Well that’s the last time we hire THAT blogsitter…

Can’t a couple of invertebrates take a nice family vacation once in a while?

What… the… eff??

So we hired a supposed professional to keep an eye on the Mirror in our absence, and what does he do? Drinks all our PBR, walks off with our porn stash, and uses up all our buy-one-get-one-free pizza coupons.

Death to the infidel!!

But we’ve enjoyed reading all of the comments and rank insults that piled up in our absence. The blog world, as expected, seems to have got on grandly without us.

But we’re back now and looking forward to catching up on local news.

Let’s see. When we left there was Gundersen, Palco, and people speculating about Heraldo’s identity. Now it seems that there is Gundersen, Palco, and people speculating about Heraldo’s identity.

Did we miss ANYTHING???

Anyhoo, as you can tell, we ran into some friends while we were out and about. It truly is a small world after all.


14 Responses

  1. Your lazy graphics department didn’t do shit while you were gone. Fire them, if you can even find them.

  2. All hail the bugs! Good to have you guys back. This place isn’t nearly as funny without you.

  3. Bugs rule! Welcome back.

  4. Did you find your “professional” blogsitter on Craig’s List or something? Only you dupes would fall for that shiz. Oh well. Don’t mind me. I’m just a little bitter that you’ve been away for so long.

  5. Hi Bugs

    Welcome back.

    There wasn’t really anything to blog about while you were gone.

    This is a really tedious job and my base is not happy with the Graphics Dept anyway. I’ll consider the permanent position but I need 15 large, each for George and Linda so that I can own the Eureka City Council too.

    Then we’ll have some tasty posts

    heh heh heh

    Love Bonnie

  6. More happened behind the scenes: Planning Director Adolf Girard missed his deadline for the comprehensive Plan document to go before the Planning Commission to keep the general plan re-write progressing – of course it is not at Bonnie’s direction to WAIT until Mr. Mark Socialist Love-less gets onto the Board to help direct the ship backwards in time to Marxist times… Talk about masters of floating obstruction and counterfeit reasoning…

    Keep your eyes peeled, and bugs, e me if you want to.

  7. p.s. thank the heavens you are back – we missed you

  8. Hope you had a nice vacation Chris

  9. Oh. Were you gone?

  10. Worst of all,that guy you hired to do the hand jobs had calluses.

  11. Why does everyone have to harsh on us? It’s not our f*cking fault our employers went on vacation. We don’t even get paid for this shit.

    We tried to do some work, but once the blogsitter drank all of the beer and stole the porn, we ditched out.

    It’s just a matter of time before the Bugs outsource our jobs to some Hindus in India. Especially after we spilled the bong on the carpet in the office. Oops.

  12. Did “C” and “E” leave on vacation again?

  13. Did the BonBon finally find out who the blue bugs are?? I think she really wants to know more than who Heraldo(s) is/are.

  14. BonBon knows who the HUMbugs are now. Chris has been hiding his nastiness behind thinly veiled and not quite convincing humor but it has all been exposed.

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