Oh this could be fun

A friendly blogger from Memphis, TN, left a tasty tidbit in the Humboldt Mirror’s mailbox last week.

He wrote, “I’ve been going through financial disclosures of a local CongressCritter John Tanner, and found that he made a contribution to Ms. (Bonnie) Neely, and made a trip to Eureka. I’m trying to find the connection.”

He asked, “Why would a 10-term congressman from redneck Tennessee give money to a candidate for supervisor in Eureka, CA?”

Why indeed.

Does either of our readers know the answer?

The blogger went on to say that in Tennessee the blue bugs are more popular than Elvis, and that our penises are obviously “very substantial.”

Okay, okay. We totally made that part up.


26 Responses

  1. If he made a contribution of $100 or more it would be on her form 460 that shows donations (or 461 if a really big amount). But as to the reason??? Who knows – visited here and met her in a bar?? Relative or married to relative or would like to be married to a relative??

  2. It could be totally innocent. For that matter, it could be totally untrue. But if it is true, I for one would certainly like to know what that’s all about.

  3. This Tanner fellow appears to be a Blue Dog Democrat. Thompson is also a Blue Dog. Maybe Mike hooked it up? At the least, someone should pull the FPPC filings.

  4. I thought Neely only took contributions from growers and Indian casinos. This shit here is a complete surprise.

  5. Exactly, 11:17. It’s almost like she’s gone legit.

  6. Let’s not jump to any conclusions, 11:49.

  7. I thought the Bon Bon was one of those Measure T people who didn’t want local elections getting muddied up with non-local contributions. If this isn’t a violation of Measure T, it at least appears to be contrary to its spirit.

  8. Measure T was designed to keep people like Neely in office. So accepting contributions from Tennessee congressmen seems perfectly consistent to me.

  9. IF in fact she accepted such a contribution. It would be interesting to see the evidence on this.

  10. Look at the little Bon Bon. Queen of the Meerkat Manor. Many aspire, few attain.

  11. If he made a contribution — and made it as an individual I don’t think Measure T applies. Lots of money has come from out of area individuals – relatives and friends of relatives.

  12. Sure – Rob Arkley donates to people out of the area all of the time and ABSOLUTELY NOBODY criticizes him for that. Oh the lack of any consistency.

    As for the Measure T problem, isn’t the Rancheria a corporation? A: YES. Doesn’t it have members and employees from out of the area? A:yes. And it is not a 501c3 nonprofit so how in the hell was it legal for her and others (Clendenon) to take 10 grand or more?

    Hey – Bon bon would look good in prison stripes! Seems fitting for her.

    P.S. The meerkat shouldn’t be subjected to sharing the frame with the Queen of Sleaze.

  13. One more reason to love the little blue bugs. Thanks for reporting this.

  14. Are you joking 2:03?

  15. so nobody has any real info???

  16. I hate to be the one to break this to you buggie booo, but this is simply a money for sex exchange. Elvis refined this little political wrinkle to make it feel more seedy. He was a kinkie little devil and we all know how our Bon Bon can weild a pitch fork.

  17. Damn! I am falling way behind in the money thing and there is over a year to go! Is there any big money Democrat Liberals ready to sign checks? Besides Pierson to Bonnie.

  18. Sure, if you’re willing to suck up to Salzman you can get in on the Soros gravy train. You may need to borrow one of the Bon Bons little outfits too.

  19. Did you get copies of Bonnie’s 440s, Richard? Is this guy on there?

  20. Well Richard, it’s never too early to start raking in those questionable donations, but it looks like someone got the jump on you….

  21. ‘What’choo talkin’ bout Willis?!”

  22. I don’t think the Rancheria is a corporation. Measure T didn’t include Soverign Nations so probably doesn’t apply.

    Richard you have to start your campaign very early and then maybe the Dems will support you this time and that might get you some contributions. I’m always ready for a spaghetti feed!

  23. The rancheria is a corporation.

    Whether or not Measure T was drafted to include or exclude sovereign nations is not relevant.

    If this corporation has been contributing politically, it’s the loss of their corporate status and tax protection that should be looked into. See measure t is simply not going to be upheld in court. But, I do believe that a change in tax status might give them pause.

    But, with that aside,

  24. bon bon (Cruella) looks like she is eyeing the little meerkat to eat or something. Can’t the bug or graphics department save the little bugger from Cruella Neely

  25. To 2 PM re the Rancheria

    Then ask D.A. to file on this one. Maybe he will. I don’t know if the time frame would be OK for the BonBon but it might be for the Apple King since it was a recent contribution. Most litigation has a time frame and that is why I think the Bon’s contribution might have gone past. Maybe we all should be more aware of who is contributing and the rules on Measure T and put the D.A. to task to enforce it. With a penalty of 10 times the amount contributed that a piece of change that would go to the county.

  26. Money for sex- that is so obvously not true! Not that she wouldn’t pimp herself out (e.g. Pierson’s Big Hammer), but rather, I wouldn’t cross the street to hit that, much less travel across the country. Speaking of bugs, I wouldn’t touch that with my ten foot pole.

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