Alleged asshole arrested

The driver of the second vehicle involved in a drag-racing collision that killed a little girl and seriously injured her mother is now enjoying the hospitality of the Humboldt County jail.

Here’s hoping the accommodations are not to his liking.

The 19-year-old Eureka resident reportedly attempted to elude the long arm of the law by cleverly spray-painting black his now-infamous silver Mustang.

How did that not work?

We’re surprised the suspect didn’t get away completely after donning his own brilliant disguise.


8 Responses

  1. Awesome, bugs. I guess no one ever said criminals were smart.

  2. How many arrests will it take for Whitmill?

    “As for Whitmill, he knows the Humboldt County court system well, with 17 cases on his criminal record dating back to 1995 — four of which were in 2007.”

    Wow it took four cases in 2007 just to get him a minimal plea for the least amount of time possible in prison. So glad this dirtbag was on the street (I am being sarcastic here!)

    I hope that they throw the book at these two clods. I am just sick at the thought of plea bargaining these douchebags. Just sick.

    I am just heartbroken for the victims and their families.

  3. I feel a little sorry for the guy. I think of all the stupid things I did at 19, and it’s almost his dumb luck that the felon driver of the other vehicle took the game to the next level. I don’t know if he’s a good kid or not, but now there’s a dead kid and he’s going to have to answer for it. The situation is sad all the way around. One way or the other, I’m very glad they caught him.

  4. I was talking about the 19-year-old, not the 31-year-old felon. That bastard should be locked up for good.

  5. Heh, with all this attention about the mustangs dragging each other and causing a fatality, when did we leave Roger Rodoni’s death acceptable,not punishable, and a closed case? Wasn’t this a vehicular manslaughter as well? When is good ole Gallago-adios going to start that trial and prosecution? Is this selective prosecution at the whime of Pauly boy?Sure appears so.
    Why is Roger’s death off the grid by all newspapers and tv coverage????????????
    Stop getting side-tracked and pay attention to ALL the vehicle accidents-past and present equally.

  6. This one apparently was no accident if they were racing and going well over the speed limit. Reckless disregard is the major difference, unless it is present in both cases.

    But, you’re right. It would be interesting to know what caused the Rodoni crash other than a sudden loss of control.

  7. Soooo, will our illustrious Dumb Ass, or DA as he’s frequently called personally prosecute this case, or will he allow it to be plead down to a highspeed jaywalking infraction? I hope he’s too busy surfing to attempt to grab another high profile case and we get some semblance of a prosecution, AND conviction. Maybe the 18th times the charm.

  8. Don’t worry our good old boy Paul will grant them each immunity to tell the story just for closure and the families can start their healing process. Then they will join the ranks of all his other douche bag friends and go back to growing dope so Paul can keep taking their money in asset forfeitures and then hire more idiots to help him run his lame ass prosecution ring.
    I am filled with sarcasm, but in all seriousness my heart aches for the innocent in this situation.

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