Mirror Graphics Dept. targeted in federal raid

We’re so shocked!!

Fortunately, our lazy chiefers managed to continue working from an undisclosed location—and look who they ran in to!

The Bon Bon does get around, doesn’t she?

Good luck, friends!


68 Responses

  1. Why would it take 450 agents and a bunch of satellite trucks to find grows at 29 Humboldt County locations? Blindfolded Girl Scouts selling cookies in Redway can find more than that in an afternoon.

  2. I’m with you 7:54. Doesn’t seem like much bang for the buck.

  3. Yeah and why is the Post Office involved? Are they going to misdeliver the growers’ mail as punishment?

  4. More like Operation Southern Sleep. Is this what passes for news around here? Boring.

  5. Yeah and why is the Post Office involved?

    Probably bought equipment over the ‘Internets’ (as our Prez calls it). Like the Big Glass Blowing Bust a few years ago….

    And the IRS wants their cut also.

  6. I’d say probably shipped stuff through the post office is most likely.

  7. This bud’s for you, Bon Bon.

  8. The fucking Fed. gov. already ownes to damn much of Humb,Mendo& Del Norte Counties. These champions of law and order will now take over some pretty choice property I’ll wager. Just when you thought code enforcement couldn’t get any worse. By-the-by, I have little sympathy for greedy corp style grows or their sloppy generator fuck ups. Unintended co-inkie-dink,good folks will end up screwed in this deal too. Would that our government could work with the community.

  9. no corp style grows or sloppy generator scenes were busted. the raids focused on small gardens that fell within 215 guidelines.

    where have i seen this before? oh yeah, the hunt for WMD’s in iraq. or the hunt for bin laden.

    honestly, are these feds gonna be able to find their way home after this operation? watch how many guys with short hair are asking for directions to the bay area come thursday at quitin time!!

  10. Where can we get a calendar of Bon Bon? The Mirror should do one.

  11. Can someone stick a sock in theotherme. He really has killed too many of his brain cells.

  12. 8:17,
    show me the plants, baby…..

    if this was a huge grow operation, there should be plenty of plants and cash to seize.

    when i see the pics, or see plants being trucked or flown out of whitethorn, ill believe it….

  13. Goota love the liberal pussies on heraldo Blog bitching about their dope being seized!!!

  14. 11:28,
    which post are you referring to?

  15. I’m having a hard time finding anyone on that whiny ass blog NOT bitching and crying about the lawful seizure of unlawful drugs. There’s also someone comparing the arrest of dope growers with Jews killed by Nazis, which is ahistoric, not to mention fucking dumb.

  16. dont worry, the marijuana price support unit is in town doing its thing…they will be gone soon…

  17. Well Bugs, this is a real cluster fuck on the feds part. Trying to tell everyone this is not about 215 I mean. It’s a bit like theo-in-the-close- boy pretending he’s not a heraldogressive orc. No 215 recommendation for him. A can of black flag for that roach. So put your gas masks on dear little bug.

  18. 4:52,
    im not in the closet. im actually very comfortable with my sexuality. unfortunatley for you, i happen to be straight. you can keep dreaming though……

    whats up with these blogs? first i get rose trying to meet me for a coffee date(and who knows what else she has in mind 😉 )and now i get men dreaming of getting in my pants? the net is a dangerous place to be……..

  19. What the hey! This is all about market control. the Corps is not going to allow a bunch of individuals to benefit from a growing market. this is America, only those already belonging to the aristocracy are permitted to participate in market share.
    The more I read here in Blog-land, the more depressed I become. so many fascists, so many fools, so many “Jews for Hitler”

  20. the cops didnt find ONE pound of pot. the only way they are “controlling the market” is by causing a false fear, therefore making prices higher. same thing is happening with oil in the middle east. intimidation RAISES prices. friendliness LOWERS prices. think about it…

  21. Yeah theo you are so in the know. The feds are giving you a blow by blow of what they are really collecting. Man, you are about as bright as a rock.

    And to answer your missive: “when i see the pics, or see plants being trucked or flown out of whitethorn, ill believe it….”

    Please pay attention because we hate to have to repeat ourselves. Who gives a shit about what you believe or don’t believe? You really are just a whacked out doper. And I am sooo sorry you are straight – it means an increased likelihood that you will pass on your “dumb” genes.

  22. It’s been a rough week, but we’d like to report that things are returning to normal. We are still hunkered down in our underground bunker we picked up cheap a few years ago from the Scientologists when they upgraded to a facility in Petrolia.

    The FBI drove right by us at least 40 times and one guy even remarked how big our nearby generator was. I don’t think the guys are very pot savvy.

  23. You goddamned Bugs are just lazy bastards, quit yer bitchin’ and get to work. It’s been days without a fresh post, how long can we continue to wonder about how sexy Theo is? Have you no decency?

  24. You guys would make crappy Scientologists. They’re all ambitious and shit. You guys, not so much.

  25. 10:59,
    the feds announced each find as they came across them. $160,000 and 10,000 plants and 30 guns……yes, they are giving blow-by-blow accounts of the findings.

    also CLMP monitors activity. KMUD. the blogs. NO ONE has reported seeing the 10,000 plants. if youve lived here for any period of time, you know that 10,ooo plants needs to be hauled out by helicopter or by truck. ive seen it personally, hundreds of times. where did the pot plants go? and how does a “major pot distribution ring” get raided and NO processed pot gets found?

  26. HumBlue,
    unless you are a female, it doesnt matter how sexy i am…..

  27. theo they don’t haul the plants away you fool. they destroy them at the properties at the rural grows. shut up about it already. every blog in humboldt has you blabbing on about stuff you know nothing about. dumb fuck.

  28. The Feds are burning plants and starting more fires during a mass firestorm ? Hmmmm, wonder if any fire departments were made aware of this ?

  29. You guys are a bunch of loons. If you would have just grown the shit for yourselves instead of trying to make a profit, the Feds wouldn’t have been here. Now all these folks are going to lose their houses, land courtesy of the Feds. And yes, the IRS does want their part. There will be liens filed everywhere. Good news is, I can’t wait for the auction, cause I intend on buying some cheap property. Your loss, my gain. Dumbasses.

  30. 7:32,
    the police never leaves plants behind onsite. when and where have you seen that done.

    a poster on sohum parlance claims that residents of the Nielson ranch saw helicopters flying nets full of plants out of buddahville…..like its usually done. either that, or they truck it out in the back of pickups.

  31. Who said anything about burning plants? I can’t believe how many people there are in this county who say anything to try to make cops doing their jobs look bad and dope growers who knowingly break the law and fuck up this community look like innocent victims. It’s really unbelievable.

  32. I just want to see my avatar. Ignore me.

  33. Well it is a nice avatar, humboldturtle.

    I believe that marijuana should be legal. Let’s take the crime out of growing flowers.

  34. Does that go for opium too?

  35. So theo, does your 1107 comment negate your 405 comment or what? Go back to Heraldo’s where you can be the intelligent one. I never said they burned them, I said they were destroyed on site. No, I am not going to explain it further than that.

  36. hey people, peace love and cheese………

  37. destroying plants onsite? are you sure about that one? if you really know, tell us exactly how they accomplished that………

    ive never seen it done that way before, has anyone else? leaving plants ONSITE?

  38. Hey theo, what about my first sentence?

  39. what about the plants? the feds didnt really find any, did they?

    little fed man, your lies only go so far….

  40. you said yourself there were reports of them being flown away.

  41. I thought the paranoid freaks kicked it at Heralda’s place. How did Theo end up over here?

    The popular method of plant destruction currently is burial at undisclosed locations.

  42. so were they flown away or burried?

  43. if they were burried, how did people from neilson ranch see the plants flown out? if they were flown out, where did they go?

    are there federal agents learning to trim bud as we speak?

  44. theo, your argument is there weren’t any plants, remember?

    NO ONE has reported seeing the 10,000 plants. if youve lived here for any period of time, you know that 10,ooo plants needs to be hauled out by helicopter or by truck. ive seen it personally, hundreds of times. where did the pot plants go? and how does a “major pot distribution ring” get raided and NO processed pot gets found?

  45. Like I said, go where you can be the smart kid, you’re pulling down the curve here.

  46. BUGS TO INSTITUTE INTELLIGENCE TEST FOR COMMENTERS…Posters at The Mirror will be required to answer one or two questions to determine their fitness for posting…questions include:

    Were you followed today by a black helicopter?
    Do you believe FBI agents process and sell drugs?
    Do you believe the FBI will disclose sensitive information to the media about a case they have been building for two years?

    “We didn’t want to do it,” says CEO Humbug, “but the level of stupidity has recently ratcheted to a new high.”

  47. so where did the 10,000 plants go, einstein? were they flown out or burried?

  48. Theo flunked the test. Bugsy – now can someone stick a sock in him? And, oh please, can it be a well worn one?

    Back to the lunatic blog Theotherme..

  49. “Were you followed today by a black helicopter?
    Do you believe FBI agents process and sell drugs?
    Do you believe the FBI will disclose sensitive information to the media about a case they have been building for two years?

    Happy now?

  50. It makes me suspicious when people get angry at others for simply asking questions. What do you have to hide?

  51. bugs,my love can you please tell theo when there’s a pain in his ass it’s because he’s having gay sex and when we’re having a pain in our head it’s because of theo’s mental masturbation— blogging——- we love you dear bug but alas if you let theo run totally unchecked he will ruin our fun just like does elsewhere.

  52. Whats with the homoerotic obsession with gay sex? If you are so curious, you may want to try it.

  53. Does EVERY thread have to lead to anal penetration? Why is that?

  54. Woodsboy,
    Congratulations, you made it through level I, now for round II:

    True or False – Marijuana cultivation is legal in the United States?

    True or False – State laws trump Federal laws?

    True or False – Humboldt County is a sovereign nation?

  55. Bonus Points:

    Is Marijuana legal in Holland?

  56. whats up with these blogs? first i get rose trying to meet me for a coffee date(and who knows what else she has in mind )

    Theo – I just thought I oughtta meet the guy who wants to see my kid’s My Space page.

  57. ew! Theotherme is a child stalker. yuk!

  58. To be fair, Theo was arguing FOR anonymity on Myspace, while Rose was arguing that being anonymous online is not “fair”…….Theo clearly stated his belief in keeping predators and stalkers at bay. Rose attempts to spin the story now?

  59. To be even fairer, Theo is attempting to bolster his named comments with anonymous comments, such as the one immediately above. That said, there is clearly nothing presented here that suggests Theo is a child stalker. Maybe we could tone down the hyperbole just a touch.

  60. sorry bugs, the old lady wants me posting anonymously now. something about fear of retaliation…….theo

  61. Anonymous is fair, of course. It was the anonymous reference to your previous named comment that we were remarking on. Obviously we understand and will respect your desire to remain anonymous.

  62. Theo, now get up to the post above and try to say something nice about our (almost) six-month anniversary.

  63. Not suggestin’ he’s a child stalker, not at all! Thing is I like Theo Therme, he asks alotta good questions. Doesn’t get many good answers back, sadly. Takes alotta heat, though. Stands up well.

  64. It wasn’t you who said it, Rose. We know you love the Theo.

  65. But not ‘THAT WAY!’

  66. And btw, Theo, we are in complete agreement about keeping predators and stalkers at bay…

  67. Hey – I posted at 9:15 and I was trying to be funny goddamn it. Can we lighten up a little?

    …this is not supposed to be serious is it? If I have to be serious, I am leaving. (god only knows where!)

    but theo – what’s with the myspace shit….that is a little wierd buddy!

  68. To be fair, Theo was arguing FOR anonymity and making a point that, as far as he is concerned, I am anonymous. 🙂 So I said, let’s have a cuppa coffee, only that won’t work because he is indeed, anonymous. 🙂

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