Someone’s got some ‘splaining to do…

An interesting letter delivered to the Humboldt Mirror mailbox over the weekend states that the residence of a certain Community Development Disservices Director may violate the codes and ordinances he is charged with enforcing.

The story goes that the unidentified appointee lives on a seven-acre parcel with an 800-foot driveway—and no secondary access road.

A subdivision that far removed from a public road typically requires both primary and secondary access routes, or a single access wide enough for large vehicles to pass each other in case of emergency.

Does the CDS director have either?

We’re just asking.

But our correspondent suggests he does not.

“He uses the same scenario as a method to deny others homes under his watch,” our source said. “He has his but no one else can have any?”

Hmmm. Good question.

32 Responses

  1. Unidentified Appointee? I almost ran right past the link.

    Good work!

  2. Oh, that’s a load of horsecrap…he lives in the newly developed high density triple stacked townhouses right next to me……doesn’t he? Oh, wait a minute….maybe that’s not him. Sorry, my mistake.

  3. It’s not Kirk’s illegal road access that troubles all of us neighbors. His late night orgies with farm animals that is beyond belief for a high-profile county figure such as him.

  4. So, humbug = HELP?

    Is this blog finally the answer to that darned Heraldo?

  5. nobody at HELP is that funny.

  6. What about Lundbar Hills? Lundbar Hills, located inside the city of Eureka, only has one way to get in and out of the subdivision. Why does it not have a secondary access road? Somebody has some ‘splaining to do.

  7. Oh, darn the html thing. The only thing that was suppose to be in italics was the word inside.

  8. We fixed it, Carol. These computer-thingies are sticklers for precise code. Much easier to push the cheat buttons on our end.

  9. Carol, I think the issue is private road vs. public road access and CDF ability to use the road. The planners use that secondary access as a way to block projects, one more reason the urgency of the TPZ ordinance was a farce, but what do we expect from the Ministry of Mis-Information?

  10. Besides, Carol, Kirk Girard doesn’t own Lundbar Hills, so where’s the fun in that?

  11. Umm…since when are gerbils considered “farm animals”?

  12. Lets sit back and compare,

    Lumbar Hills – In the city of Eureka, community water (=pressurized fire hydrants), within .5 mile of Fire House, City streets with approriate width, grade and turning radi….

    Girard Household – Converted TPZ, narrow driveway, no fire accessability, no community water, no sewer services (yes enviros Girards waste could be contaminating your precious water)….however he preaches that one must comply with all these issues during their applications.

    If you don’t understand please don’t comment.

  13. But were it not for uninformed commentary, we would cease to exist.

  14. better uninformed commentary than the uniformed commentary at Heraldo’s.

    Javol! Arkley ist bad. Home Depot ist bad.

  15. why are residents of Humboldt County so concerned about what their neighbors are doing? so called “conservatives” need to remember that limiting freedom can have negative results….

    we need less laws, not more…..KISS…keep it simple stupid

    we need more construction, not more LAWS!!!

  16. Theo, I think the queston is whether Girard is enforcing laws that limit construction while violating them himself. No one said anything about more laws. You always seem to find something in these posts that isn’t quite there. How many laws we have, who would make more laws, whether hippies are human. I don’t know. You obviously feel at home with the stupid bickering at Heraldo, and maybe you should stay there. People here are just laughing at shit. You don’t seem to get the joke.

  17. Heraldo’s Secret Revealed:

    10 bicker bicker bicker…Arkley…bicker bicker
    20 GOTO 10

  18. im sure that if i looked hard enough, i could find that every single person in the world is guilty of breaking some law…..
    laws are subject to interpretation, they arent black and white……

    to assume that a guy needs TWO roads to his house shows your lack of the local scene…..99% of semi-rural homes have only one road in……

    but, hey, i forgot that you are such a LAW and order person…….what a joke….get your nose out of your neighbor’s business and try to be FRIENDS with them…

  19. people here seem awfully jealous of heraldo…….maybe we can find a law to take hime down!!!!

  20. pulling a play from Gallegos/Ken Miller, huh?

  21. ah…….maybe humbug is borrowing tactics from his enemies…..

  22. Kind of the same way you keep your nose out of Rob Arkley’s business? Oh wait. Not that neighbor. Dumb fuck.

  23. Okay, kids. We can almost hear the Third Reich comparisons heading our way. Let’s try to keep it civil.

  24. 6:23,
    were you talking to me? ive always spoken in favor of arkleys projects, even the marina center……ive even signed a petition, or some sort of paper, in favor of it……….

    that said, arkley pushing and threatening larry glass over the project did irk me a bit……

  25. Thank you, pretty blue Humbug, for fixing my html. BTW, my sundglasses are fairly similar to the pair you have donning Bonnie, except mine are more rectangular and they are perscription bifocals. Are Bonnie’s sunglasses bifocal, too? Mine are designed by Calvin Cline.


  26. Theo likes the underdog in any fight.

  27. to set the record straight, i would prefer that dogs did’t fight at all………..

  28. Hey! You guys be nice to Theo. Once ya get to know ‘im, he’s alright!

  29. Kirk’s house is on a parcel that “perks” (has a septic system like I do) and the access road has two entrances to major roads. You are writing complete BS.

  30. renters dont have those concerns…….im sure that the media clowns on this site could explain the finer points of renting to you, but dont expect any knowledge of home ownership here…

  31. 1:44 It is YOU who doesn’t understand. I happen to know that the neighborhood where the Girards live has water- piped in- no well needed.

  32. Hey where does kirk live, I would like to drive by and check out his place to see if it complies, perhaps I should call the sheriff and show up with seven carloads of deputies and do a little open field searching. oh I hope that his road is wide enough to turn around on otherwise there will definitely be some real civil unrest.

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