Lovelace already doing his part for local business

Let the screwing begin.

Third District Supervisor-elect Mark Lovelace used his election-night party to demonstrate his strong support for local businesses, when he reserved a large room at Plaza Grill, in Arcata, and then brought his own food to the restaurant for supporters to eat.

The amount of money paid for the room: $0.

The amount of money spent on food: $0.

The privilege of doing “business” with the great Mark Lovelace: priceless.


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  1. I thought he ran as a pro-business law-and-order candidate. So much for truth in advertising.

  2. where is the link to the story? is this firsthand info from the owners?

  3. The owners donated the space.They chose to do so.Do they not have that right?What is so anti-business about letting an operation run things as they please?

  4. Bullshit, Esquan. You are talking out of your ass. I know someone who works there and asked. There was no donation. There was the expectation that food would be purchased, and none was.

  5. Mr. E is a blithering idiot. Mark could slaughter puppies and E would find a way to justify it. (Maybe the puppies wanted to die. Did you think of that? Huh?) Obviously you don’t take food into an establishment that provides space for the purpose of selling food, especially if that space is provided free of charge. This exemplifies Lovelace. it’s part of his non-profiteering of Humboldt County.

  6. Agreed, 12:12. Any idiot knows that, and Lovelace is most certainly an idiot.

  7. A little agitated Mirror? Things didn’t go your way, huh?

    Maybe it’s time to take Bonnie’s nose prop from last week out of your ass and move on out

  8. The party didn’t get going early. Remember, polls closed at 8pm. The campaign brought snacks to get things started, then tried to order some food when more people got there, but the kitchen had closed.

  9. I was behind Mark at the theater when An Inconvenient Truth came out, or was it Sicko? I forget. But when Lovelace sits down in his seat, he pulls out a four-course meal from his Patagonia jacket. I didn’t realize you could fit that much Co-op food in an overgarment.

    Anyway, he kept dropping his knife he was using to spread humus on a baguette and it was really pissing off everyone in that corner of the room.

    I complained a few times and he responded with something, although I couldn’t make out what he was saying with that debilitating lisp of his.

  10. The Plaza Grill has some very tasty snacks. They are on the menu under “appetizers.” I prefer the yam fries with chipotle-molasses dipping sauce. Yummo.

  11. Some anon wrote…

    “There was no donation.”

    Well, Mrs. Smith is on Mark’s endorsement list, so I’m going to guess you’re wrong.

  12. The space was provide free as noted above. It never occurred to anyone the moron would bring in his own food. And by the way, Chris Smith doesn’t run Plaza Grill. He runs Abruzzi located downstairs from Plaza Grill. Lovelace was not at Abruzzi, unless maybe he stopped by early to steal some wine.

  13. Chris Smith owns the Grill though, doesn’t he?

  14. You folks gotta understand, this is the first real job the little prick has ever had. Those are the kind of gaffes he used to be able to make in public. No longer.

  15. I was there. Looked like a lot of beer was purchased.

    Interesting that you excluded that in your bullshit attack.

  16. Chris Smith may have a financial stake in the Grill, it’s true. And if he did “donate” the space to Mark, it was almost certainly with the expectation that food would be purchased from the establishment. You give a little to get a little.

    The “grassroots” crap is wearing thin. It isn’t the basis for an excuse to miss state financial filing deadlines and it isn’t a good excuse for missing the fundamental purpose of a restaurant.

    It is certainly an indication of what Third District residents can expect in the next four years.

  17. I was there too also. Mark kept telling me to top my beer glass off from a keg he had stashed under a table in the back corner of the View Room. Apparently it was Mad River Brewery beer donated from Ornelas.

  18. If they expected food to be purchased, then why weren’t they letting people take their food out into the area where the party was happening?

    People had to sit in the restaurant area and eat, away from the party area?

    If they expected food to be purchased, it seems like they would have made it a little easier for people to eat at the party.

  19. Why this happened

    Maybe, Maybe I’m just being silly.

    It will be something to see, what happens now.

  20. You went past silly all the way to nuts a long time ago. Progressives won because people don’t buy the conservatives lies any longer. Conservatives even lie to themselves.

  21. 1:25 get a clue. No one forced anyone not to eat in a dining room. How stupid do you think people are? You’re trying to argue that it made perfect sense to take food into a restaurant because no one would let you eat there? Unbelievable.

  22. So 12:40 you guys brought your own food to eat in a restaurant while the kitchen was open and then wanted to buy food when the kitchen was closed? That logic doesn’t inspire confidence.

  23. I loaned my truck to Mark once so he could move some big furniture. When he returned it, the gas was all gone. I didn’t say “hey, top it off when you’re done” when he picked it up because I just assumed he would do what any reasonable person would do.

    But when he dropped it off and I grumbled about the gas being all gone, he told me some horseshit about “Oh, come on, I am running a grassroots moving operation.”


  24. 1:25 get a clue. No one forced anyone not to eat in a dining room. How stupid do you think people are? You’re trying to argue that it made perfect sense to take food into a restaurant because no one would let you eat there? Unbelievable.

    I’m not the one that doesn’t make sense. Plaza Grill staff allowed outside food at the party but wouldn’t allow food they had prepared in the area that the party was happening.

  25. 3:20, you’re actually lying now. I’ve been at parties in the various rooms at Plaza Grill on numerous occasions, and at no time was I told I couldn’t eat in a dining room. This red herring isn’t helping your case, unless you’re trying to argue that you went out and bought food elsewhere only after having been denied food in a restaurant. But others have already admitted they showed up with the outside food from the get-go. You should probably just stop talking, unless you relish the humiliation.

  26. I agree this is the first of many classless acts we are likely to see from Supervisor Lovelace. Probably, too, this is the first of many ridiculous attempts at justification by his followers.

  27. This isn’t that big a deal. Certainly not the shit storm his panicked supporters are making it out to be. It’s a beginner’s dumb mistake. Hopefully he’ll learn.

  28. a gift is givin without strings attached. otherwise it is not a gift. the issue here is whether or not the space was donated or not. a donation is a gift. no strings attached.

    did the bugs mother’s teach them to give gifts with strings? thats as low class as it gets.

  29. ill donate some space for the next bloggers convention….as long as $2000 of my products are purchased…im just doing this out of the kindness of my heart…

    why didnt the plaza grill take a stand and no that no outside food could be taken in? why didnt they make it clear beforehand that food will be purchased there? ive planned many xmas parties and related events, and every single time the restauraunt makes it clear what is expected of me BEFOREHAND. if i threw a xmas party at the grill and found them complaining on the blogs the next day, id be angry at them for not communicating clearly.

  30. it is clear to me that this “story” was made out of bitterness about yesterday’s election.

  31. Well I guess we know whose knob Theo sucks on when he’s not pining on in blogs about his own.

    As if it requires mention that when eating at a restaurant one eats the food sold there. Theo is quite possibly the only person in the county–other than Mark–who is that clueless and that classless.

  32. Anony-whiner 1:16, this is neither bullshit nor an attack. It is a set of undisputed facts you wish people weren’t talking about.

  33. Gosh Theo, I’d think Mr. pro-business Lovelace ought to have some baseline understanding of how a business works and not need extensive tutoring to go out to a restaurant. But I don’t know man. That’s just me.

  34. Actually Theo the bugs made fun of Mark all the time BEFORE he was elected. Why on earth would they stop now?

  35. Oh yeah, Theo. We wouldn’t want anyone going around commenting on the behavior of elected officials. That would be too scary and democratic.

    I say if Mark can’t take the heat, he ought to get out of the kitchen. Unless of course he’s making himself a cup of coffee to take to Ramone’s.

  36. Instead of enjoying any election night parties, Supervisor Geist was busy trying to steal back her dick nose from Bon Bon. Friday nights haven’t been the same for sometime.

  37. and of course, no responses to the question to whether or not the party was a gift or not…..

    was it a business deal or a donated party? that is the question…….lets hear from the owners of the plaza grill. i dont think the bugs speak for them like they are claiming to….

  38. if the owners feel cheated, they will speak up. otherwise, i think the bugs are projecting…

  39. When will Theo learn to read? We’ll have Jesus Christ himself explain the situation to Theo just as soon as he shows me where, anywhere, the bugs claim to speak for the owners of a restaurant. As if that’s even the issue.

  40. Other things you shouldn’t do in our restaurant:

    -Deficate in the centerpiece
    -Pay for your meal with Wonkabucks
    -Dip your bare breasts in the marinara sauce
    -Offer helpful suggestions in lieu of tips
    -Grab handfuls of waitress ass
    -Drink your own urine

    Some things really do go without saying.

  41. the bugs said: “The privilege of doing “business” with the great Mark Lovelace: priceless.”

    only a disgrutled business owner would be able to make that claim. the bugs are speaking for the plaza grill by making the claim that a unsavory business transaction took place. only the owners can make that claim.

  42. gift or business transaction? that is the question…..

  43. granted….it has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that theo is about eleven years old…

    You need to lance this pus filled boil by repeating the comforting mantra….Wooley equals Lovelace…nothing ventured, nothing gained…NO NET LOSS….

    If the bugs want to dance upon the HEAD of AHNOOOLD’s penis, Yo can appreciate that…BUT, the whole arcata thingy…bugs…sheiit…ya’ll will NEVAH unnnnerstand them dere dynamics, cause, well….ya’all seem too down right…rational…

    so, dont lose heart, bugseys….nothing ventured, nADA gained, and GO ESTELLE….

  44. Your logic is called mental masterbation, round and round it goes. Just love to hear yourself ramble. Only the owners can make that claim, no observation, your all tainted by sour grapes. The sorry part is what the people in the 3rd district got for a supervisor. Frankly they have been getting shit on for a long time at all levels of goverment. Must like it as they keep electing the smucks. I always worry when someone is elected to a job that payes much more than they were ever able to earn on their own.

  45. thing is though, Red…

    If it’s “smucks” they want…it’s “smucks” they get…sour grapes and all…

  46. Some good stuff.

    Was Ken Miller at the Plaza Grill?

  47. So I’m sure that Lovelace cleaned up after himself and didn’t have the staff, who works for min wage + tips do it, right?

    Right? 😦

  48. Here’s the deal bugs, we all just got a slippery slug slipped right up our shitter. Even with his paid lobbing Mark is a manufactured image just like in the Wag the Dog movie. I’ll give credit where credit is due,this iron fisted plaziod group of progs could sell sand to Osama Bin Ladden. They’re good at PR. Hell they’re great at it. They are however unable to create anything productive for our community. This is the power base that can’t even build a bathroom on the plaza but have a card board weilding bum on every corner and have the only recycling center I know of that can’t make a profit. They have made a lot of money for Wes,Connie,John,etc. Yes, theo we sure have a lot to celebrate about this dog of an election.

  49. Has anyone considered that Lovelace was fearful of being poisoned by a spiteful rival?


    So how is this story any different from the other stories the Bugs write? Lovelace is no different than Bon Bon, and they are both ripe targets.

    I notice that the Bugs have not even responded to a single comment. I suspect they are laughing to beat all hell at those poor souls who are trying to defend Mark and his band of Merry Men.

    I read this blog to laugh, and I can only speak for myself, but this was a funny post.

    Don’t like the post? Ask Mark Lovelace to resign his commission, err, step down as a Public Official.

    I like Anon.R.Mous’s question….did Mark and his entourage clean up after themselves, or did he bring his own bus boys too?


  50. Didn’t see Ken Miller at the Party.

  51. 10:36,
    you misunderstand me. im not in the district, but i wouldnt have voted for lovelace.

    im pointing out the ethics of giving gifts with strings. was it a gift or a business deal? yet people want to keep changing the subject.

  52. theo (floater) you are just a jerk that wants to argue about anything.

    I don’t think many on this blog need you to point out ethical issues.

    How about a courtesy flush?

  53. tad,
    stop speaking for the owners of the business then. you guys sound like socialists who wont let a business person make his/her own decisions. not to mention the fact that you sound like whiners who are butthurt that their friends didnt win the election.

    sour grapes…

  54. theo,
    you will look back at your comments when you are 25 and realize how we all know you are a teenager. Typically when you reserve a room in an eating establishment, you buy some food whether the room was donated or not. It is called “class”. These guys raised over 25K and elected not to pay a little for the appetizer menu. Cheapskates!

  55. besides, it’s not like mark is poor.

  56. Beer is food Bugs.

  57. I wish Cobb and his crew would move back to Texas.

  58. 7:09,
    so the owners told you that this is true? or are you speaking for them?

  59. Now this is what having sour grapes is all about!!

  60. Yeah mresquan, and people who complain about George Bush are just sour grapes that Gore or Kerry weren’t elected.

    Deny, divert, diminish. We’ve seen the play book. The first two didn’t work, so now you’re going for number three. Good luck with that.

  61. Bonnie looks kinda hot in that outfit.

  62. How petty.

  63. Totally petty. Hard to believe anyone would behave so badly just to avoid spending a few bucks to support a local business.

  64. You mean let the smear campaign begin, don’t you? Led by the upstanding anons who run the Humboldt Mirror.

  65. It’s only a smear if it isn’t true. But campaign staffers have admitted here that it is. That makes this post something you’d like to diminish. It doesn’t make it a smear.

  66. Takes one to know one, doesn’t it?

  67. Oh bullmoose. Perfect link from your own upstanding anon handle. You are a classic prog. You’d defend any kind of bad behavior for the sake of your agenda. Good on you, mate. But you’ll have your work cut out for you with this dumbfuck. Prepare for a busy four years.

  68. Let the smearing begin, bullmoose? You’re a little late to the party. The bugs have been giving this dim bulb his just desserts since they launched.

    But all this talk of parties and desserts is making me hungry. I think I’ll run through the BK drive-thru and go eat my burgers at Folie Douce.


  69. After all the dirt that has come our about Plumley’s business practices, and there is more, and this is the best you can come up with for Lovelace? What a joke.

  70. Goodeness. Looks like sour grapes are causing an epidemic indigestion here at the mirror. Is that all you’re capable of, smearing the winners? Why don’t you try analyzing why you lost and the progressives won? Maybe you’ll accomplish something constructive.

  71. A prog wants to talk about constructive? Really? Have you been to the prog blog lately? That there’s something to be proud of. Heraldo is your poster child, and he’s a piece of shit.

  72. I guess you don’t have to worry much about Lovelace’s business practices. No business, no practices. That’s what happens when you elect a marginally employed banjo maker to run a county. You got what you deserved.

  73. This horse has been beaten to death. Moving on.

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