A small clarification

Dear Fourth District Supervisor for Life,

You were supposed to go to the poll, not the Pole.
Hope you’re not billing that travel expense to the county.

Love forever,

The bugs


10 Responses

  1. The “Idiotarod”?


    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. What a hoot bug! Hmmmmm, hootbug?


    Got a the best laugh since Buhne retired. We all need some perfectly disrespectful yucks. Now more than ever.

    Oh and that’s me, third from the right. Half of the rest are lefties and there are a few bitches too.


  3. Best laugh this week. Thanks bug!

  4. She showed up at my house early this morning. All I could think to say was “Please baby, ‘The Pole’ was my name back in my wild college days, but those days are over.” As I said that I was giving her the GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE look and pointing North. So…

  5. Um, I was thinking she can direct dogs? Are you SURE she can? Or is this just a photo op?

  6. There is no joy in Arkleyville, mighty HumCPR struck out!

  7. That’s a stupid comment from a stupid poster. You assholes loved Arkley when you were sucking your money off him.

  8. HEY!

    When was the bugs gonna let us know that HYDROFARMS INC was fucking around on the forums?

    Hydrofarms INC, the nation’s LARGEST AND OLDEST manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and
    grow lights.

    I would have posted this in a different thread, but it seems pretty fucking odd that HYDROFARMS INC is so worried about what MARK LOVELACE does.

  9. Hey, Mous(e). We commented on the Hydrofarms connection a while back. Even linked to ’em at one point. They hit this blog five or more times a day. Probably too stoned to do anything productive.

  10. I missed that.

    I keep getting hit up by Avalon Products.

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