Hail to the Chief(er)!!

That’s right, folks. Just a little Humboldt shout-out to the first Commander in Chief who admitted he inhaled–and liked it.  Welcome, President Barack Obama.

(We totally voted for you!!)

(Even though everyone thinks we’re Republicans.)

(Which we’re not!)


20 Responses

  1. Excellent choice of bong colors, Graphics Department. So patriotic.

  2. Wait a sec. How did the Bon Bon get in the frame? And what’s with that fatty she’s blazing?

  3. I swear to God that’s one of Chris Durant’s bongs.

  4. Who’s that?

  5. Fire it up! Fire it up!

  6. 9:15:

    Chris Durant is the talented one of the T-S’s “Fat Guys” duo. James Faulk, the other “Fat Guy” is in D.C. covering the Inaguaration of Obama thanks to the generosity of Congressman Mike Thompson, who provided the T-S with a press ticket to the event.

  7. I’d be honored to smoke with either of these two any day

  8. Many blunts will be sacrificed in Obama’s honor tonight.

  9. Ozzy:

    Obama would want it that way. He said he couldn’t do the heavy lifting all by himself. It is up to each and every one of us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and smoke that herb. It’s not going to just smoke itself.

  10. Smoke em if you got em.

  11. cough, cough,cough, HACK … ack …ack…. ack ….

    Yo, who’s the smooth looking dude with the Purple Haze bong? The brutha sure seems cool. Gonna have to meet him and invite him over for some tri-tip.

  12. You guys aren’t Republicans? Well, nobody is anymore, I guess.

  13. Then if you humbugs are not republicans are you the Fat Guys or Fat Boys, or a fattie?

  14. Carol: If you think by these posts that the humbugs are republicans maybe that is the problem! What, if you have an outrageous sense of humor and poke fun equally at everyone makes it impossible to be a democrat? Shit, if thats the case we are all in a world of hurt. But that would explain the stupidity that I have seen over the last few years coming from the HCDCC. Hopefully, a new wind is blowing there and there will be a little more humor and positive actions there instead of all the acrimony.

  15. I nominate 10:04 as Idiot of the Year. We Dems are proud of Carol and the rest of our courageous central committee.

  16. 10:04 here – hek I will take the nomination! At least one of us in this two way conversation has a sense of humor. ooh – though, you assume too quickly that anyone is attacking Carol. Lighten up ass bite. Its all in fun.

    Humboldt Dem – get grip bud. I have been to your meetings and am still waiting for you folks to quit being sour pusses.

    Now go to the mirror, strip and beat yourself with one of those wierd leather gizmo’s that the monks use to punish themselves for their sins.

  17. “I have been to your meetings and am still waiting for you folks to quit being sour pusses.”

    You have a point there.

  18. C’mon. Everyone knows Republicans have absolutely no sense of humor.

  19. Did our secret girlfriend Carol just call us fat? WTF??

  20. I think Carol may have been referring to the spliff that the parrot is smoking as a fattie.

    Carol loves the humbugs! She just had to take your link off her blog list, because of one of your headers was not appropiate for her children to see. It was just a bit over the top for her eyes.

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