No one doing anything funny for April Fool’s Day

North Coast residents are bracing themselves for another boring day at work in light of a new poll that shows plummeting participation in traditional April Fool’s Day pranks.

Results of the poll indicate that fewer than a third of Americans have recently perpetrated or been the victim of an April Fool’s Day joke.

But maybe the timing of the day is partially to blame.

“I guess we’re all still trying to give our stomach muscles a rest after the hysterical laughter that resulted from pinching people who forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day,” said one local businessman, who asked that his name be withheld because he’s a fucking idiot.


13 Responses

  1. I hear that Ms.Heraldo quit her job at the Tip Top Club…………APRIL FOOLS !!

  2. Funny, Bugs!

    I can never think of any original April Fool’s pranks.

    Hey, it is snowing outside! – April Fool’s

    I know, I know, it is lame.

  3. I read that April 20 (420) has overtaken April Fool’s day as the official holiday of the month. At least in Humboldt County.

  4. Maybe the Supes will vote on another stupid way to spend money and then say April Fools. Doubt it but wishful thinking . . .

  5. NEWS FLASH:The Humboldt County Elections Office discovered an important bit of information purposely left out on Phenility’s supervisor application.Since immigrating to the US in 1969,she has never applied to become a naturalized citizen and is therefore been removed as a legal candidate for June’s election.The INS,OES,HOMELAND,and all HIDEHOO/ISEEU DEPARTMENTS have been notified of this security breach.The candidate’s only comment when called-“this all a bunch of f……. phobic blarney stone kissing!”.
    As the news of her “alien” status spread thru Southern Humboldt,supporters were removing their green ribbons from their antennas and trees to not be potentially earmarked for retaliation by the illegal alien extremists.Keep tuned to KSMUCK for daily updates.

  6. Obviously you haven’t read today’s Arcata Eye.

  7. They didn’t say no one was doing anything. They said no one was doing anything funny. After seeing the Arcata Eye, I think the statement is still true.

  8. You should have heard the survey I took last night for the Rodoni/Clendenan/whathername race. THAT was funny.
    But sadly, NOT on April 1st.
    So it wasn’t a joke.

  9. It’s true and straight from the ponies mouth. Mark Lovelace has been fired from the Healthy Humboldt and Humboldt Watershed Council. Will wonders never cease?

  10. I got my boss good this morning. My only prank of the day. I had a client I was meeting today call my boss to tell him I did not show up. He was upset for a few minutes, but realized what day it was.


  11. I called my boss an ignorant racist, but it’s true, so it’s not a gag.

  12. It’s true but he wasn’t fired. Big melt down over Medo &the Palco suit lead to minnie-mark throwing a hissie over 10.000 $ donation to the clifie-come-lately in the 2nd. If you can’t get me more casino money than that, I’m floating my water shed outa here said the wee-one.

  13. Good for little cousin. Speaking from exoperiance, you just can’t keep swallowing that crap.

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