When good acronyms go bad

Are we effing dyslexic?

Early-morning readers of the Times-Standard’s website were treated to yet another headline error, this one stating that “EDP” officers would be joining the Sheriff’s SWAT team.

When asked if the Eureka Police Department had changed its name, Times-Standard ace reporter Thadeus Greenson said it had not, and explained that the newspaper was “experimenting with a variety of error formats” intended to enhance the readership experience.

“Any newspaper can screw up complicated things,” Greenson explained, “but we’re focusing our efforts on making mistakes that are accessible to everyone.

“I mean fuck,” he said. “We misspelled a fucking three-letter acronym in a headline. It doesn’t get much more accessible than that.”

He added that future flubs could include inadvertently reporting both sides of a story, and continuing to run John Driscoll’s sappy column.


31 Responses

  1. So evidently I wasn’t the only person who noticed this. Every time I read one of the local papers I’m struck by the thought that I would make an excellent copy editor. The errors are so glaring, probably everyone thinks that.

  2. Bugsy: That ia pretty funny. Maybe Thaddeus is and EDP.


  3. What was up with that column by John? I thought reporters weren’t supposed to take positions on stories they cover. John’s entire coverage of the PL takeover was like one months-long knob job for MRC.

  4. Did Thaddeus Greenson really say that? So awesome if he did.

  5. But speaking of typos…

    9:23, is that English?

  6. Nope – just an attempt at it. Hey – I don’t do this for a living and charge folks.

    still lmao!

  7. Hey! I like Driscoll’s columns!

  8. EDP = Erectile Disfunction Program?

  9. EDP=Emotionally Disturbed Person, i.e. most of the crybaby “progressives” around here, like coincidentally, Thaddeus Greenson, if that is in fact his real name. Sounds fake.

  10. Ever hear of the screenshot image tool Mirror?

  11. EDP: Enviable Detachable Penis!!!


  12. Oh that Thadeus (if that’s your real name), the apple-cheeked scribe, the titan of typewritten text, the master of mastication, chronicler of crack reporting, the supercilious sage of sagacious screeds, the … ok, I’m annoying the shit outta myself.

    Greenson’s a true mensch.

  13. Well. I don’t think Greenson’s the one who did it. Someone put the error in it, and a bunch of other people didn’t catch it. It was, as they say, a group effort.

  14. As a matter of fact, we have heard of the screen shot image tool, 10:52. But using it would deprive both our readers of what is obviously an inferior photo taken with our inferior camera-phone. And why would we want to do that? Huh?

  15. Aww hell Bugs, I thought that was in print and it’s just the website. I hope that camera phone gives you scabies. Or maybe scoliosis.

  16. Would you settle for halitosis?

  17. Is that a fear of angels?

  18. Oh, no. That would be HALOtosis, my bad.

  19. Kind of a cheap shot bugs

    The reporters don’t write the headers but even then, I’ll be watching for your next typo.

    Love Bonnie

  20. If they printed both sides of the story, it would definitely be inadvertent.
    And oh how my readership experience has been enhanced.

  21. What’s the other side to the story that EPD officers will join the SO Swat team? That they won’t join?

  22. Good question, Blue.

  23. I think Thadeus is cute. He is also very nice!

  24. I am slightly dyslexic, so I did not notice the error.

    Like Rose, I enjoy reading John Driscoll’s column.


  25. Thadeus is totally hot and very nice. There should be some sort of Hot Reporters of Humboldt County fundraising catalog made. I could totally see Thadeus as December. Rrrrrrowwwrrrrr.

  26. Great idea, 7:39. Just promise me Hank Sims wouldn’t be June.

  27. I don’t know about the calender idea.

  28. I want the Hankster for June and the Natester for July!

  29. We’d have to poke our eyes out every day for two months!!

  30. Aww, what about Durant and Faulk? Don’t the big boys need some lovin’ too?

  31. No their “sheds” are a bit too big!

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