If you don’t vote today, you can’t complain tomorrow

And we suspect there will be much to complain about….

So get out there and do your civic duty and whatnot.

And might we just note what a shame it is that we can’t elect a new Graphics Department while we’re at it? Here it is election day, and we’re having to run a recycled photo! On election day!! It’s downright unpatriotic.

At least the penis is gone.

Stop blogging and start voting!!! Good luck to all the candidates.


17 Responses

  1. I voted a couple weeks ago.

  2. If you haven’t read the issues like some of the things we are being asked to vote for as well as Measure C in McKinleyville – stay home – let us that have read vote so you might get something that is OK, not just what your neighbor told you.

  3. That dicknose was some freaky shit Mirror

    You have any closeted childhood issues? Dare I say molestation?

    Some deep, dark secrets there for sure Buddy




  5. Vote VEVODA in the First District!

  6. Just got back from voting from Rodoni – my better half won’t vote until tonight as he had to be at work at the same time the polls opened.

    Here is to hoping that Humboldt won’t continue on its downward slide.

    I know everyone who reads this blog votes. Do us a favor though, ask your co-workers or employees or neighbors to GOTV. I read somewhere that in CA they are expecting a less than 33% turnout.


    A farmer with a grudge, a dead public official, and (in Arcata?) an investement salesman.


    Jimmy Smith, Estelle Fennell and Mark Lovelace.

    Work ethic, work ethic and work ethic. I know which team I want running county government! The Dems…

  8. as a registered republican, i endorse anyone but a republican. they have turned so far from their fiscal conservative base that they deserve to lose.

  9. Wow, the conservative candidates are sure a sorry bunch this time around

  10. theo you are such a dud. Nationally the Repub’s have lost their economic mind. Nationally & locally the dem’s are lost altogether. I vote for whom I feel is most honest. Period!

  11. Theo is not a dud – a walking 2 x 4, maybe.

  12. the ladies do think that im a stud, but that is beyond the point.

    my point is that local or federal, the “conservatives” dont have anything to sell me this election. i really dont care about isreal, so mccain is out, since that is his only issue. locally, the “conservatives” that are running seem to be the only people with the guts to put their name on the republican ticket. john vevoda? brian plumley? these seem like desperation choices rather than prime choices. they couldnt have found anyone better? plumley isnt even planning on serving full-time.

  13. It is clear that Bonnie has been in office too long if birds are able to build nests in her hair.

  14. anon wrote:

    “Jimmy Smith, Estelle Fennell and Mark Lovelace.
    Work ethic, work ethic and work ethic. I know which team I want running county government! The Dems…”

    you are fucking kidding me right?

    Jimmy – can not vote on anything- Smith?

    Estelle – Reggae Rising and Gallegos is a star – Fennel?

    Mark – Ken Miller, Special Interest, talks out of two sides of his mouth – Lovelace?

    Holy shit, humbug – I am laughing so hard at 11:48, I think I blew a blood vessel. Thanks for the laugh 11:48. That was about the funniest thing I have heard in years.

    BTW, I so enjoyed the penis as the bon bon really is a dick face, but oh god it was REALLY UGLY. Hats off to the graphics department for a difficult assignment.

  15. Have to agree in the most part with 4:17 PM. That was funny. Jimmy can’t decide what to vote for or on – Mark is beholden to Ken and Ken will control his votes if Kirk Girard his neighbor does not. Estelle has a real issue with Reggae. I don’t agree with BonBon’s face. Took my appetite away. I think if had actually been Ahnold’s penis I don’t know what if then. He may have lifted weights with it. I guess we will never know for sure. I kind of like the birds building a nest in the BonBon’s hair, especially after today’s BOS of meeting. I guess they didn’t know they voted their own raise and another $6 million of other raises and then the County is still negotiating with Law Enforcement about their raise but they approved the budget and said it was barely enough and that Loretta will have to take a furlough along with other employees. I guess she will have to take a lot of time off as she makes $148,000 and her little munchkins seem to do the work and they just got a 20% raise. What if they all take a furough at the same time. Who will run the CAO’s Office? They don’t even know what the State is going to take away from all of their programs but they “pronounced” their budget ballanced with one more raise to be added. Do they know what they are doing?? Do they even understand what they are doing? Beginning to wonder if anyone ever took Economics 101 as it doesn’t seem so.

  16. Our spam-catcher thingy is acting up again. So sorry for the delays on comment posting.

  17. I voted. I will feel free to complain tomorrow. Or sooner.

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