County basically bored shitless today

Dreary weather, a lackluster Board of Supervisors meeting, and the absence of a noteworthy encore to yesterday’s earthquakes have left North Coast residents feeling a little blah today.

“I couldn’t really give one solid crap about much of anything going on right now,” said one Eureka resident, who lost interest in the interview and wandered away before providing his name.

At the weekly board meeting this morning, the supes passed some lame resolution about the Mad River bluffs, while Third District stealth candidate Paul Pitino napped quietly in the back of the room.

Even local bloggers seemed unable to rouse themselves. The North Coast Blogthing complained about meat, the Humboldt Herald groused about ads, and Fred (the undisputed king of Humboldt blogdom!) announced he wasn’t going to work.

National media fared little better.

NBC reported that a team of synchronized swimmers passed out together in a synchronized fashion, while CNN predicted that Mother’s Day spending this year would decline by an average of 51 cents.



15 Responses

  1. Goddammit, it’s about fucking time you got off your lazy bug-butts and put up a goddamned post.

    No news? Really? Hmm, let’s see, a racist fuck Republican from Colorado was told to STFU by colleagues after referring to legal workers as “illiterate peasants.”

    Even George “I-never-met-a-bottle-of-Jack-that-I-wouldn’t-trade-for-some-blow” Bush isn’t that fucking stupid.

    And speaking of blow, Robert Downey Jr., who practiced for a real life of sucking cock for blow by playing the part of a strung-out cokehead sucking cock for blow in a movie, announced he’s really a conservative. Dick.

    According to the rightwing blogs, not only is Obama a secret christian-jihadi-mooslum fanatic, he also like to eat his fucking breakfast without a pissant reporter asking him stupid fucking questions.

    Oh, and Hillary is the anti-christ.

    John McCain is an absolute idiot who wouldn’t know the difference between Iraq/Iran or Shia/Sunni if they flew a motherfucking plane into the side of his massive, misshapen melon head. His wife is a drug-addled, beer-swilling floozy, who, after I just wrote that description, turns me on, and umm, the economy is great, the war if fucking-A awesome and uhh, that’s it.

  2. Oh yeah??? Well what about those fucking synchronized swimmers, huh?!?! (By the way, we’ve privately questioned the symmetry of John McCain’s head. So it really is lopsided, isn’t it?)

  3. gay republicans are not news. seems every time i turn around a corner, some conservative guy is trying to suck on my pipe……

    look on craiglsist for evidence….

  4. Yeah, the swimmer story is kinda cool, in a synchronized Jim-Jones suicide pact kinda way.

    Also, two high school students were suspended for a day after skipping gym class to go and swoon over Senator Obama. He even signed their school slips, fucking feds once again fucking with the local law.

  5. That’s my job theo. Now you’re letting gay republicans blow you. How the hell am I going to get my meth?

  6. Last night’s Humbold Literacy Project’s Trivia Contest was the place to be! There may have been over 250 people in attendance with 19 teams. Our own Humboldt Blogsophere was well-represented by robash141, boymostlikelyto…, and Carson Park Ranger. We were constantly laughing at our table.

  7. This was a REAL event, Carol?

  8. To my dear skeptic Rose:

    It was a good time, with so many people donating items for a raffle, and the audience putting up thier own money to answer questions posed to the trivia teams ($5 a pop to answer from the audience). Combine that with the entry fees the teams paid, and the fact that the Casino fed us for free (I am guessing), the event was a success.

    We did our best, but we did not make bring home a medal. However, I am more than willing to participate next year. I had a lot of fun teaming up with the Ranger and rob, and of course, it was for a great cause. I am glad I got off my hands and decided to participate.

    The Literacy Project could mean more readers for the Mirror, because Gawd knows they won’t read my blog.

    A special thanks to our Peanut Gallery! We had great people cheering us on!


  9. I agree, Fred is the King!


  10. Since I couldn’t go last night – what were several of the trivia questions you guys didn’t know? Sounds like all that did go had fun and raised some money for a good cause.

  11. Darn! It woulda been fun to meet robash!

  12. Yes, Rose, this was a REAL event. You should go next year!

    I was suprised that not many teams knew what body part carried deoxygenated blood back to the heart. Maybe I knew the answer, because I use to be a nurse. Just remember if someone cuts an artery, apply pressure, because it is freshly pumped oxygenated blood from the heart. Veins carry the deoxygentated blood back to the heart. I should have put $5 into the 50/50 drawing for that one. I knew the answer. But I wouldn’t have known any of the answers to sports questions. That was the boy’s trivia specialty.

  13. Hey Carol,

    You forgot to mention that our three bloggers were by far the hottest team up there!

  14. And by “hot” Kristabel, you mean Yummy, right?
    After all, write about a spanking bench and people will get ALL the wrong ideas.
    What were we talking about?
    Oh, McCain’s misshappen head. Is that all you guys got?

  15. Hey Carol,

    You forgot to mention that our three bloggers were by far the hottest team up there!

    And the funniest. Didn’t their (we) supporters have fun cheering them on!

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