Humboldt Mirror buggers Gundersen case?

An e-mail from an informed tipster reveals that among the many exhibits attached to the change of venue motion in the trial of former Blue Lake police chief David Gundersen are several completely fabricated “news stories” that appeared originally on the Humboldt Mirror.

Admittedly, it’s hard not to be entertained by the thought of a judge in the due process of making weighty legal decisions poring over some of our offerings.

But still. Defense attorney Russ Clanton is one desperate hombre if his case hinges on persuading a court that anything entitled “Police Chief Denies Spousal Rape Accusation, Says Two Were Never Married,” or “Police Chief Pleads Not Guilty to Spousal Rape, Requests Valentine’s Day Conjugal with Wife” might influence the outcome of a serious criminal case.

56 Responses

  1. That is SO awesome. It’s official, bugs. You’ve arrived.

  2. Congratulations Buggers. This is even better than your (almost) six-month anniversary!

  3. So do you think Gallegos and his drinking buddy and fellow molester-defender Clanton won’t be hanging out so much together after this trial?

  4. Oh please. Gallegos’ personal involvement in this case is the biggest gift a prosecutor can give to a defense attorney. The case is a total fubar already, and we probably don’t know the half of it.

  5. Soon you will be getting e-mails from people pissed off that they sold their investment portfolios so that they could get into Wonkavision.

    Nice Work my little invertebrates!


  6. Well at least Gallegos never had to defend his own father in a child molest case.

  7. See? Who says no one ever says anything nice about Gallegos on the Humboldt Mirror?

  8. Well. It’s not exactly a compliment, but I see your point, 12:14.

  9. I think Clanton is on to something here little bug. Blog influence could be the next mental illness defense. Just look at the utter bull-shit the nitwhits over on heraldo gobble up like a whore slurping,well I think you get the point. If Clanton can get Gunderson to endorce Obama, I think the heraldonuts would soon be calling for dismisal of all charges.

  10. I’m bet each of you guys needs drugs not only to get laid, but to get it up as well

    Maybe invest in a club instead? Caveman style?

  11. Come on, 7:06. Heraldo-lovers just can’t say no to the prospect of a cop getting hung out to dry, whether the cop in question richly deserves it or not.

  12. Not so sure they are that rational 10:17. After all they hopped right in bed with the Bon-Bon. Cop hat,penis nose,nun habbit,and dirty undies didn’t deter them from slurp’n at that trough.

  13. Damn straight. It’s impossible to underestimate the intelligence of those ass-hats.

  14. I kinda like BonBon in her see no evil cop hat. Now if we could just get her mouth zipped.

  15. How about Mirror buggers its own website? Do you ever plan on writing anything again?

  16. Why is Heraldo still so afraid of the Mirror that she won’t list it in her blog roll? If memory serves, the Mirror had no qualms about linking up to the Herald right from the start. Guess that shows who believes in diversity of opinion and who does not.

  17. Heraldo is scared shitless of our little bugsy!

  18. Yeah I noticed that too. Maybe Heraldo can’t stand to be laughed at. or maybe he or she just can’t stand that the bugs find all of this so laughable.

  19. I don’t think Heraldo is scared, per se. This blog is hardly menacing or intimidating. But I think 1:54 may have it right: Heraldo can’t stand someone laughing at this shit, no matter how funny it really is.

  20. With an ego the size of Montana who’s suprised.

  21. Perhaps I should have explained myself earlier. When I said scared, I really was referring to humor and the truth.

    All of the Heraldo-ites are scared of humor, terrified of the truth and are shitting themselves over this blog. Why because the Humbug and the majority of posters don’t buy their bullshit and call them on it. You are very right 1;54 none of them have any sense of humor. All take themselves 1) too seriously and 2) think like they have a grip on everything in life and understand all.) The only way to really respond to such close mindedness is to flat out ridicule it.

    Now for those of us that simply try hard and know we will never “know it all,” I say bring on more bon bon pictures! The more the merrier, the more disgraceful, the funnier. Hey, can you mix them up? I was thinking about the nun’s habit and the penis nose (imagine a nun with a penis nose?) Hey and maybe you could get the graphics department to even throw in Prince Girard in his red devil costume and put the little dickens on bon bon’s shoulder. That ought to make her want to stab herself in the eye with a ball point pen!

    But, then again maybe the graphics department has a well deserved hangover.

  22. And have you noticed how Heralda has tried to inject little funnies into the Herald since the Humboldt Mirror started? “Tried” being operative. Lame. Seriously lame.

  23. 238 you are right on. the know it alls next door take themselves way too seriously and actually think they are doing something productive over there, unlike us who know we are wasting our time over here while sucking down a case of beer.

  24. I used to drink whiskey, but I like tequila now. And lots of PBR. It’s a simple, but easy to follow recipe for mayhem.

  25. LOL, you people are obssessed with Heraldo.

  26. LOL, Heraldo is demonstrably terrified of the Bug.

  27. Hey wait a minute. I thought we were obsessed with the Bon Bon. Those people obsessed with hating on the Mirror ought to make up their damn minds.

  28. Release us from the Bonnie tyranny (in a judge’s attire? PUHleeze): give her some heroin and send her to the Iron Man sexfest in the desert along with the snakes she calls her friends: Kirk and Bonnie? (eeeewwwww) but probably already been “done”, Bonnie and Marky mark? – yep she’s been there and DONE that, Bonnie and little-man kerrigan? ad nauseum – but only if Charlene watches; and Bonnie with Patty? only if Connie makes it 3.

  29. BUGS, where are you? We need you.

  30. Well now bugs. It takes a lot of energy to keep up a blog doesn’t it? Only two posts from you in the last 17 days.

    Better however than Redwood Ridiculer and Maximum Humboldt who burst on the scene a while ago and even suckered me into putting their blogs on my bookmark list. But then they died, so off they go.

    But nevertheless, if you don’t post every few days I kind of get tired of checking and finding nothing new, so hopefully you can pick up the pace again. Doggerelface is passing you up and providing good competition for those of us who like our local commentary spiced with humor.

  31. Shucks…I can’t count. Make that three posts in 17 days. Better, but still I hope you can do better.

  32. Jeez Hayduke – if you think that Doggerelface is doing anything humorous, better let your wife pick things out for a while. All the little dog face man does is shit on the lawn.

  33. I guess I thought the ripping the crap out of so many sanctimonious people in verse was funny, but I guess that does says something about me but I am not going to apologize for it. You are correct, however, my wife has better taste.

  34. I was standing near hayduke at the porn store. He panting over a sexy nuns habbbbitttt and it was quite obvious he not only shits in his yard but his pants too.

  35. And the names of those sanctimonious persons would be…?

  36. It doesn’t take much to stir good old
    Anonymous (10:38) up these days. So we frequent the same stores do we?

    And thanks Rose for helping out Anonymous (9:43) by answering his question.

    Actually I was just trying to bring a little life to this nearly comatose blog and it appears I was successful.

    Wonder where the bugs are? It IS summer, so maybe they took a few days vacation.

  37. Hayduke – the bugs could be:

    1) out for a picnic

    2) out on a bender

    3) out terrorizing Jane Doe

    (they all sound fun to me!)

  38. Well, Hayduke, on this blog, I’ve been called a caterwalling harpy (sp?) and now sanctimonious. Ah, well. I’ve been called worse. 🙂

    I’ve been wondering where they are, too. ‘Cause there is alot of funny stuff going on.

  39. What’s the image in your avatar, hayduke?

  40. There’s been more mention of The Mirror on Heraldo’s site in the past 48 hours than the past 3 months combined. Look’s like even the mighty Heraldoites can’t ignore you witty bugs.

    Gettin’ tired of Judge Bonnie.

    Don’t you have some cute animal stuff?

  41. Went to the store for beer and they were almost out of PBR – maybe the bugs were there before me. Probably hungover.

    Could we get a pirate’s hat put on the BonBon’s judge pic?

    As for 10:24 am – what cute animal stuff?? can something like that be put on a blog site or does that kind of stuff get it in trouble with the porn police??

  42. Apart from Hayduke and Rose, it appears the same two or three people make all the posts on this blog. I’m sure Heraldo feels threatened by the awesome content and posters here.

  43. Volume = quality?

  44. The BonBon has disappeared.

  45. Forty-five comments, 35 of them by the same three people.

  46. Strange you added your own comment to the # of comments before commenting on the comments. Wait…am I part of the three or are you me?

  47. That is a Monkey Wrench. In honor of Ed Abbey. Google “Hayduke” and all will be revealed.

  48. Stick a fork in this blog, its done.

  49. Ahhh, A monkey wrench! That’s good. Images don’t blow up to a bigger version in wordpress the way they do in blogger.

    I don’t think all the anons are one, 4:12, Hank noted when he installed the monster bugs that some very different people end up with the same icon. It might have something to do with the carrier, like maybe all Suddenlink, or all routing through the bay Area… Does anyone know how those things work? Aren’t Hank’s and Heraldo’s different than this one. Can you adjust the settings? So far blogger has no equivalent.

  50. Ah Hayduke, now I see the connection. Seldom Seen Smith, Miz Abbzug, and the Good Doc Sarvis.

    I am reading the book currently. My boss gave me a copy

  51. Hey you quys, does anyone have any ideas of who
    Heraldo might be?

  52. Could be three guesses as to Heraldo’s identity. Some days it seems like a different person posts but maybe there is a split personality and actually is the same person.

    Lots of people wonder who Heraldo(s) is/are so you have joined the group. Should we have a name (acronym)??

  53. Heraldo’s identity(ies)? Let’s see, trying to influence politics and public opinion through eco-slant writings. Scott Greacen outed as a close insider. Quick to post the CA Supreme Court decision upholding some of EPIC’s long ago moot suit over PL’s harvesting. Sounds like it’s the public affairs office of EPIC with input from HWC and the usual group of suspects.

  54. Someone must have fumigated. The only bugs left are cockroaches.

  55. 16 days and no blue bugs yet!! If you don’t come back soon we will just have to start new threads ourselves as there has been a lot of stuff going on. Although not all of it has been funny.

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