Good thing we’re not juvenile. Oh. Wait.

How did we miss this?

Fired Blue Lake City Manager Wiley Buck will be replaced on an interim basis by retired Mt. Shasta City Manager Jeff Butzlaff.

That’s right–Butzlaff.

Is having a mildly fucked-up name some kind of requirement for the job?

8 Responses

  1. Mildly fucked-up? That’s generous.

  2. Can’t wait to hear the name of the permanent replacement. Any guesses?

  3. What’s wrong with Jeff?

  4. i didnt see anything in the article that indicated any reason to be suspicious…… the bugs know something that we dont?

  5. They’re laughing, not suspicious.

  6. The second runner for city manager was a gentleman from Sacramento by the name of Royal Cox.

  7. Yes, bring back the penis nose but this time make it a black one (no, not necessarily bigger, just black) or perhaps one with a little ooze. The Bon Bon needs a bit of smegma on her chin.

  8. Please, dear God. Whatever you do, NO MORE of the horrible dick nose. How about something less traumatic to look at, huh?

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