Lord of the Dunce

Manly, yes, but we like him too.

Manly, yes, but we like him too.


18 Responses

  1. Hysterical! Or, as one courthouse employee said, pinch my squid and call me Charlie.

  2. Or there’s the whole slap my ass and call me Susan. One way or the other, the Graphics Department has outdone itself. Thanks, bugs!

  3. He seems taller when he’s dancing. Absolutely classic Bugs.

  4. Damn. There goes another perfectly good cup of coffee all over my computer screen. You’d think I would learn eventually.

  5. I can see you have been inspired by humboldt turtle!


  6. Do the bugs have a mancrush? Or should it be called a bugcrush? Yowza!!!!! Whats up with that?

  7. Totally, f’ing awesome bugs. Can the graphics department put Johnny Appleseed in the picture?

  8. Huh, I have pants like that.

  9. We totally want him!! Such pint-sized hotness!

  10. So do I.

  11. Why is it that fat-head Lovelace looks so much like a goat? I expect to see 666 across his chest or forehead. What about that graphic’s department?

  12. We don’t want to tempt fate and potentially speed along the end days. And frankly, we are a bit tired of looking at Mark’s head–even if it is attached to some hot guy’s body.

  13. Grey Ghost, I think we’ll take this one on. Thanks for the suggestions. Your participation in this issue is important to us.

  14. Hey! All right you bugfuckers, we now have a Carrie Prejean’s tits page! You guys rock, like a backstage party at a Singing Senators concert!

  15. You mean there are blogs that don’t have Carrie Prejean’s tits pages? Does anyone read them?

  16. Now I now who is responsible for all the Manbug for Manbug ads on Humboldt Craigslist!!!!!!

    In typical bug fashion, a man’s tits are more prominently displayed than a woman’s tits. Why were Prejeans tits censored? Are the bugs only interested in man boobs? Did the bugs migrate up here from San Francisco’s Castro District?

  17. I can’t speak for the Bugs’ orientation, but we prefer women. We just get a work order and deliver mediocre graphics.

  18. Yeah, assholes, you also used to get paychecks. You can pretty much kiss those goodbye.

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