Gallegos lawsuit supremely hosed by California’s highest court

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos extended an already impressive losing streak of appellate decisions in his lawsuit against the Pacific Lumber Company when the California Supreme Court denied on Wednesday his fourth—and final—appeal of the case.

“I know a lot of people out there are saying I’m a choad and a fucktard for losing this case yet again, but I don’t see it that way at all,” Gallegos said. “I actually think I broke important new ground by proving over and over again what a sound legal argument is not.”

The district attorney said he remains hopeful that important legislative changes will result from the suit.

“What I need are some laws that allow me to successfully sue people simply because I feel like it. I mean, you’ve seen how I operate in criminal court, right? Like that, only with bullshit lawsuits instead of bullshit criminal charges.”

But Gallegos acknowledged that he had exhausted all legal remedies, and his prospects at this point were limited.

“Clearly the only appeal I have left is my sex appeal, which has receded in recent years along with my hairline.”

When contacted for a response, Palco attorney Frank Bacik stopped laughing long enough to say he was “pleased the case is resolved.”

22 Responses

  1. To say this guy has shit for brains is an insult to shit.

  2. And brains.

  3. Notwithstanding the Bonnie/Gallegos connect,disconnect..

    What will Heraldo now do for fun?

    Whomever you are bug I owe you a Miller genuine draft, a good slice of dog bottom pie and some love for your laces. I’ll even throw in some Rosewood Salzmaned pork.

    Change your socks dude. You’re having too much fun.

  4. words to be italicized

    In my opinion, men having hair on their head is by far overated.

  5. SLAM DUNK !!

  6. “Clearly the only appeal I have left is my sex appeal, which has receded in recent years along with my hairline.”

    Receding hairlines does not make a person less attractive. It is part of the natural aging process.

  7. LOL. Is it really over? Or is he going to go for the Supreme Supreme Court?

    The Salzman-esque spin coming in is that Sure maybe Paul’s lawsuit did not succeed in what its stated goals were, but running Hurwitz out of town, and causing him to lose the company is a pretty important result, Sputter, spfffft!

    Maybe you could offer him a job writing comedy for the Mirror.

  8. That stupid suit didn’t cause anything for Hurwitz. It did cause us Humboltites embarassament and a great deal of wasted resources. What a schmuck the DA is and what schmucks were the troglidites that wrote this piece of shit for him.


  9. Let the shock roll over me.
    Leave Paul alone. All this work is interfering with his surf time and it’s stressed him out.
    I do wish SOMEONE would run Hurwitz (see I spelled it right this time)out of town.

  10. I almost wish they had sent it back for a trial.
    I mean, did you see today’s paper? Discounting for inaccuracy, this is a guy who is pressing a rape case with a named victim who says she wasn’t raped, and was brutalized by the police.

    Is his next police case a police brutality case against the cops who “interviewed” Jane 1. WAIT, that’s it, o dear, the man is a GENIUS- he’s found a never ending source of police to prosecute.

  11. Yes 11:41 – read that. my only response is…

    “Beam me up Scotty.” What a loser – what a goddamn loser.

  12. Gallegos would be a perfect fit for the current Bush Justice Department. Although, that would mean writing fucked up legal briefs on why torture is such a good fucking idea, or, why the telecoms are really just patriotic companies for illegally spying on Americans, or how this glorious clusterfuck of a war is really a path to freedom Democracy and the chance to see Brtiney Spears’ coochie, because at this rate, he couldn’t get a conviction on a parking infraction, which means he’s perfect for the incompetent fucks who run the DOJ.

  13. I agree blue – so what should we do about this incompetent fuck of a DA?

  14. What a colossal waste of time this ridiculous lawsuit has been. That and along with the “general plan update” fiasco shows how screwed up things can get when leftists get in positions of influence. How much did the failed Palco lawsuit cost the county? Maybe Ken Miller will help defray the cost…..

  15. Well, when he comes up for re-election next time we vote for his opponent. If that doesn’t work, we call in the Spanish Inquisition, because NOBODY, I mean nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    Bring on the comfy chair!

  16. never say never . . .

  17. Anyone tell Paul surfs up in Solana Beach

  18. Hey – thought I would bring back one of Gags’ infamous quotes:

    “One is that I do everything to make people happy which means I don’t stand for anything except for just something,” he said. “The other is I stand for something and I try to be a leader and take some people, a group of people, a community someplace and I say guess what folks, this is who I am. I stand for your beliefs. We share these beliefs or we don’t. You get the option to judge that. This is who I am and I am committed to leading us this place, wherever it is….”

    Eureka Reporter Gallegos defends record, looks ahead 7/3/2005

    Yep, folks – this is the same guy that brought us that loser suit.

  19. 812b47936b015c1a6d451f81c558d03d

  20. Just for posterity in the net for all the April Fools of Humboldt Cty, which will soon enough be silted up with your ripoff forestry practices. You are just like the morons who protected Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant in Golden Co, upstream from Coors brewery. Anyone switched to Corona yet? Sure some short term jobs are at stake, along with more Sergeants with more Deputies with expanded short term population growth. Yet Paul Gallegos will go down with Al Gore in history as one who tried to save your little patch of heaven from going to hell, as well. RG

  21. Yes, Reed, in the same way Mike Nifong will go down in history as a guy who tried to save women from members of a rogue lacrosse team.

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