Times-Standard goes all KKK over Wiggins’ ‘bullshit’ remark

TS brings message of hope and deliverance to white Christian America

“Cross fire”?


So awesome!

Oh well. When publishing 11-day-old news, primarily cobbled together from other newspaper reports, spicing things up a bit with colorful typos isn’t a bad idea.

27 Responses

  1. It wasn’t so long ago that typos as stupid as these were the unique province of the Eureka Reporter. The good old Sub-Standard is really stepping up its game.

  2. I agree with that tag. Pat Wiggins even without her marbles is 50 times smarter than Pat Higgins. What a pompous ass.

  3. Higgins is brilliant but goes off too fast.

    Wiggins is deaf and doesn’t want to admit it can cause problems.

    Both are refreshing additions to the political scene. Higgins can slow down and Wiggins can get a hearing aid, but who would we talk about then?

  4. Higgins ISN’T brilliant. He’s not dumb just a dumb ass. The left in Calif is so fucked up that Higgins and even Wiggins will be just OK. After all they is one of us.

  5. The T-S is kicking everyone’s ass. The headline is a small typo that means nothing. Why get bogged down criticizing the only REAL daily for such a minor detail? Losers. As James Faulk has pointed out many, many times, the T_S has the strongest staff ever.

  6. I thought it was Judi Pollace who said the Eureka Reporter had the strongest staff ever? Who knows. Maybe that’s just one of those things newspaper people say–things like small typos that suggest cross-burning and racial hatred mean nothing. That sort of thing. You know.

  7. Droz knows , Rose needs a bath . Her english is poor and so is her math .Out of her smelly mouth comes her breath . It’s sure to put us to our death . Her trollish nonsense will make you tense . we hope that she’ll take a shower . She’s getting smellier by the hour !

  8. “The T-S is kicking everyone’s ass. The headline is a small typo that means nothing. Why get bogged down criticizing the only REAL daily for such a minor detail? Losers. As James Faulk has pointed out many, many times, the T_S has the strongest staff ever.”


    Wonder how much the TS paid that poster to say that.

  9. Hey Bugsy – can you block Salzan? He is now spewing under the name of Alex and Debbie. What a loser!

  10. Where are you humbug? Wake up! Hung over again? Get your lazy butt up and give us something new to read!

  11. Wiggins is not deaf. Nice try. Wiggins has dementia. Isn’t it apparent?

  12. Yawn!

    This isn’t funny, humbugs!

    BTW, Wiggins is deaf, not demented.

  13. Perhaps “cross fire” was an elaborate pun.

  14. Looks like Patti Berg wants Wiggins seat a little early. Talk about being carnivorous!

  15. Don’t block (or delete) “Alex and Debbie” aka “R. Trent” aka (the list goes on) on my behalf – it better that people know him for exactly what he is.

  16. Why should politicians be allowed to remain in office long after their brains stop working? Strom Thurmond, Pat Wiggins, Jesse Helms, Robert Byrd, etc., etc.

  17. We wanted to block him, Rose. We really did. Not because he’s Salzman, but because he’s lame, incoherent and off-topic as usual. But then we felt sorry for him and put the comment back up. So sad that he doesn’t get the attention he so desperately needs from his own blog.

  18. What a loser. You would think by now he would have figured out that everyone is laughing at him, not with him.

  19. I met Salzman once. He struck me as a man who masturbates an awful lot. Still lives with his mother, if memory serves.

  20. Does young Communist Shane Brinton still live with his mommy? Isn’t it a requirement that you no longer live with mommy in order to be on the Arcata City Council.

  21. Nope – in fact I think that it is a requirement that one have no job in order to be on the council.

  22. I do not believe your troll comment was Richard S. I think it is Jerry Droz.

  23. Someone pretending to be Jerry Droz. Just like pretneding to be “R. Trent Williams” and a bunch of other names.

  24. Jesus Christ! You bugs be buggin’! Four straight days without an update? What the hell do we pay you for?

  25. Take a bath , Rose . everybodys laughing at your comments , not with you .

  26. Jerry Droz has got better things to do such as posting on any blog . In fact , he’s down in L.A. doing a movie . The names , R. Trent & Richard , etc . , i guarantee are not from , Jerry . Everyone is laughing at your stupidity , Rose !

  27. Don’t block , Sushi’s post . Let everyone see all the names , Rose calls herself . It’s obvious it’s her again with all the ( 56 in all ) different names she calls herself . what a Troll !!

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