Happy birthday, Rose!!

Okay, okay.

Maybe it’s not that funny when a duly elected district attorney misleads a criminal grand jury in order to get an indictment against two police officers–and not funnier still when, after being brutally bitch-slapped by a judge, said district attorney says he needs to think about whether he should continue his campaign of harassment.

But whenever we hear the words “Paul Gallegos” and “unprecedented legal theory” in the same sentence, we know there’s a punchline coming eventually.

You just gotta wait for it…

and wait…

and wait.

After all this time, what we get is another Gallegos moment, another unprecedented, groundbreaking, bullshit case tossed long before it ever gets to trial.

In his ruling Tuesday, Judge Feeney said Gallegos provided inadequate instructions to the grand jury, omitted exculpatory information, lacked sufficient evidence to prevail at trial, and did not appear to understand the legal significance of exigent circumstances.

Feeney added that Gallegos’ case was so weak, he was not persuaded Cheri Lyn Moore was even dead, and for all he knew “could be working the deli counter at Winco.”

Alright, alright. We made that last part up.

But this latest debacle raises a number of serious questions, not the least of which is this stumper:

Why is Gallegos always trying to create new law when he obviously has so little interest in enforcing the laws that actually do exist?

20 Responses

  1. Is there really anyone left out there who doesn’t think we need to vote this stupid, grandstanding chump out of office? If so, let’s just wait a while. I hear the Gundersen case has rapidly gone to shit.

  2. How’d you know? 🙂

  3. The Gagster really is the gift that keeps on giving. What a complete train wreck.

  4. I voted for Paul a couple of times. The first time he looked young and promising, the second was the recall, and I couldn’t very well support a corporation’s attempt to unseat an elected official. But since then, no. He is his own worst enemy, and he has done nothing but harm to this county.

  5. What’s most fabulous is the juxtaposition of the complete melt down of the office with the
    resolution of the last cases worked up the
    DDA’s PVG so deliberately got rid of. His individual work product- PALCO, Douglas/Zanotti, Gunderson, and his leadership decisions- Stoen, Yougo, the destruction of CAST, I mean, you have to admire the guy. Not everyone could make such a ghastly ruin out WHAT HE HIMSELF called a
    functional office at the time he took over.

  6. I don’t think Rose is happy about Paul’s most recent boondoggle. I think like most of us she would like to see him succeed the same way I’d like to find a million dollars on the side of the road. Nice idea, but it isn’t ever going to happen.

  7. You guys so crack me up!


  8. No. I do not want to see him succeed when he is railroading someone, blazing ahead with a prosecution that satisfies his backers.

    I am not in favor of a DA who files cases for political reasons.

    In short there is nothing about his record that is redeeming. NOTHING.

    Spectacular failures are only calling attention to what he has really been doing with his time in office, and sooner or later, people will correct the mistake they made.

  9. I meant succeed in general, Rose. Like successfully prosecute some actual crimes. That sort of thing. I agree that this particular failure was a very good thing.

  10. When a trusted friend looks me in the eye and states without equivocation you can’t trust a fucking word that comes out of this mouth it makes ya pay attention. That was no rightwing chicken-choker either.

  11. how many times does it take an idiot voter to get it right? NEVER!!!! Once a f..k up, always a liberal f..k up. You losers put Gallegos in office and now you’re seeing why the recall attempt was made-he’s a impotent, incompetent, total f…-up and will continue to suck up the taxpayers money like a sponge. So enjoy the loser you voted in and enjoy the pathetic loser he will continue to be until you find a jar of balls to put between your legs and fire his ass.

  12. until you find a jar of balls to put between your legs and fire his ass.

    I thought the Republican family values preacher who was found dead in his home made dungeon wearing two wetsuits and with a dildo shoved up his ass was kinky. I see that motherfucker was pretty tame.

  13. OH!!! To prosecute some REAL crimes! Yeah. I would support that and wish him success. Sure.

    Think it’ll happen?

    Tell ya what – I support him going back into private practice. Gallegos and Gallegos, isn’t that what the sign says?

  14. We heard the exact same comment from a friend of ours, Blue. Not about the jar of balls–that was a new one on us–but about Gallegos’ inability to tell the truth about anything. On the long list of Humboldt County letdowns, he ranks pretty effing high.

  15. One wonders how many judicial pimp-slaps one DA can absorb.

  16. If anyone can be suckered into running against him, [why would anyone of any merit want the job? ] perhaps the debate format can allow the candidates to pose questions to each other, rather than field softballs from a moderator. The problem for a putative opponent would be
    winnowing out the questions not to ask. But in the end, the voters who elected him last time, despite pretty good coverage by the Eye and the Journal, will probably do it again.

  17. The only safe place he has left is KMUD. Everyone else has figured out that he lies to them. KMUD still carries his water.

    If you haven’t figured out that he lies to you – and you’re a reporter – ask a tough question. And after the namby pamby mealy mouth rhetoric, ask it again, and again, and again. You’ll probably start getting closer to the truth by the third time, and by the fifth, you’ll know, nothing he has said to you is true. It is all designed to give you the easy answer so you will go away happy, and write your little story while he laughs at how easy you were.

  18. I voted for Farmer not Gallegos, initially, especially when I read that Gallegos was originally backed and supported by Arkley and Flemming. You can thank them for helping him get elected.

    However, I supported him during the recall. PALCO and disrguntled employees were the backers of that scheme, and they failed.

    I voted for Gallegos the last time. If you find an alternative candidate the next time, I may vote for him/her, but please, NOT Hagen.

  19. Hagen’s awesome. I hope he runs–as in runs Gallegos completely out of office. Hagen would have my unqualified support. What an improvement that would be.

  20. Whoever runs against Gallegos will get smeared, unless it is a replacement by the same handlers who brought us this debacle. And you will fall for it, just like you undoubtedly fell for the murderer’s parents sitting on the Courthouse steps calling Dikeman a racist. You won’t listen to the truth, because the crappy rhetoric is so much easier to play along with.

    You are now faced with an office that is so badly damaged that it’s even beginning to show to people who wouldn’t normally notice.

    And still he gets a pass – on his role in the code enforcement debacle – on all the plea bargains, on the persecution of Sean Marsh and Douglas and Zanotti, absolute and abject, stunning failures.

    Any responsibility he shirks will be shifted to someone else – any blame that should be his will be heaped on others.

    The boy-child must be protected at all costs.

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