Lethargic bugs decide to skip whole blogging thing

Sorry, friends. We’re still too creatively corked from eating all those Easter Eggs.

Any known remedies? (And please don’t suggest anything involving a sharp stick. We already tried that.)


14 Responses

  1. What a relief.

  2. Good god the buck teeth are a crack up. I know that bon bon had her teeth redone when she first ran for supervisor. Is this what they looked like before the makeover?

  3. Do you mean she had braces as a youngster?

  4. What? decide to skip the whole blogging thing? Hope you are kidding…you are really helping folks think for themselves here and are much more useful in that way than the local newspapers–you do more questioning than all of them put together…maybe the snarky personal attacks of the responses to your posts are getting you down; tell ’em to knock it off and move on. Please

  5. Temporarily skipping, Birdie. We hope to be back in action as soon as our present discomfort … passes. Hugs!!

  6. I hope you cute blue Humbugs feel better soon. Try prune juice. It works everytime.

  7. Boiled eggs will do that, bugs. Might as well drink glue.

  8. Stanford blows.

    Cheer for the Augustinians instead. Plus, Kevin Love is better than both Lopez girls combined.

    Oh, and this video should help you bugs feel better … this is a classic … would it be more of our young folks were doing things like this instead of being maimed and killed in Bush’s clusterfuck war of choice ….


  9. Could we replace the cap with one from Cal. I hate to see such a fine institution debased. The current association might imply an intelligence clearly not associated with the individual.

    Go Cardinal.

  10. first we had lethargic christ, and now lethargic bugs? did that last herion bust put a damper on the local supply or something? or maybe lack of herion is not the problem, and pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply is………..

  11. is herion a blue liquid?

  12. It’s a freaking pandemic of lethargy!!

  13. A little Bon Bon magic in march

  14. I shudder to think what April 1 is going to bring.

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