Blind item

Which shotgun-wielding failed harbor commission candidate is actively working to subvert the will of Second District voters while campaigning for Clif Clendenen?

Could it be the one handing out Clendenen for Supervisor fliers and instructing Rodoni supporters to write in Johanna’s name on the ballot?

It’s worth noting that we have not endorsed, and will not endorse, any candidate for any position. We believe county voters are smart enough to look at the facts, weigh the issues, and make their own informed decisions.

But we think it’s downright undemocratic to intentionally mislead voters about how to elect the candidate of their choice. Tactics such as these typify the unethical, win-at-all-costs approach that has so marred politics in Humboldt County.

Second District voters wanting to see Johanna Rodoni continue to occupy the seat vacated when her husband was killed in a car accident four weeks ago should mark the oval next to Roger Rodoni’s name and should not write in the name of any other candidate.

Don’t be fooled. A write-in vote for Johanna is a vote against her possible continued appointment to serve in Roger’s stead—no matter what some people tell you.

53 Responses

  1. Thank you for reporting this, I’ve seen it in action. Deliberately putting out misinformation is sneaky, ugly and does not reflect well on Clif. If Clif doesn’t realize it’s happening in his own campaign then how can he be an effective supervisor? If he DOES know, how does he justify being a supervisor? Clif, WAKE UP.

  2. Clif is not the only one doing this or claiming he “doesn’t know”… Jimmy Smith is really good at it.

  3. We have received no first-hand reports of Jimmy Smith’s involvement in this.

  4. I observed Jessica telling a Rodoni supporter to write in Johanna’s name and then she proceeded to tell that person that the Rodoni supporters tried to run over her on the road and other ridiculous accusations. This was at Fortuna’s Farmers Market

  5. Clif admitted to a second district voter that both Jessica and Carlos were doing this. If he knows it, why isn’t he denouncing it? The behavior is reprehensible.

  6. Kind of a weird choice of bogus death threats, given that the race is up in the air precisely because someone ran over Roger Rodoni.

  7. Who’s Jessica?

  8. That would be the Mrs. Quilez.

  9. So evidently high ethical standards run in the family. Good to know.

  10. If Clif knows that Carlos & wife are doing this and condones it to try to get elected, he is no better than they are. He could easily resolve this with a press release stating some of his supporters are “misinformed” about voting for Roger. If he doesn’t then he is in the same bag – anything it takes to get a vote.

  11. Sounds like Mr and Mrs Quilez are dicks.

  12. So are Mr. and Mrs. Quilez the responsible parties behind the removal of lug nuts from the tires on a trailer bearing John Vevoda signs?

  13. Good thing this isn’t Rodoni supporters doing this, Eric would be having a shit fit over on his blog, saying “good ole boys/business as usual”.

    Obviously good progressives would NEVER do something like this, right? Only nasty conservatives, right Eric?

  14. I blew the lid off this,(I’m very tallented that way), to Cliff last week. After my secound round of slobbering on the shotgun barrel and listening to “O baby,wright in Roger” I simple had to spill the load,so to speak. So I did.Eric knows. Cliff knows. Clean up your act or no more free-b’s.

  15. what a shitbag

  16. “Where’s the beef!?”

  17. Very sad.

  18. Guess I better sign in – but that is a nicer weirdavatarbug than I get on heraldo 🙂

  19. I heard the Bon Bon telling some folks to write Johanna in as well.

  20. I hear Jesus is telling some folks to write in Johanna in as well.

  21. Clendenen’s Disinformation Ministry should be disbanded.

    Remember the effect of Gamma Rays on Man in The Moon Marigolds?

    There’s got to be a similar phrase for the effect of Salzman on political campaigns for the last 5 years…

    This Nixonian rat-fucking has to stop. Somewhere.

    It’s going to take someone like a Clendenen to stand up and say look, I won’t be part of this, and you can’t do it in my name. Loud and clear.

    Enough people like that, and it will stop.

  22. 11:32, When you hear from him next, say hello from the rest of us. In the mean time concern yourself with reality.

  23. There is a story movin’ round the county about the Queen B in a nun’s costume at a party in Ferndale sometime back, caught doing the nasty with the host, hanging from the bar. The visual image from the rumor is tough to take (TMI!!!!) — but now you show us this photo…

  24. Not that we’re naming names in the above captioned rumor, but let’s just say the photo goes nicely with the Kinetic Sculpture Race this weekend. So glorious!!

  25. I agree with Rose: “This Nixonian rat-fucking has to stop. Somewhere.”

    Rose, you’re right. The Vote-Roger campaign? What a sham. Rob Arkley, Red Emmerson and Joe Russ are indeed Nixonian Republicans.

  26. I don’t think Roger would like it. Bless him and Johanna, too.

  27. Roger’s campaign people are really getting desperate.

  28. I’m sorry, but you’re just wrong, turtle. Just flat out wrong in the latter part of your statement.

    Which brings up again – even IF Rob Arkley were involved – it’s funny how it was A-Ok when he was giving big bucks to Paul, but now you guys all hate him. Now all he has to do is breathe to get the angry cauldron bubbling over.

    No – I am talking about what has happened since the arrival of Salzman, and tricks like what Quilez was attempting. Do you condone that? Because it’s all ok with you if they get the dirty Republicans, whoever they may be?

    Funny – I don’t see the same sort of vitriol on the other side.

  29. to Turtle 4:13:

    methinks you have seriously mis-understood Rose’s communication—

    or is it LIFE that you have always mis-understood???

  30. What is both desperate and pathetic is Eric Kirk’s ham-handed support of the big sack of stink that is Carlos Quilez, while pretending to support the virtues of democracy in every other context. What a complete hypocrit.

  31. No soup for him and no- mo free’b’s

  32. Ignore them both, 6:19. Eric and Carlos aren’t anyone. No one else pays any attention to their ravings.

  33. ET – PHONE HOME. Thank god for martinis! Anyone heard little “st-ify’s latest radio commercial? Sounds like dueling banjoes. Mark involved? me thinkest yes.

    toasts to the bugs

  34. Clif spent $100 on public speaking classes, which he reported in his statements Thursday.

  35. someone outta refund his money.

  36. From what I can gather from your sleazy BLOG, somebody is insinuating that [edit] had sex with [edit], the glorious deceased founder of [edit]. I hope that you have the self-respect to correct the record. [Edit] didn’t have sex with [edit] while hanging from THE bar, she fucked his crazy ass while hanging from A bar. Get it right, or quit trying to report news 2 decades late. Losers.

  37. hahahahha

  38. Me thinks your not fooling anyone POLE.

  39. Bill Thorington, in a letter quoted 4/27 at SoHum Parlance:

    “I also understand that at least 3 other letters in support of Johanna’s request have been received by the Governor this day. These have been written by Joe Russ IV, Rob Arkley and Archie “Red” Emerson.”

    Look ’em up. Nixonian Republicans, every one. Sorry to misunderstand you Rose, but what were you then trying to say? And who says Ahnuld would appoint Johanna or will even be governor?

    Money…makes…the…world go around. At least in Nixonian Republican circles.

  40. cripes turtle

    I am a 4th generation democrat and I sent a letter in support of her appointment. Now please get a grip.

    There are a lot of dems which support her.

  41. Supporting the interim appointment seems fine to me, but supporting anything other than a straight, honest election is not okay.

    Especially considering the $ource of the idea.

  42. I gotta admit 2:14’s humor is my style, however I could never take credit for someone else’s work. Furthermore, that’s a way bad visual.

  43. you forget 9:37 – anyone appointed would have to run in the next general election.

  44. Is the bon bon still operating out of her house instead of at the courthouse?

    Is there a bug planted so we can all hear her screaming at the new photo?

  45. There is nothing remotely dishonest about campaigning for Roger in the hope of Johanna’s extended appointment by the governor. What IS dishonest is misleading voters about how to vote for that possible appointment. There is no bait and switch. No bait, no switch. If you hope to see Johanna re-appointed to serve an additional two years, vote for Roger. There are no guarantees that appointment will be made, but it sure as hell beats putting Clendenen in Roger’s chair after all the underhanded bullshit his campaign is throwing around. And who cares if Arkley wants to see Johanna appointed? Should we vote against Obama because we don’t like Oprah? That’s nonsense.

  46. I have to say I find it amusing that anyone thinks Arkley has something to gain here. What? the Board might pass a resolution to thank him for funding the zoo building? Or the boardwalk? Or any number of other things?

    I hate to break it to ya, but I don’t think Humboldt County contributes to his wealth at all. If you took it all away, it wouldn’t make a dent, in fact he’d probably come out ahead to walk away from this god-forsaken place.

    His business is national and international. It’s amazing he stays headquartered here, and it is something you should all wish we had more of. What with logging going down, fishing going down, and no other industry in sight.

    Regardless, if you think Arkley has any involvement in the Rodoni campaign, you’re wrong, and if you think Johanna is anybody’s yes-man, you’re not just wrong, you’re delusional.

    Some people really do do the right thing for the right reasons.

  47. Not to say anything about Johanna or the campaign, but Arkley has a very large portfolio of properties in Humboldt County. He has expressed a strong desire to develop them. It is not just who is on the Board, but also who is appointed by the Board to the various commissions that could make a big difference for his developments.

    You may be familiar with his company “Race Investments” which “invests” in political races.

    Donating to campaigns is a relatively small investment for the potential returns, especially when you are considering significant land use changes. Arkely would be a fool not to donate to political races in some way.

  48. so what’s new 5:54?

    Don’t we all contribute to candidates that we think will do something for us?

    I mean what about the unions, (teachers, labor, etc.) Do they give their money and endorsements for nothing?


  49. What I’m sayin’ 5:54, is I would bet that even if he could develop all of his properties in Humboldt County, it is nothing. Even if you took it away it is nothing. Sure, lots of people own lots of land, and most everyone knows that they could develop them at some future date. Some choose not to even if they can, some do develop, some inherit the lands and divide them amongst siblings. You guys always act like it is some kind of conspiracy when it is nothing more than the normal way of things.

    Were it not for that development, there wouldn’t be a Sunny Brae, or the neighborhoods below Arcata, or any number of other places where many of the anons live and compute.

    And again – where was the outrage when he donated to the Gallegos campaign?

  50. I donate too! Bon Bon should call me. Girl, I’ve got a nasty little habit I could share.

  51. thank you god for the mirror’s graphics department!

    do you think old bon bon is ripping her dyed hair out?

    this is so damn funny I damn near peed.

  52. the picture is a big fucking smile. Time to change my shorts.

  53. 10:26 – Yeah, she’s ripped it right down to the nubbins’ – still looks like dyed hay in the fields though. Good call.

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