Blue Lake slips motto contest into city council agenda

In the wake of increasingly lurid allegations of misconduct against jailed Police Chief David Gundersen, the city of Blue Lake is quietly seeking suggestions for a new motto to replace “Blue Lake: Where sunshine and sea air meet.”

Gundersen was arrested in February after his current wife, not to be confused with his ex-wife or live-in girlfriend, informed sheriff’s deputies that her husband repeatedly drugged her with the prescription sleep aid Ambien in order to have sex with her.

Similar complaints dating back as much as ten years have been made by the other two women, who are not to be confused with the wife who made the allegations last month.

Numerous weapons, including an automatic rifle and a handgun with a silencer, were removed from Gundersen’s home.

Then on Wednesday the Times-Standard reported that 27 fully automatic machine guns were seized from the Blue Lake department. Two of the guns were hastily returned by the Rio Dell Police Department, which had borrowed the weapons from Gundersen more or less for fun, since it too doesn’t have a SWAT team or the required training or protocols in place to use or even possess the weapons.

Blue Lake Mayor Sherman Schapiro told the Humboldt Mirror it was the city manager’s job to oversee the police department, while City Manager Wiley Buck said the mayor is ultimately responsible for the misdeeds of city employees.

Buck cited in his defense the change approved in 2005 by the Blue Lake council to the city’s policy against having sex-crazed gun-nuts in a position of authority over their sleep-deprived wives.

But the two men agreed, according to the most recent council agenda, that a motto contest was “an important first step in the healing process.”

So what do you say, Mirrorites? Let’s hear your suggestions. Let the healing begin!!

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29 Responses

  1. Come to beautiful Blue Lake where you can safely buy all your contraband from the police rather than scummy criminals.

  2. Blue Lake where there is no lake but the boys in blue got in over their heads.

  3. Blue Lake–Where “not tonight, Honey” is the prelude to a good night’s sleep.

  4. Blue Lake where rape doesn’t count if you were too drugged to remember it clearly.

  5. “Blue Lake, we put the ‘Gun’ in Gundersen, and he put his ‘gun’ in….”



  6. We see progress, friends! Keep those ideas coming!

  7. Blue Lake: Where men are hard and the women ain’t easy

  8. Blue Lake — the city where the cops commit more crimes by 9 am than most career criminals commit in a lifetime.

    Come for the weather, stay for the court proceedings.

  9. Blue Lake: We’re the inspiration for the next Cohen Brothers’ Film.


  10. Blue Lake — Where Roofies meet the sea.

  11. I’m for Humboldt Blue’s
    “Come for the weather, stay for the court proceedings.”
    I’m still grinning!

  12. Blue Lake: Where the police chief and the flunitrazepam meet.

  13. Right on Kym, and BTW, I was whoring your blog (because of the photos) at one of my favorite (lefty) political sites, they are big on politics, music, books and photography.

  14. Thank you! I checked out the blog. There were two flower photos that were beautiful! And the barn was striking too. I’ll have to stick them on my blogroll.

  15. goodnite johnboy…


  16. I sorta thought Ambien was a relatively recent drug – or has it just recently been advertised? Anybody know when it came out?

    And how is the TS getting all this detailed info?

  17. check out the side effects – I don’t know if this complicates things or makes it clearer:

  18. Interesting, 8:01. Amnesia, anxiety and other neuro-psychiatric symptoms occurring unpredictably. Good find.

    And Rose, we’ve been wondering the same thing about the TS information. Does anyone have the case law on investigative reports submitted in support of criminal charges? We’d swear there’s a law out there somewhere that says these are supposed to be confidential. Is Gallegos trying to get a bunch of information out to the public that he knows would never be admissible at trial?

    Where’s the Mirror’s legal department when we need it?

  19. Come to Blue Lake where guns meet the sun

  20. PS We’re out of TP up here, please send that petition for review.

  21. What is with that stupid bird?

  22. “What is with that stupid bird?”

    Andrew is not stupid, just … special.

  23. I heard this blog can be hazardous…

  24. Blue Lake: A to the muthafuckin’ K homeboy, A to the muthafuckin’ K!

  25. Watch out! The bird has its eye on you!

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  27. watch microsoft ugly black bag tom stay sun

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