Supervisor McNeely celebrates St. Pat’s Day with festive hat, Irish flag and authentic bird craps

Need we say more?


19 Responses

  1. Ok – I looked very hard for the authentic bird craps.

    Did it crap in her head because it certainly didn’t crap on her head.

  2. it’s so quiet over here you can hear the bugs eating the walls

  3. It’s not so quiet. We’re taking more hits than an Irish housewife. Must be a holiday thing.

  4. Slainte!

  5. Looks like your tired schtick is boring everyone. You need a new pony.

  6. I don’t know about “tired” anonymous 4:34. I lost a wee bit o’ my corned beef and cabbage this afternoon when I stopped by. I am still laughing. I don’t get the bird obsession, but it’s making me laugh.

    There isn’t anything as funny as this blog in a 300-mile radius, although Bonnie might not think so. Bring it on Bug, you have a loyal reader with me.

  7. Finally a St Patrick’s day blog. Neely’s Irish? Maybe she’s not so bad. 4:34, you can kiss my Blarney stones.

  8. I never have to hit the old lady more than once. She’s a good old bird. Bonnie’s got a wee smile on’er sweet puss. I wonder who’s tappin dat stuff?

  9. Thierry McFarmer.

  10. I’d tap that shit. She’s kinda cute after a couple of bottles of whiskey.

  11. Put a bag over her head and pass the bottle baby.

  12. McFarmer hasn’t had a peice of that soggy ass for years. Her marrage is as over as her political career. You can only screw your friends so many times.

  13. Besides, there isn’t a bag big enough to get over her inflated and bulbous ego.

  14. I don’t know, I was at Costco the other day and they had some reeeaaallllyyyy big bags.

  15. Friends, FRIENDS!! Let’s be nice to our elected McLeaders on their day of national pride. Order a friendly round of green beers, on the bugs of course.

  16. I’ll still do her but my God she’s got to keep her f*#%*#g mouth from flapping. I just couldn’t get a nut if she keeps trying to justify that 25,000 dollars.

  17. Oh there. Now I see the craps. Thanks.


  19. “Put a bag over her head and pass the bottle…”

    A real class act you’ve got going here.

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