Cheri Moore: Evidently still dead

If there’s anything worse than beating a dead horse, it’s beating a dead crazy chick.

But a big shout-out anyway to the Times-Standard for marking the important two-year, four-month anniversary of the police shooting death of Cheri Lynn Moore with a touching homage, courtesy of a couple of family members who are suing a long list of law enforcement and other city and county officials over Moore’s death.

The first ten or so readers of the T-S article who commented online were divided in their opinion of the story’s merit. Around half thought the story was bullshit, whereas the other half thought it was fucking bullshit.

You decide.


46 Responses

  1. I’m gonna go with fucking bullshit. Wonder what the Slime-Standard has planned for the next installment?

  2. Yeah put me down for ‘fucking bullshit’ as well. What crap.

  3. Bug, I read your pieces and laugh sometimes. And when I find myself on the other side (which is often) I go away quietly because, after all almost anything has a funny side even if I don’t exactly see it or agree with your take on it.

    However, this time, because the story touches me personally, I’m going to take a chance that you haven’t thought of the story from the other side and speak up a little. I’m putting my comment from the Times Standard piece here, also:

    Cheri Moore’s death caused a large controversy in the community. The Times Standard correctly acknowledges this with an article on the anniversary of her death.

    As a society, we are making choices on how to deal with our mentally ill. (She was not a ‘tweaker’ as stated [in the comments]. Charles Van Buskirk
    Deputy coroner with the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office… testified that he took custody of Moore’s body later the same night she was shot. He testified that Moore’s toxicology report came back with negative signs of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs.”) Do we, as a society, want the response of our law enforcement to the erratic behavior of the mentally ill to be lethal? As the mother of a child with a mental illness that sounds similar to Cheri’s, I don’t.

    Please take a moment and consider how you would want your mentally ill child, mother, sister etc. treated should he or she behave strangely at times.

    Also remember that Cheri was an adult woman whose family, by law, has very little control over her. Without being privy to all the facts, I still believe that accusing the family of ‘abandoning’ her to the downtown is very harsh.

    What happened to Cheri is a tragedy. I’m not necessarily blaming law enforcement but I think we, as a society, need to change the ways we deal with the mentally ill.”

    Listen, Bug and Anonymous, we have the choice as a society to ignore and demonize those of us who are mentally ill or we can figure out how to approach the mentally ill, minimize their negative input and maximize their positive.

    Here’s hoping you take a softer view of Cheri and her family. They’re just folks after all–not perfect, but not evil.

  4. yeah sweep it under the rug nice plan. spend millions on lawsuits and investigations and sweep it all under the rug.

    i love how the so called conservatives are so inept with dealing with money. just sweep it under the rug. no one will notice!!

  5. ^..yeah, sweep it under the rug, nice plan!!! my comma wasnt working in the post above…

  6. Truly Tasteless…

  7. Thanks, Kym. As we’re sure you noticed, this post is not about Cheri Moore but about the Times-Standard’s inane article about Cheri Moore. We agree with pretty much every word you said–but it’s worth noting that this is not the anniversary of her death, which was April 14. There is in fact no relevance to the story, no hook, no point, no news value whatsoever that we can find, which is one point of this post. Making Jeff Muskrat happy was of course the other point. His flattery has been added to our Raves page. Hugs to both of you, friends!

  8. :blush and sigh: I hate it when I get too emotionally attached and fail to read closely. You are absolutely right, Bug, it isn’t the anniversary (as it clearly states in the article in question) of Moore’s death.

    I still think the subject is appropriate for an article by the TS because of the August ruling in the case but I’ll retire in embarrassment because I didn’t keep my facts straight.

  9. Yeah don’t sweat it, Kym. Your broader message is still completely right-on.

  10. I agree, but I would say this – the tasteless thing is the family suing. Where were they when she needed them.

    In fact – I’ll have to look back, but I believe I noted that the anniversary of her death (yep, here it is_ – THIS LAST YEAR received NO Attention – why? Because there was no political gains to be made THIS time.

    That’s why I also have a post up with a cynical note that this story can only mean that the suit is imminent. I hope I’m wrong.

    I had more respect for her son at his initial reaction – BEFORE the lawyers got to him.

  11. Rose is right on where WERE all of the zealots when Cheri needed them? At the local Democrazcy Unlimited meeting and/or coffee houses….

  12. A. There wasn’t a peep about her this last anniversary – not the day of, not the week of.

    B. There are dozens more Cheri Moore’s out there right now. All the County agencies are still doing their jobs under difficult circumstances. Police are still being called when people are combative and threatening. Serious incidents are averted every day. Sooner or later, another one will go wrong. And what will happen? Those who seek to gain political advantage will be frothing at the mouth again. More than that, they’ll be working overtime to get you frothing at the mouth.

    And you can see exactly how much they care now.

  13. i have a funny feeling that the family of cheri moore wont be suing for political power, they will be suing for money. not that any so called “fiscal conservatives” in humboldt county would care. its just money, George W will print more.

    just sweep it under the rug. dont let anyone see government incompetency. sweep it under the rug.

  14. You’re correct, ex. They’re not in it for the power. But their relative got used by those who are. BIG TIME.

  15. I thought the Times Standard article offered understanding and enlightment regarding mental illness. This was a sorrowful tragedy in our community and has been another ‘brick-in-the-wall’ in regards to dividing our community.

  16. Funny how some folk manage to find their relatives a lot more interesting after they get dead, as long as there are deep pockets involved.
    Kid’s a tweaker? Kid’s an armed robber? Auntie
    is mentally unstable and threatening? Not my problem.

    What? They got shot? What’s in it for me? I LOVED that [whatever].

    The really odd part is that some folks actually
    fall for this.

  17. There’s no denying Moore’s death was tragic. We as a community need to do a better job helping those who truly can’t help themselves. I just don’t think the Times-Standard’s pathetic, pandering article provided one bit of anything useful to that end. Period.

  18. What more can the ‘community’ do – is there a list anywhere of the programs available? the amount already spent? The number of charitable programs? There are quite a few in addition to all the County and other support… I don’t know what they all are, but someone must. It’s just not fair to blame the people who are working in that field and those who are volunteering to help.

  19. for one, we as a community can treat people as humans and not storm their apartments without having mental health officials attempt to diffuse the situation. its not about what we COULD have done, its about what we can do in the FUTURE so that we wont have to pay out MORE lawsuits.

    the deed is done and actions have CONSEQUENCES!!!!

    wrongful death suits are VERY lucrative. WE will pay the price, yet you all would like to be denial and shove it under the rug. being in denial will not save us any money or any lives.

  20. I believe it was mental health who called the police, was it not?

  21. And the circle it goes ’round and ’round… would anyone have stormed her apartment if she hadn’t threatened people with a gun, said she would burn the building down? Perhaps they should have let her do it. Turned their faces and walked away. Perhaps if people ignored her she would have calmed down. But I doubt it. She had to up the ante to get the attention. They’d been there before. the old game wasn’t getting the desired results. So she took the next step. Some people do that by cutting their wrists, or taking an overdose, she took this way… that’s my read. Everyone has their opinions as everyone tries to understand a tragedy.

    The question remains – Are Salzman and Ken Miller volunteering to deliver the meds to the next one? So Mental Health can call them instead – “Hey, Ken, would you run this batch of Prozac over to the lady in Apt. C? Watch out, she’s throwing frying pans, but I’m sure she will let you in…” “Richard, that guy over in the Projects needs his meds, he’s got a gun and he’s threatening to kill anyone who comes near him, but you have this unique understanding of the situation… take some of those nice candles with you, maybe he’ll calm down when he sees it is you.”

    What? You want us to deputize you so you can carry protection? Why?

  22. Rose, what on earth does Salzman and Miller have to do with this tragedy?

  23. “Where were they when she needed them.”

    Often, even the best families cannot keep up with their own loved one who suffers from mental illness. They watch helplessly as the afflicted one ventures forth into the world, and they pray that kinder people than we see here on this thread will be there in time of need.

  24. CPR you sanctimonious prig. Kind has nothing to do with calling bullshit on the T/S puff piece and on family members who suddenly decide
    that their dearly departed has cash value.

  25. I agree 8:21 – CPR stay on point.

  26. 8:21,
    wrongly departed people do have cash value. but its not the family who decided that, it was the judical and legislative systems.

    we should be talking about REDCUING the number of these lawsuits, not trying to sweep it under the rug. it happened, now be adults about it.

  27. The article was another example of TS tabloid journalism.

  28. Seems to me being adult means accepting that
    when all else fails and the mental health system calls in the cops, and the cops act like they are expected to when they perceive a threat, you accept it.

    Being childish means whining and blaming others when bad things happen. Waaahhh, no fairrrrrr.

  29. the family is doing more than whining, my friend. far more. its called a civil suit. and yes, they will blame “others”, since it was “others” who ended her life.

    you cant sweep it under the rug. denial will not make the case go away.

    it sounds like its YOU who cant accept the situation at hand. sweep it under the rug and move on. nothing to see here, its just money.

  30. Now you guys may think it was tabloid journalism, but for me, it was a refreshing change of pace. – Time to hear from the family that has suffered a huge loss.

  31. What Salzman and Miller have to do with this tragedy, if you follow the thread, or look up the coverage – was USING it for political gain – Miller writing letters to the editor, Salzman and his candlelight vigil, oh so useful at the time. Get those cops, yeah! What an opportunity! And make Gallegos look good! Super bonus. get Paul on this one, lots of political hay to be made.

  32. oh my…..somebody died and all rose can talk about is losing political power. obsession with power is bizarre. KEEPING power is the only thing that matters.

    watch the elections this october to see the exact same thing. fear of losing power to a black man is gonna make some people foam at the mouth. its gonna be awfully fun to watch.

    but this act of trying to subvert peoples free speech(salzman, ect) in order to sweep a possible mishandled police action under the rug because you didnt want your friends to lose any political capital is bordering on sociopathic…….drop the political routine. a lady died and WE are gonna have to pay the MONEY, honey.

  33. ex- republican sounds like that lunatic Greg Connors. The election will be about issues not race.

    BTW – you make me laugh about free speech. First its a guarantee between the government and the individual. Second, Salzman uses it to lie.

  34. Thank you 9:47, ex-republican DOES sound like that lunatic Greg Connors…or his cloyingly sweet uninformed wife of his.

  35. ok, as long as the family sues its own damn self.

  36. yes,lets sweep it under the rug…..according to your logic, taxpayers like me are “lunatics” for wanting public transparency.

    sweep it under the rug. political power is more important than taxpayer money right? print more to pay for government incompetency, while calling yourselves “fiscal conservatives” its a total sham.

  37. Ex Republican IS Greg Connors…has to be. And when he wants to toss fbombs around, he goes by the moniker of Redhummer…

  38. Fuck, fuck and fuck.

    Now there is some God damn transparency for you’all.

  39. That’s just sad.

  40. pathetic responses from people with no solutions and no desire to make sure it doesnt happen again. typical.

  41. STFU Gregor…

  42. Just want to let you silly bloggers know that exrupublican and redhummer are not my husband, Greg ConnErs. He is a better writer.

    Sorry to burst your bubble . . .

  43. Thank you, dear. No, they aren’t me. I’m staying out of this one.

  44. hey there gasbag!!!

  45. yeah – right conners – we soooo believe your denials.

    Now both of you…get a life.

  46. ip check there bugs?

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