This just in: Roger Rodoni corn-holed everything

A press release issued by the Estelle Fennell campaign holds Roger Rodoni personally responsible for the decline of the timber industry in Humboldt County.

And the evidence she cites in support of this? Much of the job loss occurred in Rodoni’s Second District, where most of the timber jobs were to begin with.

Brilliant!! We love it!

Good thing the Ferndale earthquake struck before Rodoni took office, and better still that there haven’t been any deadly meteor showers or elephant stampedes on his watch, or we’d have to blame him for those as well.

Fennell’s breathless announcement made no mention of the industry’s precipitous decline throughout the Pacific Northwest, due in large part to harvest restrictions on public land and the expense associated with dramatically stepped-up environmental protections on private land.

Rodoni filled in some of the logic-gaps for her, and added that Fennell’s remarks betrayed “a gross lack of understanding of basic economic conditions.”

But Fennell insists that she is in fact a remarkably knowledgeable candidate.

She states on her website that the years she spent as a radio news reporter have given her “a true understanding of almost every aspect of what it means to live and work in the 2nd district.”

That’s kind of like saying the pimply faced kid who mans the drive-thru window at McDonald’s has a firm grasp of the problem of world hunger. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, but we’d want to see what else he has listed on the ol’ curricula vitae before putting him in charge of UNICEF.

Still, on one subject at least, Fennell’s expertise is unassailable.

“I know how critical the need for good paying jobs is,” Fennell stated in the news release.

And you can take that statement to the bank.

After working two decades as a low-wage news hack for a backwater radio station, Fennell is hoping Second District voters will hand her
the very first
good paying job
of her entire life.

65 Responses

  1. Why is Estelle using Kerrigan’s out of town friend to manage her campaign? Alec Johnson worked for Dean, Kerry and Edwards. Three-time loser already. This looks like it’s heading for number four. Maybe if he was local he’d know how stupid this argument sounds.

  2. So true, Humbug. Well said!

  3. Funny! Everyone is talking about that stupid remark of hers. But watch it – now you’ll be accused of wanting things to go back to the bad old days.

    But hey, what was it the so-called Alliance for Ethical Business said in their ads? That with Gallegos’ suit, we’d have “logging the way it used to be.” Like Pleasantville.

    Silly me – I thought we were all happy that we had evolved away from large scale clear cuts – that we liked the way it is now with smaller cuts.

    I’m waiting to hear an explanation from Estelle as to how she is going to restore all those jobs.

  4. She doesn’t say anything about restoring them. She says she’s going to create new jobs that will be dependent on infrastructure that doesn’t exist. Even better.

  5. Is Bonnie picking another winner…like Clendenen?

  6. I think it is a midget hand trying to stop her from talking. If it is her finger in her nose, it’s up to the second knuckle and threatening to cause brain damage. Oh wait, never mind. There is no risk of that.

  7. Actually they both had good points but they’re focused on the past not the future.
    The MAXXAM corporation (with Horowitz at the helm) had crappy logging practices, practically encouraged protests, stole money from the employees retirement then laughed all the way to the bank as Horowitz used “environmental restrictions on logging” to lay off workers.
    Local loggers got caught in the middle then and it looks like blue collar workers will get ground up again.
    Frankly, none of them are producing arguments I can get behind.
    It’s too bad really.

  8. corn-hole’n. now ur talk’n my language. Best idea yet. Good money to. A real growth industry. Think about it. Movies,videos,dvd’s,web casts,cable sin-dication, why have’nt we developed this before. Let me dig out my little black book and I’ll name names.

  9. Jen, I agree entirely. This latest bit by Estelle is uninformed BS, but while she and Clif keep throwing stuff to the wall trying to get something to stick, Roger keeps coming up empty. Hurwitz screwed the company and the county, and there’s no shame in saying it. I doubt even Estelle thinks it’s Roger’s fault, but he needs to step out front now on the bankruptcy and back a plan. He supports the Mendocino plan. Why won’t he just come out and say so? Look ahead, people. Look ahead.

  10. Yeah, I didn’t think there was any great secret there, 7:21.

    In fact, when Schwarzenegger was here, when asked about the Palco bankruptcy, he (the Governor) said essentially, that he was just hoping for the best – which, if you will recall, is what Rodoni said, and is being pilloried for on Heraldo. If it’s not in the article 7:53 links to, it is in the transcripts that the TS posted.

  11. Roger applauds the gov’s endorsement, but doesn’t make one of his own. It looks like bet-hedging to me. He’s in a tough spot I suppose. Hurwitz could pull it out yet. But what’s wrong now with taking a stand against a person who without a doubt destroyed a great company and a big part of the county’s economy?

    I like Roger. I like that he stands up against the Bon Bon and Wooley insanity. But he has to be about more than what he opposes. He has to assert something of his own. Just MHO.

  12. In the beginning RS corn holed RA and PVG was begattttt! and Bon Bon said all was good.

  13. Yet another post from the bugs. It appears that Estelle is threatening you. She does not mean to be a threat. Have you ever met her in person?

  14. If you need credibility-check on Estelle Fennell, ask any of the Southern Humboldt firefighters, rotarians, business people or community activists backing her run for supervisor. She is the most likely candidate to give extremists hives.

  15. If she’s not an extremist, then she shouldn’t be paying so much money to Kerrigan to run her campaign. His left-wing obstructionist stink rubs off on her.

  16. And typically an HCDCC endorsement would count for something. But after that debacle in the last election, it’s cause for concern.

  17. Carol!! Our secret girlfriend!!! You’ll notice that this post focuses narrowly on a completely stupid comment circulated in the form of a press release by Fennell’s out-of-state campaign manager, Alec Johnson. Now come on. Do you honestly think Roger Rodoni is to blame for the collapse of the North Coast timber industry? It’s uninformed, almost hysterical campaign drama clearly initiated by someone who has little understanding of the profound changes the rest of us lived through here over the past 20 years. We seriously doubt the statement was Fennell’s idea–she doesn’t seem like a moron–but she either approved it or is nothing but a talking head for Chris Kerrigan’s political consulting firm, which she retains.

    She may be a perfectly delightful woman, but she dished this crap out. She asserted the argument. She created the cycle. She issued a press release designed to call attention to herself and her campaign. It’s what long-shot candidates do when running against incumbents. It’s also completely fair game to call her on it, which we’ve done.

    If she honestly believes one podunk county supervisor is to blame for industry decline and job loss in a market collapse that has spanned three states and as many decades, she’s going to have to hand around something more compelling than two statistics that show nothing more than that in fact decline and loss have occurred. We already knew that.

  18. Don’t give me any of that “secret girfriend” stuff, bugs. I don’t keep secrets and I am armed with a can of Raid.

    BTW, your skirts are showing.
    ‘Thought you might like to know.

    BFF and xo,


  19. Oh! The Raid we could live with, but the skirts?? We’re wounded. But thanks for the BFF and the XO anyway. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go home, make some chamomile tea, watch a soap opera and cry.

  20. Well, the chamomile teas sounds good,too, and I would offer to join you, but I have to go to work. Enjoy the sunshine!

  21. Oh yes, and bugs, Estelle declined a job offer to work for former 1st Distirct Congressman Dan Hamburg in Washington, D.C.

  22. Oh really? Dan the dopegrower Hamburg?

  23. You skirted the issue, Carol; can you respond?

    I’d like to hear what you have to say in response to the clear, concise answers the bugs gave your comment:

    “Yet another post from the bugs. It appears that Estelle is threatening you. She does not mean to be a threat. Have you ever met her in person?”

    They answered and basically smacked this comment down as meaningless drivel.

  24. Wow, I shouldn’t post before my first cup of coffee. I didn’t mean to come off as mean and Snarky Carol, so please don’t leave the Bug!

    My point is, that I am sure Estelle is a nice lady; I’ve met her once and she came off as a very nice lady.

    But – I know both Roger & Clif and they are also nice guys, and neither one of them has issued a ludicrous press release blaming the other for the decline of the Timber industry and the loss of timber jobs.

    That’s what I would like you to respond to.

    I apologize for any snarkiness – it wasn’t intended.

  25. 6:55, HCDCC was 7 for 7 last election. Gawd, you losers even lie about losing.

  26. You tweaks misspeak. Estelle pointed out that Roger did nothing to stop the run on jobs, not that he caused it.

    Estelle Fennell’s candidacy offers SoHummers a chance for real change. If they want change, they will vote for Estelle.

    If they want the same old thing, it will be Roger. If they want the same old thing with more hair, it will be Clif.

  27. Ahhh, c-h-a-n-g-e. The word of the season. Supposed to explain everything, yet says nothing.

  28. Hey,y’all, I was just standing in line in the Fortuna Post Office with two laid-off PALCO workers. One fellow is “not doing anything” and the other fellow is being trained to “work with computers”. My 62 year old neighbor was laid-off last month and is going to school to study typing to be re-trained as a secretary. He was formerly a welder for PALCO.

    Hello? This bankruptcy thang occurred on Supervisor Rodoni’s watch. Estelle’s points are quite timely and appropriate. Her base of support is broad. 6:15’s comment is correct.

  29. Carol,

    With all due respect, it was a beautiful weekend, especially on saturday in Roger’s district. Should Roger take credit for that, since the whole nice weather thang took place on his watch.

    That makes about as much sense as associating PL’s bankruptcy with Roger.

  30. Hey, Hey,

    Exactly what is Rodoni supposed to do within his district to create jobs? He has been consistently in the minority when voting on supervisioral matters where votes would create jobs, be it within his district, or county wide.

    He can’t exactly force Bonnie, Jimmy and John to vote a certain way, now can he?

  31. Roger couldn’t have prevented the bankruptcy and resultant layoffs anymore than he or anyone else could stop the earth from spiing ’round. The whole argument is stupid, and Estelle’s childish finger-pointing is not going unnoticed by this second district voter.

  32. April 14 1:01 pm

    Was absolutely correct. You can’t force enough Supes to vote with you so many times you can’t get past go. Bonnie, John and Jimmy stick together like birds of a feather. Son’t expect any change when Lovelace gets elected.

  33. Rodoni’s steadfast opposition to the Neely-Woolley-Girard triumvirate is one of his most attractive features. If we get someone else on the board who goes along with the constant manipulations engineered by those three, we might as well pack up and move.

    Neely herself knows that it’s her own power base at stake in this election. That’s why she sent Meghan Vogel to Fortuna to get Clendenen’s campaign rolling, and then worked her out-of-district major donor (the Blue Lake Casino) to support him. Too bad she backed such an ignoramus–Fennell’s several times smarter than Clendenen–but maybe that was the point.

  34. Humbug, I disagree with your estimation of Johnny Appleseed VS Foreign Radio Correspondent in the smarts department…Anyhow my question is this: Where does Geist fit in?

  35. So in the last 8 years I’ve been busted twice for turning tricks,had my video sales hit the toliet,has some no talent rapper chick make big bucks humping a Gov. That should have been my gig. Then I lost the lease on my house for an illegal grow bust. I’ve got the clap,have tested HIV positive and am forced to live in a shit hole cardboard box behind the mall with an ass-hole named Tad. All this on Rodoni’s watch. Take about corn hole’n. Roger owes me.

  36. You ask where does Geist fit in? From day to day no one knows. She doesn’t know. The only explanation that has made any sence is that she must be entering into the change of life. CRAZY!

  37. Pole, how would you rate the Second District candidates’ smarts? Give us a colorful Lodgepole breakdown. You never cease to amuse us.

    On the other, Geist’s has been the most consistent voice against the constant chicanery by Neely and Woolley. Neely hates Geist almost as much as Neely hates Rodoni. Geist is smarter and more principled than the rest of them put together. It’s Smith who is the loose cannon. In the past he has blown with the wind, but we’ve seen encouraging signs lately that his backbone is firming up.

  38. Ugh. Isn’t there any other crazy, temper tantrum throwing candidate out there? You know. Someone who will laugh out loud when the supervisors try and get all serious.
    Come on. Somebody.

  39. You’re onto something, Jen. Forget this policy shit. Let’s do stand-up. We like. It’s not as if they’re accomplishing much of anything useful being serious and boring.

  40. Humbug, I rate their smarts very logically: I get out the old 100 sided die from the D&D set. I roll it once for each candidate. Whichever local apple farmer gets the highest number is the smartest.

    As far as your Supes dish, WOW! If that’s true about Geist she must know it’s crow eatin’ time.

  41. Only thing true about Geist is that she never knows what direction she’s going. Other than out.

  42. Awww, that sounds a bit like sour grapes, 9:11…
    Another way of saying what you just said paints Jill in a much more positive light – that she takes issue on its own merits, and doesnt take marching orders from the Richard Salzmans of the County who thought they could control her…

  43. takes EACH issue on its own merits…doh!

  44. Maybe Yo but even a blind hooker will find something to swallow. Even though we can agree on Salzman the 5th needs more and Geist is less.

  45. This is Humboldt County. They’re all less. So many people in this county are terrified of successful business people that we leave our important affairs to be managed by clerks and other low-level bureaucratic wannabes. Hell, we’ve got a college drop-out former banjo-maker who thinks he’s a scientist running in the third district. At least Geist is actually a fisheries biologist. That makes her opinions occasionally relevant. And it’s true: she stands up to the Bon Bon and John John stupidity.

  46. Rose and Salzman were the ones who helped Geist win her seat! Right rose?

  47. Yep, 11:30. Salzman became a volunteer the night of the primary election. Jill and Ben Shepherd won enough votes to go into a runoff.

    He was the campaign fundraiser, primarily – and I’ve talked about this extensively, so I won’t waste time here. But suffice it to say that he was an unknown quantity at that time. It was only after both Jill and Paul took office in January of 2003 that he began to reveal his activist self, forming the Alliance for Ethical Business to prop up Gallegos’ filing of the Palco suit, and to fight the anticipated Recall effort.

    Since then we have learned quite a bit about him. As have you all.

    I’ve always said I like him, I was one of the few that did, since he tends to be combative. But I don’t like what he has done, or the ways he has gone about it.

  48. The dogs are stupid. Where is the damn parrot? Your graphics people suck Bug. Did you outsource your IT work to India too?

  49. And, JIll is not a Fisheries Biologist. She has never claimed to be. I believe her title when working for the City of Arcata was Environmental Compliance Analyst.

  50. Was it something to do with fisheries work Rose? I thought I’d heard that too. She seems to know her stuff on the subject.

  51. She does know her stuff – and did alot of work on some reports on the Bay with the Shellfish TAC – I don’t know all the details, but yeah, she has an impressive resume.

  52. Her boyfriend is the Fisheries specialist so she only has to ask him a question and get the answer.

    She used to test water for Arcata.

  53. Jimmy Smith is the only one I can make any sense of. The rest of them seem to be on Prozac rocketships.

  54. Poor fucking Carol…

    I dont care if she is the Bug’s secret girlfriend or whatever, but she is still too dayum stewpid or unwilling to adress the legitimate questions asked of her….

    Sheeit…it fucking RAINED in the district yesTURDay…can Roger take Credit (or the blame) for that as well???

    Carol, love, darling…ya’ll have a bit of a Credibility THANG(to use your vernacular) goin on…

  55. Geist only [deleted] a fisheries biologist. She blows as a sup too. TPZ,wouldn’t stand up for Yee Haa,working for her future state appointment. Just like Wes she blows.

  56. Even you, 10:05, can’t go so far as to compare her to Wes Chesbro. And you know it.

  57. Linda, Yo, et al, consider this guidance. If you want to describe sexual acts in which you believe public officials engage, or your low personal opinion of the IQs of posters who go ahead and use their real names here, plan to use your real name as well or expect to see comments revised or deleted. We understand the need for anonymity, but it comes with limitations.

    We love our friends and enjoy hosting this blog, but it is not our intent to provide an anything-goes forum for unpleasantness. There’s plenty of that elsewhere in the local blogosphere. Thanks.

  58. OK bug, it must have been the bad crank I smoked yesterday. To make amends on Friday all day it’s free corn hole’n . You’ll have to bring your own condom-mendiums though.

  59. Ah well, sheeit, now bug,

    I didnt put anything in mah post from lastnight that hasnt been said here before about hmmm, lets see….BonBon, Girard and a few others…

    The fact that you are kissy kissy with Miss C doesnt detract from the fact that she makes mindless statements that are devoid of any facts, and deserves to be called on it when she does…

  60. God Yo,though you were talking about xxxxx from the 5th

  61. Stupidity is always fair game, Yo. But we’ve had to delete all sorts of stuff about the supposed sexual predilections of the Bon Bon and the Disservices Director, and the Bon Bon with the Disservices Director, etc. It’s fun stuff–privately, we laugh our asses off–but it makes us feel powerful and important to hit the ol’ delete button from time to time. So c’mon, guys. Let us have our fun.

  62. I remember Yo was one of the reason that Carol took a hiatus from your blog.

  63. Well HOWDY there, Auntie…

    Speculation here runs rampant that in fact YOU are Carol…any truth to the speculation?

    As far as critisism (ouch peepee poor spelling) in the ole blogosphere, I’ve taken my share of lumps over H-Ville…

    Hell, if you REALLY want to see a someone take abuse, look at the shit Auntie and her friends dump onto Rose…

    Bottom line, Mayme, if you say something outlandish which isnt backed up by pesky things like…FACTS, expect bullshit to be called…

  64. The fact that you are kissy kissy with Miss C doesnt detract from the fact that she makes mindless statements that are devoid of any facts.

    The fact is, Roger was clear about who he represented…Maxaam the extractor. Did he make any effort to speak up for the workers who were losing their jobs, and the businesses dependent on the industry? Maybe seek compromise for the benefit of the local economy? No. Throw up his hands, hope for the best, and meantime smooth the way for maximum profits to be extracted from his own district and sent to Houston.

    Estelle is clear, correct and honest about Rogers role as supervisor. Estelle has always worked for the people of her community, and never for out of area extractors.

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