St. Joseph nurses accused of re-enacting scene from classic disaster comedy

Nurse Bonnie Ratchet

Nurse Bonnie Ratchet

The North Coast Journal‘s Ryan Burns reports that four ICU nurses and a supervisor placed on administrative leave from St. Joseph Hospital have now been fired for allegedly “over-sedating patients, disregarding medication schedules and spending too much time on the Internet — all while maintaining a ‘party-like atmosphere’ during night shifts.”

One of the five nurses, who worked the night shift together, told Burns, “Part of the reason we get paid more is to be up all night. There’s a lot of slack time. We read books, play games, watch the Internet, go check eBay.”

Potlucks and jam sessions were also part of the nightly routine, Burns reported, with two of the nurses involved “regularly strumming their guitars.”

The one nurse dumb enough to participate in this interview said the crew first made sure nearby patients were sedated, adding, “It’s actually very soothing.”

Okay. Well, if you say so, friend.

15 Responses

  1. I have to comment on this one. As a former night shift nurse, I can speak from experience, 15 years of experience to be precise. You have too much to do to maintain a ‘party atomsphere.’ And it’s really silly shit like turning your patient every two hours to prevent sores, checking IV’s, checking In and out, checking their pain, dressings, drains yada, yada, yada…the point being, these idiots are a poor reflection of the nursing profession. IF this is the real story on their dismissal….they deserved it.

  2. Josephine I’ve never been a nurse but if I had my parent or child in an ICU with a bunch of potlucking, guitar-playing eBay watchers I’d sue the shit out of someone. Thanks for your perspective.

  3. Great post, but this is funny in that weird-funny kind of way. Good for St. Joe’s putting a stop to it. I thought the comments from the nurse were a joke until I read the NCJ site. Unbelievable that they are so disconnected from reality as to think their responses clear up this little misunderstanding.

  4. That video is hysterical and all, but they’re talking about tits on the previous thread. I’m outta here.

  5. It’s hard to srgue with the benefits of Union work.

  6. Or even argue.

  7. Lodgepole!! We missed you more than almost anyone. Welcome, old friend. You can come srgue with us anytime you want.

  8. I fucking hate you guys but have to admit I laugh my ass off every time I’m here. Thanks. And fuck you.

  9. That terrifying graphic of the Bon Bon as Nurse Ratchet reminds is the best reminder I’ve ever seen to take my vitamins. Damn.

  10. That is the wrongest most fucked up Bon Bon photo yet. I’m seriously freaked out. Make that crazy bitch go away!

  11. All those Twitter cracks about Andy Bird must just be killing that mouthy fucker. Tough justice for a guy who never did learn when to keep his dumb trap shut.

  12. how does a dumb fuck like Bird get a gig with a politico? Oh yes, he sucks cock too.

  13. Hmmm Ninny and LL

    Don’t you think the very qualities you describe uniquely qualifies Andrew for a position of high esteem in government?

    I mean….the dude fits right in.

  14. True that, dog. The man’s a natural.

  15. Yikes!! That picture of the Bon Bon! She looks like a Charge Nurse I used to hide from…literally, if I saw her coming I ducked into the linen room and held my breath until the stench had passed. And, lets not even get started on the hair, because it appears that this woman has never had enough perioxide.

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