St. Joe’s time capsule contains incorrect billing statements from the 1950s

A time capsule inadvertently unearthed Wednesday at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka contained some of the earliest known examples of the institution’s now routine pattern of overbilling for medical services.

St. Joe CEO Joe Mark confirmed Thursday that inside the small steel box, found by construction crews, were invoices showing disputed and excessive charges, along with clear evidence of misapplied payments dating back to the mid-20th Century.

Finding the artifacts, Mark said, was a “stroke of luck” that left several construction company employees temporarily paralyzed on their left side.

By Friday morning, the workers had been treated, released, billed six times for the same procedure and turned over to a collection agency.


10 Responses

  1. St. Joe Mark really did say “stroke of luck,” didn’t he?


  2. Nobody knew the capsule was there? So, nobody from back in the 1950’s who was involved did not mention a peep of this. Yes, the “stroke of luck” comment was funny.

    If it was not for the ambition of St. Joe’s to increase its volume of potential over-billed patients that “artifact” would never have been uncovered.


  3. LMAO!!!! So true!! Did they have copies of the law suits they probably had back then? I’m sure that’s pretty common too.

  4. You gotta do better than this to lift the spirits of the losers in this weeks election Bugs. I hear they are almost suicidal and haven’t shown their faces on the blogs in days.

  5. We have all been at St. Joe’s Urgent Health for treatment for strokes. Some of us are better now and preparing to fight the collection department and try to get the overbilling problem solved.

  6. LOL… good stuff man! Best laugh I’ve had from here in a good while. I guess for me politics is inherently depressing especially with the way this last election went. St. Joe’s however definitely had this come.

  7. Finally Bugs, you put Bonnie where she ought to be — flying around in space alone with no one to pester….

    Thanks –

    Made our day!

  8. OOPS, forgot one thing; her suit shoulder patch with the American Flag on it is a slap in our faces – could you have it changed to North Korea’s flag; more appropriate we think – and they aren’t smart enough to care who she is – they’ll take anything and anyone. Hey – she could teach what’s his name what to do with his hair!!!!

  9. Speaking of flying high (stop looking so guilty Bugs) this photo essay of the Obama campaign is well worth a look.

  10. If you are going to purport to REPRESENT the other side, ya gotta go to the extremes that DaveCobbetal…ERRRRR Heraldo is going to….

    shit…I luvYA Bugs, but we are gettin our asses kicked here in blog land…

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