Humboldt Mirror rolls out pimp new format

The Humboldt Mirror is continuing its glorious but mediocre return with a move to an easier-to-read three-column format.

The new design was chosen primarily to make room for more widgets, which both of our readers seem to enjoy. In fact we would go so far as to say they’re crazy for widgets. Consider, for example, this e-mail:

Dear Humboldt Mirror,
This is the crappiest blog in the world. Heraldo’s, by the way, is the best.
I hope you shit a squirrel.
From, Andy Bird Anonymous

P.S. More widgets, please!

Well, you narcissistic douchebag Anonymous, message received! Now we’ve basically got widgets coming out of our butts. There are widgets for fun Twitter stuff, fun tag stuff and archived old stuff. We’ve got widgets for stuff you’re reading, stuff you’re saying, stuff you’re clicking and a list of links to other people’s stuff. We’ve even got a widget that will slap your ass and call you Susan–wait a minute, actually, no, we don’t have that one quite yet.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new format. Now as soon as those drunktards from the Graphics Department sober up, we’ll have some more of our world famous artwork to go with it.

Thanks, happy blog friends!! Enjoy!

28 Responses

  1. Wow, it’s like being in Wet Seal. Or a casino. Total sensory overload. I’ll down a glass of wine and pop on the 3-D glasses – that should bring it all into focus.

    Oh, there we go. And I do love widgets, too!

    Nice upgrade, bugs.

  2. It is a little Vegas, isn’t it? Of course without the hookers and blow. It’s all that blue or something. Well, we did say it was pimp. Seems like that might have been the right word.

  3. If only Andy Bird was clever enough to ever say anything that funny.

  4. You should put pictures of her with her new glasses. For some reason, they make her look scarrier than normal.

  5. Quite the Saturday night for you Bug

  6. That’s how we roll on the weekend–a couple a PBR tall-boys and a whole lotta blog. Our wives hate us.

  7. Impact – hey, that’s my font.
    Speaking of fonts…

  8. That’s too funny. We already have a call into those bones from the Graphics Department suggesting the font might be a bit overmuch. And all of those capitals!! Not us at all.

  9. I hope you shit a squirrel too.. You’re not funny at all and two readers is probably one more than you actually have..

  10. Just don’t go with comic sans – LOL

  11. Are you counting yourself, Einstein?

  12. KSS stands for —> Keep it Simple Stupid —-> And I can’t say that’s where you’re heading with all your latest bloggerness…

    And If you want to see a better more simple, more effective way with lots of pretty pictures check out our website:

    Of course it has only two columns with nearly no widgets. And you probably won’t find the word “Douchebag” or the the popular term: “I hope you shit a squirrel.”

    But please, please, please, less widgets on our mirror! It’s so not shiny and pure reflecting of our community anymore. In all honesty, It’s bringing out the over-indulgent drunk in all of us!

    Be well, Deane

  13. Deane, new friend and occasional douchebag, for some reason our spam filter does not care for you one bit. What’s up with that? Maybe it’s tired of seeing that link to the Humboldt Whiners Council website. God knows we are. Anyhoo, we fished your message out of the spam can again and apologize once more for the delay.

    As to our new design–you are aware that being an over-indulgent drunk is a prerequisite for employment at the Mirror, yes? So what if the format is busy. Those widgets are getting some serious clicks. Your website, alas is not.

  14. uh Deane Drunk Dude

    It’s K I S S –

  15. Deane, Jeeze man. I had never checked out your site so I took your advice thinking I was going to see some cool stuff. Dude, you should really clean up the place before you send people there. The cool pictures are there but they are on top of the text and each other, you can’t read much of anything and nothing makes any sense. It really is a screwed up, dsorganized mess. Usually, I push all the empty cheetos bags and PBR cans under the couch before I invite guests to visit.

    For giggles I did take a look at your board of directors. Did you realize that exactly none of them seem to have had a job outside of government ‘cept maybe the cpa who doesn’t list who she worked for. Do you think this total lack of non-bureaucratic perspective has contributed to your groups desire to regulate us into the ground? I know diverse backgrounds are hard to deal with but don’t your board meetings get a little boring with everyone reading the same speech?

    By the way I’m not ashamed to agree with you that the old Mirror format worked better visually for me too.

  16. The layout is fine. The content, on the other hand, is highly questionable.

  17. 8:21, the old format as in yesterday, or as in three weeks ago? Regardless of your position on widgets, this format seems to us much easier to read. Is that not the experience others are having? Let us know, friends. Thanks. And 8:58, we couldn’t agree with you more.

  18. Personally, I liked the old, old, old format, but not to worry I’ll stick with you either way. Anyone who can produce what you do through a PBR induced haze is okay by me. Also, unlike our urban green friends, I’ll respect your right to build what you want on your own blog.

    Keep it up Bugs, the cult is growing.

  19. Oh…. Give us a hug, Anonymous!! We feel so loved. Cheers to you, friend!

  20. It is a nice look: fresh and not crowded. BTW, what is a widget?

  21. If that is Bonnie in the picture, and I am sure that it is, she has had some nose work done. I imagine it was subsidized by my tax money. Bad, bad Bon Bon.

  22. Deane, your site sucks, and that is why no one goes there or comments even though you plaster links on sites with lots of traffic.

  23. So what about the site sucks? I’d love to learn more?

    Let me know how it could be better?

    Be well, Deane

  24. Cripes almighty!!!

    It ain’t the widgets…it’s the style.

    Absent the graphics department (except in those fleeting moments of sparkling radiance when palm trees abound) Bugs, bugs the ultra romantically poetic and unabashed self promoters, with a special sort of aplomb.

    But the comic, surgical precision of this “Deaneouement” has a certain classic flair.

    That’s why we all come back and that is shiny and pure.


    Keep smiling bugs

  25. Yeah…. the Voices of Humbold County blog’s current theme is annoyingly conflicting with Internet Explorer yet almost always works well with Firefox and Safari….

    If I knew code better I’d re-write the bugs out of the theme and then send the rewrite of the buggy anti-IE theme to the designer… This also means I’m considering contact the theme designer and trying to plead with them to save me from wasting valuable time trying to reformat my posts just to suit IE-users!

    Just goes to show that folks who haven’t evolved in their browsers use, also won’t vote for the right political leaders and likewise even they won’t even be able to view a website correctly…

    In other words, if your really care about creating a better world, please download and install a Firefox of Safari web browser.

  26. Wait a minute. Fuck’ysallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


  28. So Deano, what you are saying is that unless I twist my world around and conform it to your way of looking at things your blog will just suck. Is Marky Mark your web designer? Cuase thats the same approach to governance he takes, either twist and contort yourself into my view and squeeze into one of his ghetto units. No wonder you guy get along so well.

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