Will someone please hurry up and call Obama the N-word?

Nominee, friends. Nominee. What the hell did you think we meant?

Hillary is like some botoxed political zombie whose candidacy can’t be killed simply by receiving fewer votes than that of her opponent.

Let’s do the math. She has fewer popular votes and fewer pledged delegates, with zero statistical chance of catching up in either category. Instead, she has staked her hopes on her as yet undemonstrated ability to convince super-delegates to vote contrary to the express will of the electorate.

If that’s the democratic ethic she displays trying to get into the Oval Office, what is she likely to do when she’s there?

Hillary, please. For us.

Enough is enough. Don’t go away mad. Just please go away.


33 Responses

  1. What about Al Gore?

  2. I think he was last seen out on a shelf in the Antarctic passing out innertubes to polar bears.

  3. Naw, there’s no money in passing out innertubes to polar bears – not forcing you to buy an innertube – that’s more his style.

  4. NOW, forcing – dang typoss!


    Can’t we make fun locally?

  6. Humboldt County voted Obama. Doesn’t that count for a little something? Besides, we’ve been sitting on the N-word joke for months and finally had to trot it out.

    And have you taken a look at the local scene lately? We got nothing.

    Come on, friends!! Dish us some dirt!

  7. ” Let’s do the math. She has fewer popular votes”. That worked out for little boy Bush. Not so much for the rest of the world.

  8. How about local news where Bon Bon and John John tried to slip a payoff, er, ah, oops, raise to Carolyn Ruth, Chaiten. and Shelly Morrison for their excellent handling of the TPZ issue (including the creation of new state law) and Code Enforcement (a new method of public outreach) or maybe, just maybe, it has to do with payback for their pet tricks (along with, sit, heel, ect.) and the ousting of Falor. Fortunately, Geist and Rodoni had the balls (sorry Jill) to put a stop to the farce. Jimmy was at a boat ramp inauguration again (figuratively).

  9. I heard the Eureka Reporter is going to be shut down Friday.

  10. Dick Cheney when asked recently about the overwhelming desire of the American people to end the occupation of Iraq with a stunning, “So?”. Isn’t this exactly the same reply Hillary’s providing us when presented with the desires of the collective American Dems? “Ms Clinton: You can’t win this election via delegates or popular vote. Democrats don’t want you as their nominee.” “So?” she replies.
    Four more years of the same is in store, with a different letter in the parentheses after the name if she’s elected. “So?”, most of the populace will shrug, and turn the channel back to American Idol.

  11. And I think we can all agree American Idol has been sucking HARD this season.

  12. Wow, what a hot bed of gossip. Is it still April Fool’s Day, bugs?

  13. Bill Clinton’s tirade stunned some delegates

  14. wha happened to bon bon today? weird botox? channeling freddy krueger for next ceu raid?

  15. On topic: The Dems better get their act together, or these two will rip each other apart, and then the Republican will have an easier go to get to the White House.

    As for Bon Bon…is that the Hannibal Lechter look she is sporting? If so, where are the fava beans and the nice chianti?


  16. Ya know, as annoying as the Clinton’s and their supporters have become, I am more than happy to sit here and call John McCain a dishonest, adulterous, lying sack of human shit who deserves about as much respect as my left nut.

    Hillary is toast, and the Clenis knows it, that’s why he got all hot and bothered (but didn’t actually rape or murder anyone, unless of course you listen to Limpballs) and screamed at California’s Superdelegates yesterday.

    Methinks the Clinton sway over the Dems has waned.

    Did I mention that John McCain is a lying sack of shit who tossed his first wife, the woman who stood by his side and raised his children while he was being brutalized in the Hanoi Hilton, and married a plastic-faced millionaire heiress forty years his junior, who has funded his political career ever since? Fucking shitbird.

  17. HumboldtBlue is McCain’s ex-wife…

  18. Did I see a bloody machete buried in the back of Bonnie’s chair earlier? Or was that just my imagination?

    Very strange…

  19. Check out Darryl Cherney trying to limit speech in Garberville!

  20. Yeah, he’s all against people wearing too much “flair” at work, goddamned Stalinist.

  21. Can’t we have a few places where we can get away from politics?

  22. Great picture of bon bon as hannibal lector.

  23. Still politics but away.

    Enough is enough is one of the opposition’s slogans in Zimbabwe. While the country waits and waits for the results to be announced, the cartoonists are having fun.

    and two or three posts back. Decrease the number 825, 824 etc.

  24. Pretty brutal reality, scotchcart. Wow.

  25. Is anyone going to the CLMP meeting tommorrow in Garberville?

    Humboldt County Rural County Code Enforcement Public Meeting in Garberville.
    A Public Meeting regarding Rural Code Enforcement will be held on Friday April 4, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. at the Veterans’ Memorial Building on the corner of Conger and Locust Streets in Garberville, with Humboldt County Sheriff Gary Philp, District Attorney Paul Gallegos, Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Conner and 2nd District Supervisor Roger Rodoni. The purpose of this meeting is fact finding and feedback in response to escalating actions and tactics being used in the name of rural code enforcement.
    Organized by the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project and co-sponsored by the Garberville VFW. For more information contact CLMP at 707-923-4646 or email clmp@civilliberties.org

  26. Nigger. OK I said it.Where’s my cookie?My racist white cookie.


  27. In response to the context of the post, perhaps it will be interesting to see Hillary ride it out till the end. Because it is highly unlikely that she intends to go away regardless of standings.

    In response to the proud racist, it’s N.O.M.I.N.E.E!!!

  28. Bye, Bye, Hillary. Bye, Bye, Hillary. Why won’t you go away? McCain is cruising and you’re losing so please just go away!!!! Bye, Bye, Hillary…..

  29. Hmm …maybe Hill has a reason to remain in the race.

    From the hilarious folks over at Sadly! No.

  30. You have to admit the new Obama girl video is pretty bad. She was cute the first time, but now the soft porn look is a little – maybe inappropriate – for the guy who could be the Nominee.

  31. Rose,,,,you do know that Obama has nothing to do with the “Obama girl”?…..and please, speak for yourself……thanks

  32. Yes, I do know that – and she has overplayed it this time. My Opinion. This time it may hurt him rather than help him. Sure, it’ll boost her ratings. no question there.

  33. The N Word

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