Blue Lake’s entire police force now on paid administrative leave

In yet another sign of the managerial buffoonery for which the city of Blue Lake is now widely known, the city’s two remaining police officers have been placed on administrative leave by City Mismanager Wiley Buck, just days after they signed a letter of no confidence in Buck’s disastrous administration.

But wait, Buck told the Times-Standard. The timing of the events is completely coincidental! Really!!

“Don’t tie those together,” he said. “They are two separate issues that are unfortunately happening at the same time.”

Mayor Sherman Schapiro, using a curious turn of phrase, backed up Buck’s assertion.

The officers were sidelined due to liability issues, Schapiro said, because the city doesn’t “have anyone in charge who is intimate with police work.”

It may be worth noting that the city has been without its famously intimate police chief for nine weeks now, but Buck didn’t force the two officers to step down until five days after they announced they would submit the no-confidence letter.

Still, as one observer noted in a previous thread, this fluke correlation of events is among the least of Blue Lake residents’ concerns.

Much higher on the list is the fact that residents are now paying four police officers full time for exactly no policing.

We feel safe just thinking about it!!

17 Responses

  1. These guys are giving small town dumbfucks a bad name.

  2. Are the last two officers on “paid” administrative leave? It wasn’t clear in the paper this morning.

    Anyway, 7:37 is right on, if you had ever met Sherman you would understand how he became the leader of the pack.

  3. Great bon bon picture – love the new do!

  4. How long have they been paying a manager not to manage

  5. What is this. 101 Weiner Dogs?

  6. Come to Blue Lake, where the sun always shines, the beer is always cold and the cops are all on leave.

    Actually, the two officers were working, in a limited capacity, handling animal control calls and the like, but once the chief was officially let go, they were forced to put the two on leave, the liability issues are quite real.

    That being said, hearing from and reading comments written by Blue Lakers, Wiley is not a term they use fondly, more in the Wile E. Coyote way, if ya know what I mean.

  7. Ya Blue Lake has a minium wage law like they are trying for Eureka. Good example of what happens.

  8. Don’t hire based on ability-experience, just on what u can get cheap. I do not mean the officer.

  9. The place is turning into a hellhole.

  10. Looks like Bob Bon finally got some weiner………. dogs

  11. holy shit – its Cruella Deville! Good look for her! Can’t wait to see the bug’s graphic department stuff 101 of the wiener dogs in this picture with her.

  12. We heard they could not quite fit all 101. No bonuses this year!!

  13. Now if they were just running for something. Bon Bon could get them a fat check from the casino.

  14. Working with animals is so problematic. 14 Daschunds is pretty darn close. We feel we executed the Cruella part well enough to have people overlook the missing pooches.

  15. Bring back the parrot.

  16. These idiots had no foresight. They should have sold those impounded weapons and bought all of the Wonkavision stock they could find. They could all be on Admin-Leave, and enjoying the dividends.



  17. Help! It’s even more lawless here then in the good `ol dayz of the three duelling bars/saloons and one lazy paid uniform.

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