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Governor Schwarzenegger Appoints Johanna Rodoni District II Humboldt County Supervisor

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced the appointment of Johanna Rodoni to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors representing District II.

“Johanna is deeply rooted in Humboldt County and has been an active member of the local community for years,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “She is a dedicated public servant and I am confident that she will continue to build on the extraordinary contributions made by her late husband, former Supervisor Roger Rodoni.”

Since 2003, Rodoni has served as executive director of The Buckeye Conservancy, an organization dedicated to preserving the ecologic and economic sustainability of natural resources in the North Coast Region of California. Additionally, she has co-owned and managed a family-owned cattle ranch, Rodoni Ranch, since 1920.

Rodoni currently is a member of the Humboldt County Fair Board of Directors, California Cattlemen’s Association, Humboldt County CattleWomen’s Association, Humboldt County Farm Bureau and The Redcrest Grange. In 1996, she joined the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce and served on the board of directors from 2004 to 2007. From 1998 to 2006, Rodoni served as chair for the Humboldt County Fish and Game Advisory Commission and, from 1991 to 1993, served as president for the Humboldt County CattleWomen’s Association.

“I am honored to be in a position to take up where Roger left off,” said Johanna Rodoni. “I will use my years of service within the community to address important issues facing Humboldt County and I look forward to serving with the same honest character as my husband.”

Rodoni, 59, of Scotia, was awarded Humboldt County Cattlewoman of the Year in 1993. Additionally, she and her late husband Roger Rodoni received a certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for outstanding contributions to the nation’s fish and wildlife resources in 2007. This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $69,665. Rodoni is a Republican.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is the elected body representing the people of Humboldt County. There are five districts that elect the five-person board of supervisors. District II represents the cities of Fortuna and Rio Dell as well as the unincorporated areas of Garberville, Phillipsville and Miranda.

Pursuant to California Government Code § 25060, the Governor has the appointing authority to fill a vacancy on a county board of supervisors until the next general election cycle. The appointee of the Governor must be an elector of the district which he/she will represent for 30 days immediately preceding the appointment and reside in the district during his/her incumbency. The appointee will hold office until the election and qualification of a successor with such election to be held at the next general election unless the term would expire in January following such general election. When a vacancy continues from the failure of the person elected to succeed the appointee to qualify for office, the Governor’s appointee holds for the unexpired term.

The District II seat of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors currently has a vacancy due to the passing of Supervisor Roger Rodoni on April 24, 2008.


34 Responses

  1. yes

  2. I guess she had more qualifications after all than just being the wife of a dead supervisor. Johanna, you go girl.

  3. Seems right to me.

  4. Amen. lodgepole.

  5. Works for me, I heard Geist on the radio and she sure seemed happy about it, not sure abour Bon Bon and Lil John, however.

  6. Maybe the Kirkster can get his deposit back in on that SF house.

  7. She has huge credentials for this…Quilez notwithstanding. (What an insufferable twit)

    Thanks Arnold!

  8. What??! No fighting?? We’re so pleased. Congrats, Johanna.

    And Blue–there are a coupla comments for you on the previous thread.

  9. Johanna is a very qualified person for this job. She has years of hard work in producing winning projects for Humboldt county. With light weights like mark lovelace trying to get the reigns of power we will need leaders like Johanna so much more. Good for her,good for us.

  10. “What??! No fighting??”

    It’s early yet bugs

  11. Could we take the black hat off of Bon Bon. The clown hat was much more appropriate. I assume it is meant to imply some reference to Roger. The mere thought that she could fill his hat, boots, shirt or anything else is insulting to the memory of the last truly honorable Supervisor (elected, that is) we may well see in our lifetimes. Her balls may be as big as Roger’s but there ends any comparison. It is not surprising she is afraid to show up at work, she is despised by the entire staff, her constituents are seeing just how despicable and underhanded she truly is. Justice may move slowly for the Bon Bon but it is moving. The disgrace of her actions will follow her forever.

  12. Hey, I like that hat!

    Have any shots of Bonnie in her chaps?

  13. Have any shots of Bonnie in her chaps?

    That is Kristobel’s job!

  14. Humbugs thanks so much for all you do, and for the perfect outfit for Bonnie – war indeed – not a holy one though.

    Gotta say she had nerve for even showing her face at the Memorial. We heard she rode in with Connie Smewart(the other genius that day), slipped in the side door, and slithered out the same way she came in.

    Also heard that Wendy box-‘o-rox Chaitan was whining at the memorial because she did not get a front row seat.

    The mere idea that Bonnie and company were telling people that they were mourning Roger— they were sad alright, because their idiotic actions soon thereafter served only to draw the community tighter together in the mission to see to it that ALL of them and their corrupt histories and actions and intentions are exposed.

    Girard is but a piece of the agreement – a stale smelly piece maybe, but only a piece. And all those things that “can NEVER come out” are about to burst — and from all directions; and Wendy (and Carolyn Ruthless will BE in the front row.

    Girard —

  15. Bonnie really IS Osama’s Momma!

  16. Maybe Girard figured he no longer had the three votes necessary to get rid of him. Maybe he better rethink that one, but then maybe he is counting on his neighbor to get elected in the third district.

  17. Humbug – you evidently have some cyberstalker posting bizarre shit at 1:52 and 1:59 –

    Can you banish him or her?

    Now back to the fun stuff…tell us more Birdie!

  18. Thanks for that, 3:36. Someone (both posts were from the same IP address) clearly has a problem with a Eureka resident named Greg DeBacker. Our super-stealthy hi-tech investigation (we Googled him) revealed a pattern of malicious, off-thread blog comments about the man. Virtually identical remarks appear on several local blogs (a little ahem to BBFFs Greg and Carol, our former Fourth District fave, and the Undisputed King of Humboldt Blogdom), but we don’t know who he is. Both comments about him now deleted. Thanks again.

  19. I think – I saw those comments on another blog – and if I read them right, he is the guy who has a very cool blog called the Petch House, a remodel blog with alot of neat stuff.

    I can’t imagine why anyone has a problem with him, IF that’s who it is.

  20. Ahhh, after a quick google – could it be Jerry Droz who is posting that stuff – it’s a very distinctive writing style…

  21. And you didn’t think this post would be funny. Humor is everywhere. Poor Droz.

  22. Thank you for the heads-up, humbugs. Although we didn’t find any comments by the alledged offender on our blog.

  23. Is Bonnie an Islamo-fascist or a Ninja? Either way she looks menacing.

  24. No…

    She lies over the ocean

    Ok, garb aside she just lies.

  25. Carol–it’s on the post dated April 24, the day Roger died. There may be more, but that’s the one we found.

  26. The cyberstalker is indeed poor old Jerry Droz. Most of the local bloggers are on to him, and many have blocked his posts, but like a bad penny he keeps turning up.

  27. Thank you. I was wondering what that comment was all about. I’ll have Greg delete it.

  28. Carol………we know your the troll blogger because everytime you post we get a whiff of your stench .Take a bath and try using a little soap this time . Soap won’t hurt you .

  29. Greg deBacker is Eureka’s biggest LUNATIC ! He should go back to the Meid – west where he’s from .

  30. Opps………that’s mid – west !

  31. The Cyperstalker is – Carson Park Ranger and he uses 10,000 different names to comment about Mr. Debacker . Mr. Carson , please knock the shit off ! What comes around goes around .

  32. PS – Poor older .Mr. Ranger has had a beef with , Jerry . Mr. Ranger has numerous IP addresses and is framing poor Jerry because he’s batshit insane . Leave , Jerry alone . He hasn’t done anything to you and has got better things than you to do than sit around posting all day .

  33. PS – Poor older .Mr. Ranger has had a beef with , Jerry . Mr. Ranger has numerous IP addresses and is framing poor Jerry because he’s batshit insane . Leave , Jerry alone . He hasn’t done anything to you and has got better things than you to do than sit around posting all day . Like a bad penny , Mr. Carson keeps poping up . A lot of bloggers are on to him and won’t let him post .

  34. Sorry , It’s more like…………….like a ” ROTTEN POTATOE ” old retired , Mr. Carson keeps popping up again !

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