What the hell—it’s 4:20 somewhere

A bill co-authored by Eureka Assemblywoman Patty Berg would prohibit California employers from firing medical marijuana cardholders for smoking pot away from work, even if they test positive for the drug at work.

The bill would mark the first expansion of Proposition 215, also called the Compassionate Use Act, which legalized the production, distribution and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

According to a press release issued Monday by co-author Assemblyman Mark Leno, the bill “is merely an affirmation of the intent of the voters and the legislature that medical marijuana patients need not be unemployed to benefit from their medicine, although obviously most of them are unemployed, unless you consider dealing spliffs to other ambitionless losers ‘employment,’ and even I know that’s a stretch.”

Berg said she is considering adding a rider to the bill called the Compassionate Munchies Addendum, which would increase the dollar-amount of food stamps distributed to 215 cardholders.

In other Assembly news, Berg is working on a rewrite of her failed Compassion and Choices bill, which would make it legal to assist in the deaths of terminally ill friends and family members.

The proposed legislation is itself a rewrite of Berg’s failed Compassionate Choice bill, which was mercy-killed in committee in 2007.

It was first rolled out in 2005 as the Expedited Inheritance Act, but the name failed to resonate with lawmakers.

Finally, the Assembly passed at Berg’s request a joint resolution to honor a Santa Rosa woman for her work rescuing baby deer. Marjorie Davis was given the Extraordinary Compassion Award, an accolade presented each year to the district resident who most thoroughly subverts the principles of natural selection.

14 Responses

  1. hey, where’d you get the pic of John Lennon?

  2. I think that might be Suzy Blah Blah!

  3. Ernie’s Suzy Blah Blah?

  4. I can’t wait until employers start testing people for drinking alcohol in their off-the-clock hours.

  5. cpr, testing for alcohol would reduce alcohol use which would hurt budweiser….that would never happen….

    im personally waiting for alcohol to be completely illegal in all 50 states…….im already working on a moonshine recipe…

  6. Bonnie’s sunglasses are a lot like mine, except mine are more rectangular and are bifocals. Are Bonnie’s sunglasses, bifocals, too?


  7. Soory Theo, pot isn’t alcohol, but nice spin. Go smoke a refer with Bonnie and Patty.

  8. I have sunglasses much like Bonnie’s, but mine are more rectangular and are bifocals. Are Bonnie’s sunglasses bifocals?

  9. If Bonnie was going for an Elton John circa 1974 look, she missed the mark.


  10. Elton wouldn’t be caught dead in those earrings.

  11. What a silly blue humbug!

  12. Our apologies to our good friend Carol, whose remarks got caught in our dastardly spam trapper and were recovered only this morning. We’ll try bumping up the tolerance of that device a bit and hope it doesn’t happen again.

  13. It is okay, Humbug. Now you know I don’t have a typing impediment, because I wrote the same thing so many times. I thought it may have gotten “stuck”, because of my happy face.

  14. Leave it to Patty Berg. “medical” marijuana users exempt from employer drug testing!!!

    Does this mean the employer will be exempt from liability if the 215 employee gets hurt and files a workers comp injury? How about being exempt from liability if the 215 employee causes and accident and a non smoker gets hurt or suffers some other loss?

    Only in Humboldt County. Even Mendocino is starting to see the light.

    Truly unbeleivable

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