Humboldt Mirror celebrates (almost) six months of mediocrity

It’s our (not quite) six-month anniversary here in the Humboldt blogosphere, and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

Lazy as ever, but nostalgic just the same, we thought we’d throw a little cut-and-paste, memory-lane type crap your direction.

So what have we accomplished thus far?

Practically nothing!

Let’s review:

But what really matters is what you, our friends, have done for us. In the Mirror’s first (less than) six months, you visited our craptastic site more than 130,000 times!! For no reason! What were you thinking? This county really is boring.

So happy (almost) anniversary to us, and thanks to both of our readers for making this blog suck just a little bit less. We totally heart you!


37 Responses

  1. Bonnie’s penis nose even at that size is still disturbingly offensive. But it’s my favorite.

  2. We heart you too, bugs. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Yes, this county is really boring.

  4. Keep on keepin’ on, bugsters. Best local blog ever.

  5. Keep on sucking!! We love you guys.

  6. Just what is that giant sucking sound? Why, it’s the Humboldt Mirror. Congratulations on your six months in blogdom. Your views are refreshingly humorous.

  7. From one owner of a craptastic blog to another: Congrats. Bob Bon has never looked so good.


  8. I’m your biggest fan. It’s been a pleasure deleting all those posts and comments. This blog easily ranks as the county’s most profane, which keeps people like me in business. Thanks.

  9. Congrats, bug … a half year down and many more to go !!

  10. Thanks for all the good times. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the next six months. The constant reminder that nothing really exists in blogdom and that everything written there, or here, is meaningless really gives us some perspective on what should be believed and what should not.

    For those of us who just can’t get enough of the Bon Bon how about a link to higher res. photos for screen savers and such…

    Bugs, your the greatest!


  11. Keep the craptasticness coming, little bugs. But maybe in the future you could try to be not quite so lazy….

  12. This county’s been Bug-gered but good! Thanks for the fun.

  13. Huh? Did you say something?

  14. What’s not to love about the cute little buggers? Maybe a little less with the hugs and such (we don’t swing that way), but otherwise you’re aces to me. Thanks.

  15. Blogosphere? More like bullshitsphere, and you bugs are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for everything and keep it up.

  16. Aww go to hell.

  17. Look at all the nice comments! I had Greg take your blog off of our blog roll twice, because you humbugs were just too naughty for my kids to go to your link from our blog. I will admit you have made me laugh, wince, and shudder! Congrats on your first 6 months! I think Greg and I have our 2 year blog anniversary coming up soon. Meanwhile, I will continue to visit via Fred’s.

  18. Thank you. You made his day and therefore ours. Try to keep us laughing.

  19. To my knowledge, this is the only blog that has ever caused a high-ranking county employee to laugh so hard he fell out of his chair, knocked himself unconscious and ended up in the hospital. You guys gotta be doing something right.

  20. thanks for the great blog, i love it!!!!

    ive only been called gay 976 times so far. may the next 6 months bring 976 more homophobic/homoerotic comments!!!!

  21. that last post was from theo therme…..

  22. You guys still suck … hard. Lazy bug bastards.

  23. They suck ….soft too….cause I don’t don’t get that hard anymore, but bugs your lame excuse about a lay-tex allergy is getting old—— but hey, as long as you can keep me laughing I’ll put up with this irritating rash.

  24. It’s laugh or cry around here, and I vastly prefer laughing.Thanks for making that possible.

  25. “Sweet wonderful you
    You make me happy with the things you do
    Oh, how can it be so?
    This feeling follows me wherever I go.

    Yooouuuuuuuuuuu, you make loving fun….”

  26. Have I been staring at the BonBon’s picture for 6 months? Yeah. Been laughing too.

    My fave was BonBon with the pirate hat and the bird or maybe the birds nesting in her haur or maybe . . . Well I have a lot of favorites. Congrats for almost 6 months.

    Maybe you should have a 3 strikes law – if someone from Heraldo’s blog comes “over here” and wants to post serious shit – one time may be OK but we can all complain and the second time gets a warning and we can all complain and the third time just gets banned or we can all complain and whine, whine and maybe they will think they are on Heraldo and go back. snickering as I wrote this . . .

  27. Hugs for Greg and Carol…

  28. All right you sleazy Bugs. I just got some absolute proof and happen to know for a fact that you are Chris Crawford. The jig’s up. But it has been a good run. There have been some good laughs, but the Bonnie penis-nose was appalling.

  29. Absolut? Pour me a double…

  30. It appears it will be six fucking months until we get a new post, lazy bastards.

  31. Six months? Is that all?
    You already get way more comments than I do.

    Oh, shit! I’ve just added another one.

  32. All of this stupid wistful crap. I hate all of you.

  33. Awww. Salzman doesn’t like the Mirror. You better watch out.

  34. Salzman can suck it and desperately beg for hits elsewhere.

  35. Maybe he’ll send it out via his listserve.

  36. Salzman can suck it? CAN? I’ve never known him to do anything but suck it. He’s major damaged goods. By the by, is he still living with his parents?

  37. What a loser that guy is. At least he is fodder for fun over here.

    Way to go bugster!

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