All the not-so-pretty horses

Let’s hope Paul Gallegos has Mandrake the Magician on speed-dial, because our illustrious District Attorney went and did some more dumb shit he’s gonna want everyone to forget about by election time.

So remember while you still can the 39 horses seized Aprl 1 from a Myers Flat farm. The ones standing on deformed and infected hooves in crowded pens, knee-deep in feces, matted, filthy, crawling with lice and—oh yeah, starving.

Those horses.

Steve Knight, the sheriff’s lieutenant who runs the county’s animal shelter, requested numerous felony charges against their owner, 68-year-old Elsie Smith.

But sources at the county tell the Humboldt Mirror that the DA, in his unfettered authority and infinite wisdom, elected to file only two misdemeanor charges against Smith.

Not two charges for each horse. Two charges total—one for neglecting all of the horses, the second for hiding a fortieth horse during the seizure.

It’s silly to think throwing some little old lady in the slammy for hoarding horses would provide any kind of positive outcome to this case. But had Gallegos gotten even one felony conviction, he could have suspended the sentence, placed Smith on probation, and prevented her from owning horses again for several years.

Instead, the 10 horses Smith has thus far elected not to sign over to the county may quite likely be returned to a woman with an at least 10-year history of animal neglect.

Donations to offset the expense of caring for the horses can be sent to Heart of the Redwoods Horse Rescue at P.O. Box 226 in Cutten, 95534.

We bugs have dug into the couch cushions and even the beer fund to send a few bucks to this worthy organization. But we’d be willing to dig deeper, much deeper, to support an equally worthy candidate willing to run against Bozo the DA in 2010.

Any takers?


27 Responses

  1. This has definitely got to stop. Gallegos looked the other way during the Buganig (sp?) case in Bridgeville too and we saw how that turned out. I’d imagine these cases are difficult, where the owner isn’t really the hardened criminal type. But some hard battles are worth fighting. Some lines are worth drawing and defending. Gallegos seems more interested in headlines than justice. And most of the headlines lately don’t really make him look too good.

  2. Paul must have had his foot stepped on by a horse in his Brutal Youth.


  3. Amen, bugs.

    What’d he charge the guy with all the snakes and ferrets with? A felony?

    What’s the rationale here? Why the schizophrenic variance?

  4. “I hate snakes”!

  5. How about some follow up on the BIG drug bust in Eureka last week! What’s our dipshit D.A. doing with that case ?

  6. Which one, brian? There’ve been alot of big busts lately.

  7. I’ve got a big bust.

  8. Bonnie’s brain: partly cloudy, chance of rain? Or is that clearing and sunny?

  9. PVG is still smarting from the spanking he got back when he was defending a cat poisoner against a newbie DDA. Who beat him, and had the smarts to quit [now a ranking felony prosecutor in another county] before PVG took office.

  10. We don’t know that any form of the word “smart” can accurately be used to describe the Gagster.

  11. From reading your last couple of posts and some of the comments, I wonder if the Humbugs are really democrats and Obama supporters. Where are you coming from, dear bugs?

  12. Little ole Elsie with the 40 Alibaba thieves’ horses was waiting for the big meat packing company LIBBY to return her phone call to have them buy all the dam horses before they ate up all of her monthly SSI payment money in hay.The ole meat packing company really shafted and hung the lady out to dry.Seems like everyone was dragging their hooves/feet and the little biddie is up to her neck in crap now.How about selling truckloads of her horse crap to build up a defense fund?
    She’ll likely use alzheimers/demensia as her excuse to not “remembering” she had the thieves’ horses out in the way back pasture and get off Scott’s free.What was I talking about?? Oh yeh, excuses and plea bargains. Does Elsie surf? If so, there goes the hard core penalty and fine since Paul just LOVES to sneak off and surf on County time and they could do it together.
    Forget housing and caring for the horses AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE, let’s feed the dam things to our “innocent” HUMBOLDT HILTON prisoners and save the taxpayers more money!!!! Anyone got a chainsaw to get the cutting started??? Yippie kie yeh- horse meat stew on today’s menu!

  13. We like Democrats. We vote Democratic. We even voted for Gallegos a time or two, including during the recall. But the DA position is non-partisan, and the qualities we and most people value in such positions are competence and integrity. For the past six years we have watched with dismay as Gallegos has repeatedly demonstrated very little of either. We hope he is replaced during the next election cycle with a left-leaning attorney who a) is a better person, and b) does a better job.

  14. Okay, fair enough, Humbugs. I don’t agree completely agree with your perspective, but I appreciate your opinion. I will be interested to see who you propose should run against him.

  15. We will too. Got any suggestions?

  16. You do realize what he has done to the CAST, SART, and Victim Witness Units, don’t you Mayme? Did you notice that a couple of weeks ago, Joyce Moser was once again on her own accepting the award from the Board of Sups? In all other cases a dept. head shows up. Not the DA.

    In fact, do you see any evidence that he communicates or even tries to work with other departments? Including the Board of Supervisors?

    You are obviously someone who pays attention, so I don’t know how you missed it.

    And Bugs – thank you. Wherever you’re coming from, thank you. I don’t think it is a left wing-right wing thing either.

  17. Rose, The one on Del-Norte St. You Know the one that was on the front page of both papers last week. Guess we need a sick horse to get a little media follow-up.

  18. A 3 month old baby in a drug house….No media follow up………WTF

  19. The Humbug said:
    April 11, 2008 at 12:20 pm
    We will too. Got any suggestions?

    How ’bout Eric V. Kirk? Just a thought.

  20. He’d have to quit blogging. That would be bad for everyone.

  21. Pot defense attorney…gee, Eric has the same qualifications as Paul

  22. They both have the same middle initial too, but the similarities may end there. By all accounts, Eric is a good guy–a friend of Paul, but not an unquestioning one. He would be a step up from the current occupant.

  23. What’s that verdammt german word that means
    “told you so, but you wouldn’t listen, so I’m
    enjoying your pain”?

  24. schadenfrade

    (spelling woefully inadequate, but i think its the word you’re looking for)

  25. Darn right the DA should go after this lady — these animals living conditions have been deplorable for years – 10 years! No one would do anything about it. I was in Ferndale Veternarian last week with my dog, and one of the animals caregivers were in their getting medications for the poor animals and decsribe the neglected conditions. The animals were covered with lice. The horses hooves had to be removed. Pick up a copy of the Ferndale Enterprise for all the details. The specific type of charges should be left up to law enforcement.

  26. Carol did you vote, like most foolish Californians, to make the slaughter of horses illegal? If so, you like them have a hand in this sad situation. Mrs. Smith is an old lady who at one time was an asset to the community. Try to find a place to sell 40 horses. In many cases you can’t even give them away. When this state understood that horses were also livestock there were hundreds of places that one could market horses. Slaughter buyers set a good botton price for horses. That is gone and horses that are young, untrained,in poor condition,may have an injury or are problem horses have no marketable value. Only the very best horses have any value in California. This may not be what you want to hear Carol but there are many more factors to this tradgity than people realize. This is the tip of the ice berg. Many thousands of old,crippled,diseased and untendable horses are taking up space that could be given to healthy useable horses right now. What do you think the numbers will be in 5 more years? The liberal feel good movie idea of ranch life is a big culpret in this horor. It is making the sales of very good horses harder too. I’m not trying to excuse Mrs Smith. If she did not have the ability to feed or disperse the animals she should have shot those horses before starving them. That would have been humane.

  27. Starvation may not have been a problem. If the horses had worms, feeding would not help. Standing knee deep in mud, now that’s another story, rotting hooves, that’s another story, too many horses on not enough land, that’s a common story. And 5:37s point is well taken. Nowhere to sell them, no one to take them. Tragic.

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