Oh, you decide.


46 Responses

  1. I’m assuming by “cwazy” you mean “lazy”?

  2. Good work bugs. With the Bon Bon’s outfit, this post has a nice Carmen Miranda-type feel to it.

  3. Thank G_d you have risen! We missed you, you cute little bugster.

  4. Geez I was under the impression that you bugs had received legal threats from the bon bon….

  5. Have you been gone?

  6. Gone where?

  7. Oh, no.

  8. Girlfriend!! Yes! It’s true!! We’ve come back for you. And we sense your joy!! Hope that Greg guy is treating you well (although of course not as well as we would treat you…). Mountains of hugs!!

  9. I am wringing my hands trying to decide what to vote on
    1)Having our way with the Bon Bon’s blow-up doll, which bears a curious and somewhat troubling resemblance to Ralph Faust; or
    2) Waiting for Mark Lovelace to just shut the fuck up.

    It is just to f’ing hard to choose between the two. I have got to say that the blow up Faust doll is a really troubling visual. Oh shit, it will just have to be MarkyMark and waiting for midget turd to just shut the fuck up.

  10. I choose #5

    Everyday stylist for Nancy Flemming’s man-do

  11. Are you gonna send the results to Lovelace? He could use a little love.

  12. I always thought that Ralph Faust looked like he was possibly one of the long lost Monty Python actors…except that he’s not really funny. Some of his legal opinions are laughable though. Thanks for the ‘glorious’ return Bugs. My life has a smidgeon of meaning again.

  13. I was under the impression that ya’ll disappeared because of pressure from Bonnie Neely too. I assumed she figured out who you were and had silenced the only voice of reason in a sea of shit blogs. Thank god you’re back. Just so you know, I voted for #4. Sick mental image for sure.

  14. Faust’s didn’t have any legal opinions. Those were all comedy routines.

  15. We’re back. Wheew, what a bender. One of our crew’s uncle gave us a Shell credit card and we’ve now maxed it out on beer. His uncle doesn’t know that he sold his piece of crap car a long time ago for weed money. The new blog layout is nice, by the way.

  16. The Nancy is hotness!! Rio Dell’s MILF stock took a major shit when she quit.

  17. Fuck you, lazy fuckers. Get back to work and design it yourself. Fuck.

  18. Friends.

  19. Faust does look like he belongs in Spamalot.

    Dave Tyson looks just like…

    Eric the Midget from Howard Stern’s wackpack

  20. Anon 1 p.m.

    You have some problems dude. How you draw any comparisons to Faust and Tyson is beyond me.

  21. ?

  22. I think my response flew over your head and struck Susan Boyle square in the noggin.

  23. Anon:

    I think your response flew under my belt and landed on my d*!k.

  24. Are you saying that Ralph Faust landed on your dick? That should really be a last resort my friend. Shame on you!

  25. No. Ralph Faust landed on Bon Bon’s dick….and MarkyMark videotaped it. Channel 3 has it at 11.

  26. WHOA, friends. Let’s go easy with all the dicks and the videotapes. If some folks keep landing on some other folks private bits, we might find it necessary to moderate your otherwise informed and fascinating remarks.

  27. And for the love of God, please keep Susan Boyle out of it. Hasn’t she suffered enough?

  28. Yes, let’s keep it clean. I don’t want to think about Boyles and Dicks. Jeez.

  29. I just barfed at this disturbing conversation. Gross!!!!

  30. Hey, get your filthy feelers off Carol. She doesn’t need your Humbug hugs.

    You bugs on FarmVille? I need some more neighbors…

  31. Farm–WHAT?? Oh that’s it, Mr. Conners. You just poured yourself a piping hot cup of it’s on. You have to sleep some time. And we don’t. Although now that I think about it we might have a brief dormant period. But we’ll get you just the same! As soon as we figure out how!!

  32. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahyahahahahah!

  33. It’s good to know that the calibre of people congregating here has increased after your glorious return.

  34. I get that Bonnie is a magician and all. But who is that ominously dark figure in the foreground? Tad? Maybe Daniel Pierce? Do tell….please?

  35. I know. It’s, like, up to .50 now.

  36. Snort!

  37. My money is that the “dark ominous” one is Patrick Cleary.

  38. Patrick Cleary, huh? I wonder what he is saying at that public comment microphone? If you have any insights into that one, I’d be interested to know that too.

  39. That’s a very LARGE ominous figure. That’s gotta narrow down the field. Maybe it’s one of the T-S’s fat guys.

  40. I don’t know that the T-S actually ever asks questions of the county officials. Information that ends up in print is usually funnelled directly from Bonnie to whoever is writing whatever story is being written.

  41. He be sayin, oh thank you bon bon for annointing me to be your pick for the 5th district. You did so well with Cliffy Appleseed in the 2nd. I am so flattered to be annointed by you and DUHC. Can I kiss your ruby slippers before the house lands on you?

  42. Pat’s not small!!

  43. Humbug, are you going to be sending MarkyMark the results of the poll? You know Mark does have a pretty bad short guy complex (aka small penis syndrome) and it may make him stand taller to know he won something other than Wooley’s warm spot on the board.

  44. What 9:53? If Wooley left a warm spot on his old seat on the board, then they shouldn’t Mark fire the janitors for not wiping it off?

  45. holy fuck, humbug. get over to heraldo. bon bon’s vision of Humboldt County is for us to become the capital of ASSWIPE! no shit. (excuse the wee pun)

  46. midget marky mark?

    small pee pee?

    That is so f’ing funny. I was just so disappointed he got the wrong combo of gene’s from his father and I. And to think, just a different combo of genes and he wouldn’t still have to use a booster seat when he goes out to restaurants.

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