Quadratics, linears and complete morons

For those of you who have not yet drunkenly stumbled onto our Data page, the graphic below is the sort of thoughtful analysis our Vital Statistics Department will be posting there. This graph, for example, shows a propensity among our readers for hard-hitting journalism and soft-core pornography, although not necessarily in that order. And check out our math!! It’s not that good. But click the Data tab at the top of the page once in a while. If the staff aren’t out carousing with the Graphics Department, we’ll have new and increasingly irrelevant information for you to read. Enjoy, friends!!

Damn. And all this time we thought people read the Humboldt Mirror for the articles.

Damn. And all this time we thought people read the Humboldt Mirror for the articles.


10 Responses

  1. Nobody reads stupid Bonnie Neely stuff?

  2. No. Only Bonnie Neely.

  3. Oh, I think that there may be a few more reading bon bon stuff.

    by the way, Greatly missed is the moving parrot, the swinging nun (wow and swinging is a way understatement from what I hear about her and Hobart) and my fav…I truly miss the penis nose picture of the bon bon.

    How about this graphics dept. – bon bon with loads of ear hair? Just a thought

  4. I know I must be a demented “Lep” but I gotta say I looked at Bonnie’s penis nose much more than Carrie’s tits. I even saw someone sporting a Bonnie Penis Nose button not so very long ago.

  5. How can I get my piece of the pie? I mean this is by far the most banal cruel blog in all of Humboldt County and if I can’t get my piece of the pie on this site, I mean can’t I get some love from you too?

  6. Well Deano

    Love (like blogs) is like a toilet.

    What you get out of it
    depends on what you put into it.

  7. Deane,
    you must have never seen “the humboldt herald”, where every other post is “corporation bad”. Unlike the passive-aggressive alternative, the cruelty here is nice and up front. banal? where have you seen anything like a bon bon dicknose or a marky mark the dancing queen? Wait, don’t answer that.

  8. Deane here’s why the bugs are interesting and you are not. They tell a version of the truth, a new and usually very funny interpretation. Mark takes a vacation from Humboldt County? No. Humboldt County takes a vacation from him. See? Like that. But you with your banal, well that word fits no possible interpretation of this blog but seems to suit you to a T. Keep trying, or maybe stop trying so hard. It’s obvious you want to belong. Carlos Quilez is such a cocksucker I understand why you’d rather play with us than him. But you’re not quite there yet. Really, you’re not even close.

  9. well said dog, well said.

  10. Doggerelface, that you boy?

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