Today in understatement:

The prosecution has a real problem,” said UC Berkeley law professor Franklin Zimring.

Oh, if only he knew….

Zimring was referring of course to District Attorney Paul Gallegos’ most recent predicament, this one involving David Gundersen’s conviction Tuesday on 11 misdemeanor counts of battery.

Even as the ink on the jury’s verdict forms was drying, the Humboldt Mirror began receiving e-mails about possible statute of limitations problems related to a series of sexually explicit photos apparently taken without his wife’s permission.

But let’s look on the bright side. Not one but two legal scholars weighed in on the matter in today’s Times-Standard, and it does not appear that Gallegos has plagiarized from either of them yet.


15 Responses

  1. The headline should have been “Today in douchebaggage.” The hits just never stop coming with this asshat.

  2. I think the operative word here is “yet.” Give him time oh wise bugster, give him time. I am sure we will see a really strange “My Word” piece in the same vein as that bizarre “Vigilante” thing he ripped off of the nice old law professor.

    Hey, I’ve got it…the reason his closing was so bad…he plagiarized it. But from where? Must be somewhere in the Ox Bow incident. Anyone got a transcript?

  3. Is it too late to say BAG?

  4. Nah, they’ll have Sneaky Pete Nichols pen one for him.

    Anyways, great post – wish I’d worded mine that way. What an understatement. and yep, if only he knew! 🙂

  5. AACK !! I’m melting, I’m melting …

    How can a pretty little girl like you destroy my wickedness …

    Oh, what a world, what a world …

  6. I don’t get it, Chris. Who’s the pretty little girl? You can’t be talking about these ugly bugs (no offense, of course).

  7. But they really are ugly. Yuck. I hate insects.

  8. Soooooo the guy took pictures of his unconscious wife but he didn’t rape her?
    I’m confused.

  9. I took pictures of his wife pretending to be asleep too then I had to play asleep while she munched on my over used snach.God,what I do for a buck.

  10. I think the problem here is that the case was so mishandled by our stellar DA that we’ll never know what really happened. As usual, we’re all confused, but no one more so than Gallegos.

  11. a poor thing, oscar, but for once, i suppose, your own.
    James Whistler.

    similar amusements will follow, as Mr. Gallegos is now well and truly
    on his own, aside from Wes Keat doing all the serious work of keeping the
    office running. HIs handling of the ex wife case is bound to be a real
    shoe slapper. Polygraphs, anyone?

  12. It’s not even an ex-wife, but a girlfriend with something like 9 year old charges, with no evidence as far as I can see. she said he put the gun on the nightstand when they were having sex and therefore she felt threatened.

    The case that just ran had the current wife recanting on the stand, no expert witnesses on the effects of Lunesta (or at least none reported in the paper), and the jury finding the guy guilty of taking pictures of his supposedly sleeping, maybe unconscious wife, and that he was thus guilty of having undressed her and thus touched her.

    And for that the guy spends 8 months in jail, loses his job, his house and any money he may have had saved gone to lawyers fees.

    Now you may think Gundersen is a jerk and deserved it – but it could be you next – look at Penny O’Gara, Sean Marsh – and maybe you’re not a jerk, does it matter? Who’s next on the Paul Gallegos railroad?

    In the Debi August case, they found that documents that should have been turned over to the defense weren’t, and that as a result her civil right to a fair trial had been irreparably damaged – with Douglas and Zanotti they found that Gallegos had misrepresented the law and failed to provide the civil grand jury he convened with exculpatory evidence, whichi he is obligated to do by law. In the Palco case, the charges were found to be without merit, and yet he pursued it and pursued it and cost his prey untold amounts of money defending against a rogue DA with a baseless lawsuit.

    Some defend him saying they would rather he try and fail than not try.

    IF they were actually THINKING STRAIGHT they would realize that abusing people’s civil rights is not something you should be applauding in a District Attorney.

    End of rant for today.

  13. Well, not quite the end – I leave you with one of my favorite Gallegos quotes: “…Top on Gallegos’ list is the proliferation of “garbage cases,” small-time crimes and overcharged cases that he said are clogging up the court system.

    Garbage cases, said Gallegos, come in two forms: Cases that would lose if actually brought to trial and cases that are overcharged for the crimes committed. The idea behind filing both kinds of garbage, he said, is to get the defendant to plead guilty, netting a conviction without having to go into court.

    “Probably 95 percent of the cases that are filed plead guilty. In fact, there are a lot of cases that are filed on the assumption they will plead guilty, because of the time and expense involved in defending them. But these cases shouldn’t even be filed in the first place, because if they were challenged, they would lose,” Gallegos said. Better yet: If they weren’t filed at all, it would save the county time and money….” North Coast Journal 2/21/02 Too bad he didn’t take his own advice.

  14. as has been pointed out elsewhere, the filing buck now stops with Gallegos. He has emptied the pipeline of cases filed and prepared by others.
    So if it’s garbage in, garbage out, the
    garbageman is PVG. How many rape counts did he pile on Gunderson in hopes of extracting a plea? and what was the deal he offered to get one? How come Kesser gets a deal assuming he “passes” a polygraph?

  15. And when he FAILED the polygraph – what is Gallegos doing? Allowing him to take it again and saying we won’t ask any questions that make you nervous this time?

    And no one says anything.

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