Attack of the killer tomatoes!

It’s practically summer, and we can’t eat tomatoes? Really? What the eff is this world coming to?

Next we’ll be told to stay away from Mrs. Baird’s Buns and Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream.


(Is there any way we can blame this on the Chinese?)


26 Responses

  1. i havent heard any blame put on china yet, just mexico….

  2. The Chinese? Come on you bugfuckers, blame it on the real enemy … Iran!

    You just know this is a nefarious plot by the Islamofascists who want to see Barry elected preznit to kill off unsuspecting guardians of American purity like Malkin, Limbaugh and Hannity.

    Why do the bugs hate the troops?

  3. I blame it on the Bon Bon. Let’s see her in a bright red tomatoe suit, bloated and ready to burst. Like the over ripe little tomatoe she is.

  4. We need to get the savior of all enviromental crimes on the job. Yes our own little pond pinko could solve this terrible red problem. Always on the sauce and always on the prowl for evil doers who might produce something fat or juicy. Go get’em Melvin. Bon Bon and Love Love will bless you.

  5. We have the hardest time keeping track of the enemy of the day. But come on, guys. This thing has Al Qaeda written all over it.

  6. “If we let them mess with our tomatoes, then the Terrorists will win.”

  7. It’s Hezbollah’s fault. Bomb Iran, Lebanon and Syria!

  8. Nuke the gay whales for Jesus!

  9. Probably the first act of God against condemning the legalization of same sex marriages in the state.Do you know what will happen if you don’t vote for pastor Hagee’s friend McCain?Better safe than sorry.

  10. Why are the blogger and so many posters on this blog obssessed with Bonnie Neely? Please step back a moment and evaluate how this reflects upon you personally.

  11. Why are the blogger and so many posters on this blog obsessed with Bonnie Neely? Please step back a moment and evaluate how this reflects upon you personally.

    Is that you Bon Bon?


  12. The attraction to the Bon Bon is similar to that which causes us to slow down a gawk when passing an auto accident, it is also like the urge that makes us look into the tissue after we blow our nose and to peek at the TP after wiping. We know it is nasty, smelly, and evil but we just can’t help ourselves, we just have to see the goo…before we flush it down to where it belongs.

  13. OMG, people. And you wonder why the candidates you back are losers.

  14. Yes, but at least we have a sense of humor about it. I know it’s a warped sense, but better that then winning at the cost of our souls.

  15. Sour grapes.

  16. “Why are the blogger and so many posters on this blog obsessed with Bonnie Neely? Please step back a moment and evaluate how this reflects upon you personally.”

    Perhaps because she is disingenous, corrupt and would throw any member of her family or friends under a bus to get ahead. She is mean to her staff and untrustworthy. Oh, and morally bankrupt.

  17. … and because she doesn’t bathe often enough.

  18. We’re obsessed? Us? Really? The Bonster’s been fucking up this county for more than 20 years, while we’ve featured her on our masthead for maybe five months. We’ve got a way to go before we achieve her level of fixation.

  19. I could give a flying rat’s ass about Neely, in fact, other than this post I’ve never commented about her.

    I just like writing cuss words and poking a virtual stick at stupid-ass, freaked out motherfucking cocknozzle Republicans.

    Plus, this is the only blog I haven’t been banned from, prolly ’cause I have, at one time in my life, swilled down gallons of PBR.

  20. PBR rocks!! That and we think our Blue friend is highly amusing and vulgar–both fine qualities in our book. Cheers!!

  21. from many of your comments I think perhaps you sniffed a little glue

  22. *shakes head* How is that TOMATOES turn into a party war?
    “They’re fruit.”
    “No, they’re vegetables.”
    “You commie pinko fucknut.”
    “You corrupt tie strangled bigot.”
    When will the carnage end? In Salsa? Think, people, THINK.
    (And HumRed all I could think was the line from “A Christmas Story”. “We’re OUT of Glue”)

  23. A huge, gaint of a red tomato knocked me down from behind and fucked me in my poooo,thought I was voting for the Bon Bon again. Never again will I feel new.

  24. Ignorant posters, rude and/or comments = waste of time and bandwidth

  25. Correction:
    Ignorant posters, rude and/or profane comments = waste of time and bandwidth

  26. We’ll certainly miss you.

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