Well that’s the last time we hire THAT blogsitter…

Can’t a couple of invertebrates take a nice family vacation once in a while?

What… the… eff??

So we hired a supposed professional to keep an eye on the Mirror in our absence, and what does he do? Drinks all our PBR, walks off with our porn stash, and uses up all our buy-one-get-one-free pizza coupons.

Death to the infidel!!

But we’ve enjoyed reading all of the comments and rank insults that piled up in our absence. The blog world, as expected, seems to have got on grandly without us.

But we’re back now and looking forward to catching up on local news.

Let’s see. When we left there was Gundersen, Palco, and people speculating about Heraldo’s identity. Now it seems that there is Gundersen, Palco, and people speculating about Heraldo’s identity.

Did we miss ANYTHING???

Anyhoo, as you can tell, we ran into some friends while we were out and about. It truly is a small world after all.


Humboldt Mirror buggers Gundersen case?

An e-mail from an informed tipster reveals that among the many exhibits attached to the change of venue motion in the trial of former Blue Lake police chief David Gundersen are several completely fabricated “news stories” that appeared originally on the Humboldt Mirror.

Admittedly, it’s hard not to be entertained by the thought of a judge in the due process of making weighty legal decisions poring over some of our offerings.

But still. Defense attorney Russ Clanton is one desperate hombre if his case hinges on persuading a court that anything entitled “Police Chief Denies Spousal Rape Accusation, Says Two Were Never Married,” or “Police Chief Pleads Not Guilty to Spousal Rape, Requests Valentine’s Day Conjugal with Wife” might influence the outcome of a serious criminal case.

Confirmed: Gundersen attorney desperately seeking venue change

Local defense attorney Russ Clanton confirmed Friday that he is seeking a more hospitable venue for the trial of former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen, who remains in custody on 30 felony charges related to his alleged drugging and raping of a handful of his current and former wives.

Clanton said he chose July 4 to confirm the rumors District Attorney Paul Gallegos had leaked to the Times-Standard earlier last week because of the day’s symbolism, and because the terms of Clanton’s retainer allow him to bill double-time on national holidays.

Clanton added that he had made a list of venues in which he believes the alleged crimes of his client would be more favorably viewed.

These include 17th-Century New England, Warren Jeffs’ polygamist ranch, the movie set of “Super Troopers,” and in whatever jurisdiction Gallegos is vacationing during the trial.

Humboldt Mirror celebrates (almost) six months of mediocrity

It’s our (not quite) six-month anniversary here in the Humboldt blogosphere, and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

Lazy as ever, but nostalgic just the same, we thought we’d throw a little cut-and-paste, memory-lane type crap your direction.

So what have we accomplished thus far?

Practically nothing!

Let’s review:

But what really matters is what you, our friends, have done for us. In the Mirror’s first (less than) six months, you visited our craptastic site more than 130,000 times!! For no reason! What were you thinking? This county really is boring.

So happy (almost) anniversary to us, and thanks to both of our readers for making this blog suck just a little bit less. We totally heart you!