ditto PC, I agree also!

  29. ‘cept some of them cannot work, or make so little they are not required to pay taxes. should we take away their right to vote? what other rights should we take away from poor people?



  30. There is a big difference between poor and lazy. Social programs are for the poor that because of their health or bad circumstances need our help.

    Lazy is just lazy – its a choice.

  31. Why shouldn’t we take their rights away? Smoker’s rights are pretty much gone and some places are started to want to tax “junk food” to make the “fat people” start “paying their share”. I’ll go along with that when there’s more taxes on computer gadgets because it causes eye strain and carpel tunnel.
    Start in on the rights of one group and be prepared to be the next one.
    How about higher taxes for certain aging groups because they cause more car accidents?
    Whether its the poor, the fat, the addicted or the old, eventually some of us are going to get slapped back and denuded of our rights as free citizens unless we back each other up.

  32. well, fat people, okay.

  33. wait, did you say “slapped back and denuded?”

  34. It took me a while to get to the video. If you missed it go back to the update and take a look. What a hoot!

  35. “ditto PC, I agree also!”

    Rush Limbaugh fans are nothing if not redundant.

  36. “I too agree also” would’ve been even better.

  37. And Turtle–are you getting a little naughty up there? We love it!

  38. Well, I didn’t want to say “nekid”. Jeez.
    And fat people are okay? Mmmm wonder if you’d say the same thing if the target was “those who work too damn hard and are at risk for heart disease”. What’s the difference?

  39. growing pot is hard work……….

    propagating, transplanting, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, curing, TRIMMING, selling, guarding, cloning, breeding…….

    no successful person is lazy…..

    pot growers are more capitalistic than the average joe who works 40 hours a week on the road crew, face it…….and the growers work 10x harder…

  40. Aren’t you the same guy who challenged us to name lawless and lazy people the Progs had turned into folk heroes? Question asked and answered, we guess.

  41. “growing pot is hard work…”

    That’s why truly lazy people breed pit bulls — though there is work involved, feed them, pick up the the turds, place ads in the paper, take your kid to the emergency room, etc.

  42. I see no reason why a healthy adult who chooses not to work should 1) be supported by the rest of us 2) have the right to vote.
    The republic was founded on a more or less universal vote in a day when, if you didn’t fend for yourself, you died (unless your local community chose to support you, with a poor house or poor farm). Democracy does not work when non-contributors can vote. Simple as that.

  43. “…non-contributors…”

    Is Anon thinking about defense contractors, insurance executives, or what?

  44. Bloggers would be our guess.

  45. Actually, I was thinking about snarky media types. I bet you have insurance, so I assume you assign some value to the work done by those who provide it. And if you don’t like defense contractors, next time the Nazis come calling, just grab your towel and get in line.

  46. so other than GWB, what other lazy people are heros?

    no generalities please, ACTUAL people….

  47. anon, media types recieve some of the lowest wages in the area. i would be very surprised if they were supplied with insurance…..most of them grow or sell pot on the side, which provides needed income…

  48. If we didn’t know better… we’d think Theo just said hippies and bums aren’t ACTUAL people. We wish they would get jobs and all, but we are not prepared to call them inhuman.

  49. I’m not sure how the fact that I’m forced to buy insurance makes insurance executives “contributors.”

    And exactly how in the fuck is Blackwater, or Ratheon going to save me from Nazis?

    Congratulations Anon, as you’ve lowered the bar on Godwin’s Law.

  50. There’s been quite a bit of the reductio ad Hitlerum lately. We’re not entirely digging it ourselves, ‘cept for the cracks about his mustache. Hitler mustache cracks just never get old.

  51. hippies and bums arent names of people……….”hippy” and “bum” are very loose terms……….i cant think of any progressive who thinks that hippies and bums are heros…….

    im sure that there are a few hippies who are heros….maybe even a few bums….

    and yes, hippies and bums are both 100% homo sapien……..created by a ghost in the sky who cant bother to stop the world’s suffering……just kidding, i think that we evolved…

  52. Anon’s dumkopf argument also qualifies under the rubric of the reductio ad Hitlerum.

  53. Yes yes von Park. Not entirely the same thing, we understand. Hard to believe the thread was long enough to trigger Godwin, though. We’ve seen threads go hundreds of comments before someone loses it. Well, you know. Not here. Two commenters pretending to be 60 commenters can keep it going only so long.

  54. reductio ad hitlerum? dumkopf? Hey, my generalities are every bit as valid as yours.
    How about reductio ad Kaiser? (beat that, got you both in one shot).

  55. Interesting, anon. Is that Kaiser Wilhelm, Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Aluminum or Kaiser roll?

    Regardless, we should consider taking our reductios local. How ’bout reductio ad Neelyum?

  56. Shhh. You’ll wake him up again.

  57. Well, you came up with two that aren’t part of the thought line, as you well know, as well as the two aimed at defense and insurance issues.

    Nicely parried.

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