Sometimes truth is funnier than any shit we could make up

Check out the irascible Hank Sims on Stephen Lewis’ bold new plan to save the Pacific Lumber Company to benefit whitey, the nice people whitey stole all that land from in the first place, and—wait for it—Stephen Lewis!

Stop the lawsuits, friends! We think we have a winner. It’s craptastic!!


7 Responses

  1. Don’t you hate this Bug? You go to all of this effort to produce material that is eye watering funny, and some “Pie in the Sky” dreamer unleashes a document that is not only real, but worth just as many laughs. It makes me wanna throw back a few Bloody Marys’ with our Lord and Savior.


  2. Sorry, Boy. The Lamb That Was Slain is kickin’ it over at Mirror HQ this morning. I’ll tell Him you’re around. Maybe His Social Secretary of Social Secretaries can work you in.

  3. It has always been true that truth is (stranger/funnier) than fiction. This one is a candidate for a “weird news” award. But what has happened to the” Filed-in” Tags? Two in row are missing. Is it too much work to keep these up?

  4. I’m afraid I’m not laughing. Especially reading the comments that followed.
    But, I live here. I’d like to believe this is a joke, but I can see it’s not.

  5. Thanks. I am not pissed off any longer.

  6. Stephen Lewis: Just as freaky as he seems,

    Careful Bug, Stephen might lift that and use it as his own Sub-header on his blog.


  7. Didn’t Hank stop the comments on Stephen’s Heartland Project on the NCJ Blogthing? Stephen says he will be on KMUD news tonight with his friend Sparky. Please, someone listen and see if you can figure out what he is talking about.

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