Newspaper war ends: Readers lose

It’s a sad day for local news junkies–and sadder still for the dozens of employees of the Eureka Reporter.

After five years of making the Times-Standard get off its ass, the ER is no more.

For those of us who remember local news before the ER’s advent, there is nothing to gloat about here.

We expect the T-S will quickly revert to its old ways: hit-and-miss coverage, with phone-it-in efforts grudgingly put forth by an unengaged news staff whose chief qualification appeared to be fealty to established power.

Whether we loved or hated the Eureka Reporter, this community needed it.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the staff, past and present, who made this brief but bold experiment possible.

42 Responses

  1. Good night sweet prince

  2. There was nothing better than reading the endorsement page, then watching almost every candidate go down one by one

    I will truly miss that experience

  3. Eat shit 9:14 – you really are callous and shallow. I agree with the bug. The reporting at the ER made BOTH papers better. This place really sucked before that competition. No news, wrong news, or shallow superficial coverage. With the competition it became a game to see what was going to be in each paper.

    That aside, not only is that bad for all of us who need news to make informed decisions, there are now about 50 or 60 more added to the unemployment lines.

  4. Nice of 9:14 to so ably demonstrate one of the Progs’ core values. Not only are they sore losers, they’re even shittier winners. Too bad he/she/it isn’t smart enough to grasp that we’ve all lost with the ER’s closure. Or I should say all of us have lost in so far as we care about diversity of opinion, but of course stifling dissent is another core Prog value. Gotta love ’em.

  5. Well said, Bug.

  6. Having been close to a number of what should have been closely investigated stories (for instance, the pepper spray incident, the death of David Chain) and having lived in places where people ACTUALLY READ material WITHOUT PICTURES, the lackadaisical, erratic, erroneous, uninterested, uninteresting uninformed and unprofessional ( I could go on– and on) product turned out by the T/S appalled me, until I recognized it as symptomatic of Humboldt’s leitmotiv– mediocrity. So the T/S is sure to happily burrow back into its comfortable state of squalid semi-consciousness, along with the rest of the county. Enjoy.

  7. The Eureka Reporter journalists made a valiant stand. They upended the news market in our little backwater, and I hope they’re all very proud of themselves.

  8. It’s been fun while it lasted.

  9. You know what 10:20 & 10:22? (obviously the same anon) I did appreciate the E-R. I appreciated the staff, the great local coverage- basically everything except the opinion page. And their endorsements practically always represented the extreme far right voice. Heck, they even endorsed Vevoda over Jimmy Smith, where Jimmy won by carrying over 70% of the vote! I don’t have a problem with different opinions, but these opinions did nothing but attempt to divide this community beyond repair. I truly wish some levelminded businessman would have bought the E-R, kept it afloat, and provided an editorial voice that could atleast attempt to find the balance necessary to bring us all together.

    You on the other hand are only able to insult what you can’t rationalize.

  10. I will miss the “blue condomed” papers that every morning ended up in different places in front of our homes. For the wretches who bitched for years about the Reporter garbaging up the front of their houses,the little exercise you got bending over to pick the paper up is now gone. What are you going to do now chubbie-complain about the Tri-City paper?
    Thank you Rob for challenging the Times Standard to become a better paper and have less typo airrors. Will the Times get bedder?Whoo nose write noew? Thyme whyl tel.
    Thanks Hum for coming out of hybernation and finally posting something new and refreshing.
    Any good comments about the final elected candidates?

  11. Thanks for editing out my response to 10:20 & 10:22 Bug. And your reasoning?

  12. His reasoning? He probably has a crush on me and not you.

    Best wishes,

  13. 9:14/9:50: neener neener neener!

    bugs and kisses,

  14. I don’t think anyone’s actually editing anything, freak-daddy. WordPress comments frequently get diverted to spam and the bugster has to go fish ’em out. In the interim, your undoubtedly profound commentary languishes in cyberspace, while you are deprived of the adulation you so richly deserve. Dumb-ass.

  15. Okay okay, 9:14. We found your comment in the spam can. We’re helpless to explain why that happens on occasion, but it certainly wasn’t part of any grand right-wing conspiracy. In fact, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. And not to poke holes in any of your other conspiracy theories, but 10:20 and 10:22 were, alas, not the same anon. Hugs!!

  16. All local news outlets improved when the ER started publication. Alas, the economic realities outside our Redwood Curtain have silenced our two-paper run.

  17. “Liberal” editorials and columnists are a dime a dozen around here. A bit of a conservative voice is an unfilled niche that the ER could have filled. On balance, it was still pretty liberal.

    My guess is the election was the last straw – well off people have just been told in no uncertain terms that their tax rates are going to double.

    Couple that with the treatment given a man who poured alot into this community… time to pull up stakes, and hunker down. Surviving the subprime mess is a feat in and of itself, has to make one weary. Surviving what is coming… that’ll be another.

    Would you stay here, and continue pouring the 6 mill or whatever a year into the paper?

    It’s a pattern you’ll see repeated across the nation.

  18. Well said, Bug. Welcome back! You have been sorely missed by many.


  20. Wow wildeyes – you sure haven’t been checking this site over the last couple months. The Humbug has been a lazy ass for quite some time now.

  21. Anonymous 2:30, I check this little puppy multiple times every day and expect hot and heavy topics for interaction.What is depressing is the long long delays in between the “good Stuff”.Where’s the GOOD STUFF????
    I think humbug is serving time and can’t get to Gunderson’s laptop.
    I’m going back to my porn and forgetting this site!

  22. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense Wildeyes. All of a sudden the suspected ER employee/secret blogger gets layed off, has tons of time on his hands and then becomes inactive. Go back to detective school.

  23. May the Eureka Reporter rest in peace.

  24. I wouldn’t doubt the bugger is a former ER staffer, there have always been noticeably few critiques of all the local media other than the ER’s primary competition: the T-S.
    But if a reporter is no longer reporting, you’d think they’d have more time to blog right? Without a full schedule, it would be especially easy to pump out more of the half-assed and vaguely comical bullshit that litters this blog.
    More likely, bugger is just phat and lazy.

  25. I too wonder if this blog was in some way tied to the ER. It has gone awfully quiet.

  26. Okay, okay, quit yer bitchin. The bugs were not laid off by the Eureka Reporter (may it rest in peace), although that would have been awesome. And we also aren’t dead–just a bit under the weather. That old Humboldt Crud. Gets us every year. We hope to rebound soon and bring tons more of our trademark irrelevant drivel as soon as we are up and around again. Hugs.

  27. Hang in there, bugs. The crud is making the rounds, and this year’s version is particularly virulent.

  28. The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

    The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often like seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars or working as policemen and firefighters.

  29. Crud? What a crock, you were smokin a fattie with the Graphics Dept.

  30. As a home who will never take The Times Standard EVER, I’ll miss the Eureka Reporter. But frankly, if I were Arkley, I wouldn’t waste my money here either.
    I have to admit that the GLOATING I see after every election here is so ugly. Can I say that in 04 when Bush was reelected, people who voted for Bush didn’t “neener neener neener” much. That seems to be a common response among the winners this year.
    I saw it when the recall of Gallegos failed and when liberal policies in this county are rammed down our throats.
    I’m sad to see a voice squashed yet again in this community, but I’m not surprised.
    What an indictment for the claim of “diversity” some like to spout for our county.

  31. Get better, bugs, i miss the posts and bonnie’s ever-changing apparel. drink lots of fluids and get lots of sleep, then get back on here and make me laugh!

  32. Glad to hear you are still with us. I had been reduced to only checking in here weekly. Looking forward to some Holiday laughs from you.

  33. Heah Buggie, you got all of us hooked on your blog with us checking it daily to see what’s up with County politics and all the other crap that spurts outs out at the City’s level.Now no spew/spurt/ooze/nada. Don’t blame it on “crud”-it doesnt’ last 7 days unless you’re a weekie/correction-weakie.The bug excuse written by Mom doesn’t work here.
    Spew the garbage or pass the baton to a younger blogger with time and “good crud” mind. Politics is going on and Bon Bon is aging with it.Give us a whammie!!!!

  34. Can someone at the office please unlock the door? Hello? I won’t go into how rude of you all it was to change the locks while we were in jail after the “incident.” Nobody even pressed charges.

    HELLO? Anyone?

  35. ?

  36. Has Humboldt County turned into “PLeasantville”?
    Where’s the beef!!!!????
    Where’s the smut!!!!????
    Is Hummy on a vacation in the Bahamas?
    My arm is sore from the porn sites.
    I need a stomach ache from laughing so where are youuuuuu?
    Here Hummy hummy come back to us. Don’t go to the light!!!

  37. On Tuesday December 9, 2008 during the 9am board of supes calendar there are three items during closed session. Evaluation of county counsel; appointment of the permanent position of county counsel AND the whether to raise the salaries of county counsel and deputy county counsels.


    Could it be they have already decided and want to make it formal without allowing anyone in the public to comment on it?

  38. Ok. It’s been a month now with no new posts on this blog. I hate to say it but maybe it’s time to roll up this blog and shut ‘er down? No use clogging up cyberspace with a dead blog.

  39. The bummer for you is Fred is that this Blog can be idle for months and still be better than yours. Sorry, just sayin’

  40. What the eff…?? Is that really Fred Mangels the Undisputed King of Humboldt Blogdom dissing on the bugs? We’re clogging up cyberspace?? We are? Really?? HAVE YOU SEEN THE CRAP THAT CARSON PARK MOFO CRANKS OUT? Unbelievable. We’re actually a little butt-hurt, and not just from all the gay porn we’ve been watching lately.

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