Okay OKAY. Damn.

Dear Still Laughing My Ass Off,

Thank you for your numerous e-mails to the Humboldt Mirror, and for the remarkable persistence with which you send them.

So yes, to answer your question, in fact we are aware that Bonnie Neely recently changed party affiliation and will now repeatedly run for her Fourth District seat as a Democrat.

Happy now? Okay.

In other stunning news, Neely also announced that on U.S. Census forms she will now identify her marital status as “separated” and her race as “white.”

Thanks again for your letters, SLMAO. If either of our other readers has anything interesting or amusing to say, he or she can drop us a line at humboldtmirror@gmail.com.

The Bugs


34 Responses

  1. When are you going to post something worth reading?

  2. Yes Anonymous. Thank you. After pointing that out, the hundreds of us (I don’t know, maybe thousands by now) who read this blog every day have really learned a lesson and had a change of heart. Some anonyfuck doesn’t think it’s worth reading, so it must not be worth reading. Because he couldn’t be sour grapes now could he? He couldn’t be worried about any point of view not in line with his own, could he? Of course not.

    Fear does funny things to people, doesn’t it?

  3. You should try Googling “bonnie neely” and “humboldt”. The first three stories are from the Humboldt Mirror.

  4. Which is

  5. Sorry. Hair trigger submit comment button. I meant to say which is FUNNY

  6. Welcome, unhappy friend!! We’ve got something really good for you to read, but we don’t want to screw up our PG rating. So big hugs instead!!

  7. Maybe you can ask Heraldo for some pointers on how to write an interesting blog. There’s a reason you get six comments to your posts while he/she gets 60 or 160.

  8. Sure, Heraldo may get 160 comments per post, but there’s only like 5 people posting. For what that’s worth, you big sourpuss.

  9. Some folks need to lighten up.This blog is pretty damn funny.I like both Bonnie and Lovelace personally,but think that the jabs at them here are funny as hell regardless…..So Humbugger bloggers here…..due to my having a sweet appreciation of your blog…..would you please do me a favor….and take some jabs at Mike Jones please?….He needs it…..and I think he’s okay as well.

  10. I thought you fuck nuts were dead. Guess I was wrong. Huh, go figure.

  11. That’s really good advice, Anonymous. We fledgling bloggers rely on tips and encouragement from people like you, probably the same way you California State Senate employees rely on taxpayer money to fund your on-the-clock blogging. Isn’t there, like, a budget or something all of you smart, important people are supposed to be unfucking? Yes? Well regardless, here’s a suggestion for you. What say you shut your cakehole, do your job and stop wasting our fucking money.

    Thanks, friend!!

    Submitted on 2009/07/21 at 4:42pm
    Maybe you can ask Heraldo for some pointers on how to write an interesting blog. There’s a reason you get six comments to your posts while he/she gets 60 or 160.

    Search ARIN WHOIS for:

    OrgName: Senate of California
    OrgID: SENATE-2
    Address: 1100 J Street Suite 200
    City: Sacramento
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 95814
    Country: US

  12. Thanks, mresquan. We take back all of those lousy things we would have said about you if we weren’t too lazy to actually say them. And Red: thank you, friend.

  13. No, but we are fuck nuts!!

  14. Andy! I told you to hidemyass!.

    Busted. Busted, baby, busted.

  15. At least his comment had some political substance to it–NOT. And he’s giving you advice? The whole thing’s kind of hard to believe.

  16. Holy fuck. This is classic. What a moron.

  17. This could be the funniest one ever. Linked in from Twitter, and it was worth the effort. Douchebag, indeed. So perfect.

  18. while I was munching on the Bon Bon and feeling a slight tickle in the rear from the midget, I was thinking how good it it is for me that some of you pay taxes/ but damn I hate that metal detector in the court house

  19. Does anyone here still wonder why government is so inefficient and expensive?

  20. Someone tell that jerk off there’s a reason why California has a 26 billion dollar budget gap.

    In a surprising development CA state employees announced today that despite a 15% reduction in hours, they still have time to fuck around on the internet…

  22. Anyone remember that crap blog Andy Bird used to do? What a joke. What’d he get, maybe five reads a week? He was probably the dumbest reporter ever to work in Humboldt County, and there have been some doozies.

  23. Dammit, Andy! I tell you three times! Get out of my office! Punk.

  24. “Bullshit!”

  25. So I can pretty much assume that Pat Wiggins’ office is on board with the Heraldo crowd? I really hope that her handlers don’t get thier information from the Heraldo blog. That’s scary. I mean that wackjob senator can’t even control her outbursts in televised sessions. To think that the people who actually pull the strings behind the scenes are Heraldoites is scary.

  26. they are behind ,beside and right up front-they are in every agency and in control of most impacts to our lives-they are glue that is unbinding our county,state and nation-it takes a good con man like Cobb to use this to the max

  27. Little known fact: Chesbro’s staff moved in with Wiggins’ staff, after the Senate internet connection was already in place. The chances are good that this is that pompous dicksmack Andy Bird, who has never, ever pulled a string in his entire life, and never will.

  28. Isn’t six comments around six more than Andy ever got on his piece of shit? I agree he was probably the dumbest person ever to put pen to paper in this town, and keep in mind that includes Chris Durant. But now he’s off to the big time. Pulling down the big 30K to shill for Chesbro. What a success story he turned out to be. I bet his mother is so proud.

  29. Two of the hardest things in the world to do is help someone realize that they are neither interesting nor important. Andy’s delusions aren’t unique.

  30. This is more time than anyone ever spent before talking or even thinking about Andrew J. Bird. Not a factor in this world and definitely not someone to take blogging suggestions from.

  31. Here’s one reason off the top of my head. Mirror readers have jobs. Heraldo attracts a demographic with quite a bit more time on their hands. And that’s putting it politely.

  32. Of course Andy Bird would measure his self worth by the number of comments he receives. That’s the fragile kind of failure he’s always been. Hey Andy. Thumbs up man. You’re a fucking champ, okay?


  33. This is just Bird’s most recent cry for help. Everyone pay attention to me!!!!!!!! Pathetic.

  34. That sweet little blue bug sure can throw down when needed. Nice work.

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