Fifth District Indian casino kicks down major wampum to Clendenen’s Second District campaign

The Blue Lake Casino, patron rancheria of Bonnie Neely’s most recent re-election campaign, gave a sack full of bingo money to Clif Clendenen, the candidate Neely chose to replace her Board of Supervisors sparring partner Second District incumbent Roger Rodoni.

In a news release issued the day before the most recent round of campaign contributions was made public, Clendenen praised “the generosity expressed by the people of the district,” while carefully omitting the fact that the district in question wasn’t his.

The Blue Lake Casino, located in Supervisor Jill Geist’s Fifth District, accounted for $10,000 of the $13,683 Clendenen raised in the three-and-a-half month period ending March 17.

The Eureka Reporter notes that of that amount, Clendenen paid $800 to Neely’s longtime campaign manager Meghan Vogel, whom Neely ham-handedly dispatched to Fortuna late last year in an attempt to unseat Rodoni.

In 2006, the casino gave Third District Supervisor Neely $25,000 in her slim victory over former Eureka Mayor and current Rio Dell City Manager Nancy Flemming.

In the most recent contribution cycle, Clendenen was able to squeeze cash out of only 10 additional contributors, at least a few of whom appear to actually reside within his district.

62 Responses

  1. So I guess the only corporate contributions we frown on in Humboldt are those that originate from PL or SN?

  2. This is so not PC. You’re gonna get scalped over this.

  3. Now it all makes sense. I won a jackpot at the Blue Lake Casino last week and they paid me in cider.

  4. Clif was very happy when he found out that Clendenen is the Americanized version of the Native name for a wild pink apple that only grew in the Blue Lake area. Who would have ever known? Bon Bon knew!

  5. I think there is more way than one way to interpret Bonnie’s head in the “hunny jar.”


  6. press realease…. clif thanks blue lake casino ……..,his true blood brothers,…… I will thank my new found ancestors ten thousands times…..#1.huuuummmmmmm!

  7. Is everyone that works on Roger’s campaign from the 2nd district? Are people in Fortuna really that scared of people from Eureka? Don’t most working people in Fortuna work in Eureka?

  8. Not to be out done a diminutive 5th dst. hopeful has been seen, T.P. in hand, follows clif’s every “movement” hoping for a little casino cash to rub off.

  9. Diminutive in the Fifth? There’s the runt Wilson who dropped out of the Third and the miniature Lovelace who stayed in. But who’s the Fifth District midget?

  10. Come on people. “Vertically challenged,” not “fucking child-sized” or anything.

  11. 6:09, what does this have to do with Eureka-phobia? Clendenon constantly describes his campaign as a grass-roots effort, yet when the FPPC filings came out, lo and behold the largest donation in the campaign to date was from a corporation outside out of his district. It’s like 75% of his contributions for the filing period. Not only that, but he put out that news release that stops maybe half an inch from outright lying. The vast majority of his donations to date are from a Blue Lake special interest group, and in my opinion he misrepresented them.

  12. tsk-tsk

  13. Clif’s 10,000 ways to thank BL Casino #2. gulp!

  14. This reeks of Bon Bon. Yet another memory for us to recall. Recall, what an interesting word, so many possible meanings.

  15. Perhaps, it shouldn’t be her head in the hunny pot, but her hand in the cookie jar.

  16. How long are you going to be obsessed with Bonnie? She is the Idée fixe of this Blog. Berlioz would be proud.

  17. The public is always interested in the corrupt. They scare us a little but their antics are a comedy show extraordinaire. The lengths they will go to in their fixation and quest for power allow us to watch one silly, stupid, and transparent fiasco after the next. Bon Bon is the perfect example, we like to watch her be led around by a nose ring of greed. It would be more fun if it were only pretend. Lets all chip in and get her her own TV show where she can showcase her skills of backstabbing, cattiness, and unethical dealings for us all without the collateral damage.

  18. We were tempted to modify the “unethical dealings” portion of the above comment, because typically we think of the Bon Bon as conniving and self-serving, but not necessarily unethical. But then we started adding it up. Just recently we’ve seen Neely and Woolley engineer the Tamara Falor payoff in order to replace a competent County Counsel with someone quite a bit less likely to point out legitimate legal obstacles to their agenda. We’ve witnessed her bizarre protectiveness of the highly incompetent Kirk Girard, who has taken this county from one incredibly expensive boondoggle to another. And now she is openly and even proudly trying to unseat another member of the board who over the years has attempted to check some of her abuses of power. If “unethical” isn’t exactly the right word, it’s damn close.

  19. Need another example, there is a rumor flying around So Hum that she is sending the Assessor and Code Enforcement around to the homes of the HumCPR leadership. Feeling threatened are we, lets respond with another abuse of power.

  20. “Neely and Woolley engineer the Tamara Falor payoff”?

    Why do you ignore Ridoni’s role in that?

  21. You mean Rodoni’s role in voting against the payoff? You’re right. We should mention that. Geist voted against it as well.

  22. Nope.Rodoni voted for it,Smith and Geist against.

  23. Maybe Bug will stop hammering the Bon Bon when she stops trying to be queen of Humboldt County. She hasn’t done shit in six terms except suck the taxpayer teat and build a personal fiefdom out of what is supposed to be public service. The fourth district voters who keep returning her to her throne need to have their fucking heads examined.

  24. Right you are, Mr. Esquan. We stand corrected. However, we maintain that it was Woolley and Neely who engineered the political hit, with not-so-gentle nudges from Patty Berg and Connie Stewart. Why Rodoni went along with it is a mystery to us. Maybe if Neely and Woolley stopped stonewalling the Grand Jury investigation we could get an answer to that question.

  25. Who cares about all these politics. PLEASE just bring back the buck-tooth Easter Bonnie. Those of us been around here for a while remember too well the real Bon Bon before all that dental work. Yall were spot on (except for the bunny nose and whiskers)

  26. Why is Rodoni “stonewalling” the Grand Jury?

  27. Nice try, but some distinctions are in order. Rodoni didn’t vote for Falor’s termination. He voted that if she was going to be terminated for no reason, like John and Bonnie insisted, she ought to be compensated. That’s basic fairness. John John and Bon Bon shoved her under the bus. Roger called foul and voted to pay her for her injuries. There’s a big difference.

  28. The little blue humbugs have this story exactly right. Breg, Stewart, Woolley and Neely. Woolley did the heavy lifting because of his spot on the personnel committee. But he’s not smart enough to think of this one on his own.

    There’s still more to tell, but in due time. All will be revealed.

  29. Berg. Sorry. Not used to not having a preview pane.

  30. What are all you people doing here? It’s a beautiful weekend, there’s college basketball to watch and yet 786 of you are sitting around reading this shit. Shoo!! Go outside and play or something.

  31. et tu, Buggus?

  32. I was outside, buggies! The wind, she doth blow, so I came back inside to escape the frosty chill. Happy Sunday!

  33. It is surprisingly brisk out there, isn’t it Auntie?

    And Turtle, we’re afraid to leave the Mirror unattended, what with the Mous(e)/CPM brawl brewing on the previous post….

  34. Jeepers Bug – looks like Bon Bon is in desperate need of a neck lift. Looks sort of lizard like if you ask me.

    But if you really want to make my week, bring back the buck teeth. That’s a look we haven’t seen since the 80’s. If I remember correctly, they were big enough to chew an old growth redwood down.

  35. 10.000 casino thank you’s #3 ssluurrrrppppp!

  36. 3eepers, BFD. Rodoni used to have hair.

  37. Yeah but I don’t think Bon Bon’s teeth aged smaller.

  38. $10,000 from one enity kind of tips the balance of fairness. What is in it for the tribe?

  39. A couple quarts of cider. That stuff is good!

  40. They selling cider out at the casino now Lodge?

  41. Maybe it is hard cider – the stuff with a little punch *hic* to it.

  42. The tribe will want Clendenen on HCAOG. Neely pushed Rodoni off, saying it went with the Chair, now she wants back on, but is hoist on her own petard.

  43. Just another day in the life of the HCDCC peoples party, Richard. Better get used to it if you want to run with them.

  44. “Rodoni didn’t vote for Falor’s termination. He voted that if she was going to be terminated for no reason, like John and Bonnie insisted, she ought to be compensated.”

    So the $300,000 pay off was Rodoni’s idea?

  45. Nope. It was Woolley’s idea, cooked up with Neely. Woolley enticed the deputy county counsels to write a letter of no-confidence in Falor by privately promising both Ruth and Chaitin that they would run the show when Falor was gone. Had a revolt on their hands when Woolley couldn’t immediately deliver and Faust was brought in instead. Now Chaitin’s at the helm, and according to the board agenda for Tuesday it looks like both she and Ruth are in line for some enormous raises.

    Anyone wanna guess why?

  46. Check out the 4 time anonymous above who can’t speak in declarative sentences. 6:09. 10:00, 11:33 and 10:04. It’s starting to look like he is obsessed with his own ignorance.

  47. Is that true blue bugs? Is it all the same person? You could confirm this.

  48. 6:45 am sounds like he/she knows what happened to Falor. Started with a letter to the Gov??

  49. We could confirm it, 7:11. But we won’t. Disagreement welcome here.

  50. Welcome my ass. What about that guy you blocked?

  51. Good point. But we weren’t blocking his disagreement. We were blocking his psychopathy. Huge difference.

    And OH SHIT. He’s still blocked!! We meant for it to be temporary, but we never got around to unblocking him. Thanks for the reminder.

  52. Back to the original point, this makes the notion that Clendenen is running a grassroots campaign laugh out loud funny.

  53. I can’t imagine that Rodoni had $290,000 worth of sympathy for Falor. He seems a bit tougher than that.

  54. Actually, perhaps he had 290 thousand worth of justice for her – given what wooley and neely pulled off.

  55. 10,000 casino thank you’s- #4 licky-licky-licky-licky!

  56. Just because they’re Indians doesn’t mean they can’t play the white man’s game.

  57. A septic tank,no matter where it “lies” is still full of turds.

  58. Get the facts straight:
    Clif clenden’s campaign to date has raised about $30,000.

  59. The facts, as you well know, are perfectly straight. The numbers we used were those reported by the Clendenen campaign for the period that ran from January 1 through March 17, as the post clearly states. To date, he has raised $20,532, not about $30,000 as you allege. The highly questionable donation from the Indian casino outside of his district accounts for nearly 50 percent of his total donations to date.

    Would you like us to get some more facts straight, or is this enough?

  60. 501c3
    lobbying is not for me
    mark l, hwc

    mark lovelace

  61. At the podium
    I say I speak for myself
    for $100K

    Mark Lovelace

  62. oops, wrong thread

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