Governor could appoint own penis to fill Second District slot

Okay we totally made that up, but it’s somewhat more plausible than the fuck-witted scare tactics being trotted out on another local blog.

Please, already. Shut up and trust the voters. Isn’t that what Democrats are supposed to do?

84 Responses

  1. Yes about Democrats, but I think Senor Heraldo is a Green…

  2. And Arnold’s penis isn’t ready to be a county supervisor. Maybe a some sort of commissioner.

  3. Heraldo is a hate-filled idealogue who doesn’t have the sense to realize the electorate isn’t as stupid as he wishes it was.

  4. Just when you think the progs couldn’t sink any lower, one of ’em comes up with something like this.

  5. They really will stop at nothing. I am no fan of Republicans, but I’d bet good capitalist money that Nancy Flemming is more ethical than Heraldo.

  6. Even Hank Sims, who is no one’s right-winger, rips the dumb fuck a new one over this. A spade is a spade, and Heraldo is a liar.

  7. ignore the loser. he gets the same 20 whack jobs on there every day blogging away and beating their meat because no one else on earth will pay attention to them.

  8. Harsh but true. That blog is such a collection of partisan half-truths anyway and that’s on a good day. Today wasn’t that good a day.

  9. I wonder how he thought that would play? that people would just say, oh no, vote against Rodoni? So stupid.

  10. Yeah he totally changed my mind, ’cause I’m dumb and believe shit I read on blogs, especially “progressive” blogs.

  11. It’s dishonest and disappointing. I’ll leave it at that.

  12. 8:26 you’re dead on.

  13. I think Arnold’s penis could easily be president.

  14. I suppose that’s why Heraldo is soooo predictable and why, he or she or them or it…doesn’t want to use a true name.

    It’s really beyond pathetic.

    I really hope you’re right 8:08

  15. I hope the Mirror Graphics is on vacation this week. I don’t want to see a huge schlong in Bonnie’s seat.

  16. Has Ahnold promised Johanna the seat if Roger wins? It seems like a fair question.

  17. A fair question that has been answered a thousand times. Don’t know how you even pretend to read mystery and intrigue into something like that.

  18. This will be an interesting weekend in blogland with the upcoming election. I think I’ll go shopping instead of blogging.

  19. Whatever it takes to get the imagery found here out of our minds…

  20. I might earp.

  21. POOR Maria!

  22. At least you could have used a circumcised penis, but maybe he is a Catholic.

  23. That is definitely NOT Arnold’s penis.

  24. IMHO,

  25. circumcised penises are much more attractive.

  26. Answered where? If the answer is so obvious, why don’t you just come out with it? The fact is there has been no promise as to who he would appoint but a lot of expectant hoping. It sounds like you don’t care who he appoints so long as it isn’t someone actually running for the seat.

    Couldn’t you at least have used a circumcized penis for Bon’s nose?

  27. or a hard one?

  28. Johanna has answered the question. She has come out with it. She has said there are no guarantees the governor would reappoint her, but she believes her chances are good. See? Question asked and answered. Wouldn’t you feel better about things if you support the strengths of your preferred candidate rather than trying to stir up drama where none exists?

  29. Good god, Graphics Department. We specifically requested “erect.” Do you remember this? On the other hand, we didn’t think we needed to specify “gentile.” You probably hear this a lot, but can you please get a better penis??

  30. I know a few good candidates for penis models but just about anything would be better than that dejected looking worm. Is that your’s Bug?

  31. Roman Catholics do not circumcize. It’s a good bet the Guvernator still has his foreskin.

  32. And lay off of Anonymous 9:07. The question is a fair one, and he or she at least has a sense of humor.

  33. hey, where did you get that photo?

  34. DEATH TO ANONYMOUS 9:38!!! Our wieners are MASSIVE. You can see them from SPACE. (Well, you know, if you have a really powerful telescope or something….)

  35. Is that even human?

  36. That is quite possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And yet somehow it works for her.

  37. She looks like she could be Owen Wilson’s mom.

  38. why are we comparing nancy flemming to a penis? i dont get it……

  39. penis on the mind today? lucky for you guys, gay marriage is now legal. if you like each others penises enough, you can now legally wed.

    i personally have tits and ass on my mind today, but to each his own…

  40. why do you think Heraldo accused Johanna of lying? did you even read the post?

    when people talk like pussies(like this post on the mirror), it shouldnt surprise me that they are dreaming of penises. got get your fill, right?

  41. this isnt the first time ive accused the mirror authors of being pussies over this issue. remember when they cried when people wrote letters to the governor after roger’s death?

    kneejerk reactions and name calling in the face of opposing opinions come from pussies, not real men…..

  42. Once again Theo showcases his third-grade reading comprehension skills. Neither the bugs nor the post itself says a single word about anything Theo is crying about. If he’s wondering where the accusations of dishonesty come from, he should try picking up a newspaper and reading the letters to the editor. Maybe someone can help him with the big words.

  43. Well, it was too much to hope for that the Mirror Graphics Dept. was away for this one. That image may be permanent end of my sex life. Horrible. Absolutely horrible Bugs. I think there might be a class-action lawsuit brewing to pay for a lot of peoples’ therapy.

  44. Hey bastard. Don’t insult me.

  45. It’s good that Theo remembers his last tantrum here. He was all buff and burly until the bugs bitch-slapped him into the middle of next week and he started crying about how he wasn’t talking about them. What a whiny loser.

  46. Oh leave Theo alone. He’s a good enough guy and is entitled to his opinions, inscrutable though they may be.

  47. Did you say scrotum?

  48. Uh, no.

  49. sorry bugs, all the penis talk got me thinkin about pussies…

  50. Bonnies nose is now enhabced for the third time. Kinda like Heraldo’s wit…. Maximum tumescence in repose and without a scratch.

  51. That is the ugliest penis ever. Please let me know when the photo changes, this could put me off penises permanently!

  52. come on guys,quick get a codomendium on that little sucker.

  53. Where do we start with theother?….

    Son, (daughter?) to be so fixated on one part of the anatomy is downright…juvenile…

    I already doubt you are half of what you claim to be…(business owner..NOT) total NONunderstanding of what constitutes employee rights and the like, vis a vis sexual harrassment…

    Taking THAT into context, we here in YOville have decided you are about fourteen years old… shit, AnonR has kicked your inexperienced ass six ways to sunday…so, please stop the fixation on ONE bodily part and function.

  54. After all of theo’s posts, I locked our puss cat in the house. No telling what kind of pussie he will go after.

  55. yo,
    mentioning pussy on a blogsite does not constitute sexual harrassment……..

    additionally, i clearly mentioned 2 body parts, tits and ass. no bodily functions were mentioned, but i can educate you if need be……

  56. 1045,
    my ladyfriend loves pussy too. better keep those frisky pussies away from us or youll see alot less of them!!

  57. oops….i mentioned bisexuality…im not sure how the bugs feel about that. they seem to be obsessed with penises, so i figured it would fly.

  58. Does Theo look at a lot of porn sites?? Seems to be a little sensitive when it comes to a penis.

  59. 2:11,
    funny that you are awake at 2:11 AM and mentioning porn sites!!!!

    yeah, ive seen plenty of porn. not really on websites, but my old lady and i enjoy watching a movie when we can get away from the kids. it can be good stuff, although alot of it is junk.

    and im not sensitive about penises at all. im not bi, so i dont enjoy other penises, but im not shy about my own penis. im rather proud of it actually.

  60. I want to know if the Bon Bon’s new nose will grow each time she lies? Is there room on the screen? In the room? Soon there will no longer be room for her and her nose in the entire county…I guess there could be some good to come from this after all.

  61. Again with the fourteen y/o shit…

    Keep goin’ there, it’s entertaining…

  62. its ME who is accused of acting like a 14 year old? look at the title of this thread and the picture on this blog’s homescreen. that is the childish theme that i am going along with.

    why would you comment on a thread about penises if you so sensitive about it? penis envy? youve already showed your envy that i own a local business, so i know that it runs in your blood.

  63. that last post was for YO…

  64. Theo – or whatever the hell you are – PULEEZE head to the bathroom and jack off and leave the rest of us alone.

  65. “youve already showed your envy that i own a local business, so i know that it runs in your blood.”


    You’ve shown that you likely do NOT own a local business with your ignorance with regards to emplyoment law…

    But, if you want to catagorize selling trinkets on ebay as running a small business, thats fine, I suppose, unless it’s a paper route you have…

  66. Maybe you are trying hard to come out theo and don’t even know it. Best luck to you on that issue. I see you also were up and on the porn sites, it seems, at 2:11 am. If you were the stud you claim,why not the long and lasting belly-rub with moma like a good married hetero? Not looking for a mormal theo bull-shit reply. Just an observation.

  67. Whom ever insulted 14 yr olds,please stop it.

  68. 4,04:
    i was sound asleep at 2:11, i dont know where you got the impression otherwise…

    and are you implying that im gay by saying that im “trying hard to come out”?…..if i do “come out” ill be sure to tell you first. better start working on those throat muscles now……

  69. 3:07,
    how have i shown any ignorance whatsoever in employment law? i havent talked about it here. id be glad to discuss the matter if youd like. please educate me on what i am ignorant of…

  70. 2:56,
    id love to go jack-off, but the picture on the bugs homepage has made it physically impossible. everytime i see it, it takes a day of my sex life away from me…

  71. “how have i shown any ignorance whatsoever in employment law? i havent talked about it here. id be glad to discuss the matter if youd like. please educate me on what i am ignorant of…”

    Dude, you showed your ignorance of it with regards to the County’s settlement with T.Falor.

    ANY employer (as you had claimed to be) knows you can NOT EVER disclose personnel matters, yet you kept bangin away about it over and over – I think it was on Rose’s blog.

  72. Theo….Fucked UP…

    Scoreboard you skanky motherfucker

  73. theo,you got one toe outa that closet. The reason you can’t go jack off is because you desire to go down on that little stinker. With the added little plus of looking in the Bon Bon’s eyes as you suck away,poor theo, you must really be confused.

  74. There is enough homophobia in here to start your own chapter of Gayboy Anonymous.

  75. Can the bug superimpose a penis on the face of Theo’s avatar?

  76. Lord, that picture scared me and made me laugh at the same time. I’m still waiting for the BOMB to drop though.

  77. Every time the Bon Bon lies does her nose grow? If so she could be in real trouble.

    How can we download the latest Bon Bon graphics, I think we need some posters for around town and the courthouse. A “Do Good, Look Good”, underground media blitz. Staple them to every phone pole and newspaper rack we can find.

  78. Does the Bon Bon’s nose grow every time she tells a lie?

  79. Classic signs of child molestation all over your home page, Mirror

    Tough childhood, eh?

    There is support groups out there that would be happy to help

  80. 10:06 pm is jealous of the bugs’ sense of humor.

    Must be a Lovelace, Clendendon, Smith supporter.

  81. 10:06 is jealous that he/she wasnt molested as a child? wow, thats some sick thinking….

    ive noticed the hostile attitude towards sex on this site also. read the subtitles to the bugs posts, they show a hatred toward women.

  82. Homophobia, hatred of women, penises on women’s faces. There seems to be a pattern here. Who wants to suck Bon’s face?

  83. Theo, we all hate women. But what are we to do?They have all the pussy.

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